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  1. I read the 185 page. I will speed up reading. I want to talk about husband-wife looks.I don't know if you have talked about this. The meaning of husband and wife is: two people live together for a long time, the expression and action imitate each other, will become more and more like. I didn't believe it when an experienced shipper told me this.When I saw her CP photos she shared, I never doubted again. Her CP is getting more and more like. https://mobile.twitter.com/guotuotuo1/status/1039892781198495746 When I saw this picture, I had no doubt about 503cp. Since then, they can be found to be more and more alike. They have the same style of dressing (white T-shirts and jeans), similar body language, similar movement habits. As long as the similarity is still there, our ship will continue to sail. These are the translation softwares, I hope you can understand them.
  2. I'm new in here.But I loved 503cp for a long time.For some reasons,I can’t go to foreign websites. I believe that shipper,which can stick to today, is a deep love for 503cp.Why is it so doubting,at this time? I will not forget that LSG attended the more than 20press conference on the day of the Hwayugi dinner,and insisted on going to dinnner.I remember LSG who immediately returned to Korea after FM in Vietnam.LSG has said many times that he likes kissing.We have no reason to doubt the authenticity of 503cp. I scanned the 137 page post. I’m very happy.But I don’t understand what PM and EP are.My guess is that LSG’s body language in Hwayugi tells us that he likes OYS. I’m poor in English.I hope you can understand what I wrote .
  3. 我看到OYS的INS关注人数为0的时候,非常担心503cp,看到大家的说法,真的安慰了很多,谢谢大家
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