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  1. 1 hour ago, fra8 said:

    I agree and this is why I don't feel very much for him despite being a nice guy. It's not even his fault because he is too sheltered and pampered. But I prefer people that get the situations and try to act according to them. He doesnt devise a plan. He doesnt imagine their future. He puts her in a difficult situation witout even trying to understand her. Sometimes I feel he idolizes her and likes her, even because she isnt' at his feet.

    Personally, I do not judge QH so hard. He honestly believed he could overcome his mother's objections. His plan was simple: ask for marriage the usual way. Who hasn't had a first/young love like that? Where you believe everything & anything is possible because your heart says so? ML & GTY has faced adversities since their youth, so being more pragmatic (ML) and cunning (GTY) is understandable. 


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  2. 1 minute ago, hello210 said:

    Grandma is not the only who noticed, GTY called ML out on it during their little argument, hehehe.

    Haha, I haven't gotten to that episode yet bc Viki translations are a little slower but I watched it some raw and saw that exchange! :) I noticed that YR is not letting her off as easy anymore, during episode 16 when she tried denying the gift at the polo game he held her accountable. I really like the YR & ML scenes, I guess I have Second Lead Syndrome and will suffer much through this drama. :( 

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  3. 16 minutes ago, cherubstomato said:

    After watching episode 17 it is clear that she did it on purpose. If he ever lost it no one will care for a Yuan Bao like when his handkerchief went missing and in that way it won’t implicate him nor the person who made it, Minglan. I also believe that whether he was smart enough to know it was from her didn’t matter because from my perspective she wants to have a clear conscience/break for repaying his kindness and gift. That’s all she hoped for and not after attention or leading him on.

    I think she actually likes him at this point but she's holding back because of her status and what her mom & grandma have told her to do. She already repaid his kindness with the basket of sweets and every time he confronts her she never simply says, "I do not like you" - -either to his face or to her maids and grandma who know that Yuan Rou has feelings for her.

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  4. Hi! I'm up to episode 17 on Viki and reading/skimming through this entire thread :) But can someone tell me why ML embroidered "Yuan Bao" on the knee pads instead of Yuan Rou? I've been trying to understand if she forgot his real name or it has some other meaning. I know ML is very smart so it was weird that she would not recall his name when it's used by everyone.


    I know ZYL is not the main male lead & he will not have a happy ending :( but I am really enjoying his performance and portrayal of a young lord in love.


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  5. I really hate these open endings but at least BR's isn't as bad as Princess Agents'. I'm not sure why the scriptwriters and producers take this gamble. Why make only a partial story, hope that it will be well received, then try to figure out how to get the entire cast back together hopefully some time in the future (if ever). That's just crazy and unsatisfying to the fans! 


    The Eternal Love (with Xing Zhaolin, not Ten MIles...) successfully managed to get their cast back together for the sequel and very quickly too. I think it was bc the cast was young and relatively unknown and not A-List type actors....hopefully BR can make it happen too. The scriptwriters owes Chang An a better storyline and the audience at least a KISS!! :P

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  6. I actually wished the author kept Chang An as a common person. He already had a legitimate reason to seek revenge (the Xie family murders) and justice, there really was no need to give him a hidden identity as a prince. What I loved about BR is that it stayed focused on the love story and brought in very modern ideas like feminism & meritocracy in a very believable way.


    Chang An always gave Wan Mei the room to make her own decisions.  One of my favorite lines was him telling her she can wait or not wait for him but he will come find her if he's still alive :heart::wub::heartbreak:



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  7. I am so loving this drama! I watched 27 episodes in 4 days! I'm watching on YT but it only goes up to episode 30...how have you guys seen the ending already??


    It's so refreshing to see a couple like Wan Mei & Chang An, so open and honest with their feelings. I also love the fact that Chang An isn't a typical pretty boy male lead. He's attractive and masculine but he exudes a very different aura.  


    One thing I am not clear on is why are the assassin hits always good people for the most part? who is ordering the hits?

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