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  1. Personally, I do not judge QH so hard. He honestly believed he could overcome his mother's objections. His plan was simple: ask for marriage the usual way. Who hasn't had a first/young love like that? Where you believe everything & anything is possible because your heart says so? ML & GTY has faced adversities since their youth, so being more pragmatic (ML) and cunning (GTY) is understandable.
  2. Haha, I haven't gotten to that episode yet bc Viki translations are a little slower but I watched it some raw and saw that exchange! I noticed that YR is not letting her off as easy anymore, during episode 16 when she tried denying the gift at the polo game he held her accountable. I really like the YR & ML scenes, I guess I have Second Lead Syndrome and will suffer much through this drama.
  3. I think she actually likes him at this point but she's holding back because of her status and what her mom & grandma have told her to do. She already repaid his kindness with the basket of sweets and every time he confronts her she never simply says, "I do not like you" - -either to his face or to her maids and grandma who know that Yuan Rou has feelings for her.
  4. Hi! I'm up to episode 17 on Viki and reading/skimming through this entire thread But can someone tell me why ML embroidered "Yuan Bao" on the knee pads instead of Yuan Rou? I've been trying to understand if she forgot his real name or it has some other meaning. I know ML is very smart so it was weird that she would not recall his name when it's used by everyone. I know ZYL is not the main male lead & he will not have a happy ending but I am really enjoying his performance and portrayal of a young lord in love.
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