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  1. I think Reba mentioned in the interview that the agency goes through the scripts and sees what would be good, and if any go to her, then she would go through them as well? On her studios weibo post, it said that she would be working on a new drama and begin filming this month! I'm guessing that the drama with HuangJingYu would be it? They come out with their monthly schedules so unless something changed, I'm hoping she'll be filming dramas again!
  2. I was actually wondering how they would do that as well! I really hope they stick to the book as much as they can, I don't know how they're going to twist the mortal arc. Is QingTi (spelling?) still going to die if their focus is on FJ/DH? Then would he die and FJ have to get the Saha Fruit in Aranya arc? Ahhh all the questions, I hope the drama airs soon, the anticipation is killer! (reading book again atm!)
  3. I'm trying to not get my hopes up with the dramalist details. Like someone said above, Zi Chuan had Reba and Lay for awhile, made me want to ship them, and then got taken down! It's happened a few times already, but it brings up interesting and nice possible ships! I really want Reba to branch out too! I want her to try more serious dramas that are less idol-centric. Since she's finished with filming for all her announced films and dramas, I'm trying to patiently (not so patiently) wait for the next announcement! I have a list of actors I want her to work with! There was a time after V-love that I really thought Vengo and Reba was together because they were so close! Really hoping they have the same spark and closeness in the pillow book!
  4. Hi! Here to shed some light? on V-Love! Spoilers are down below, please skip over this if you don't want any! Vengo's character was in fact in love with Yangmi's character, and then another girl. It wasn't until Reba helped him out that he saw that she was there for him all along and that they were perfect together because they understood each others upbringing and pain. Not the most romantic way to get together, but their kissing scene in the car was so *_*. They stay together in the end, but the ending of V-love in general was very..open and there was no closure to a lot of points. Seemed like they wanted to make a second season but never did. Their scenes were quite cute and it started my RebaxVengo ship! Also, Leon's character was flirty with Reba's character in the beginning, but it's more of a for fun thing, but then he found out that he was her stepbrother and then took over a brotherly role, it was so cute and so sad at the same time. I really hope they have a drama together, not just a movie. Hope this helped! Going to go back to lurking this page and reading the wonderful comments to fulfill my RebaxVengo hype!
  5. I had to type Eternal Love to find it! It's back to Bai Qian and Ye Hua as the cover photo for me now. XD
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