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  1. In neither country (his or hers) would an actual ceremony have been required. Common law marriage was allowed at the time, too, so a marriage certificate wasn't even really required. They could just declare themselves married, which they did.
  2. Nope, no, uh-huh, not acceptable. Finally saw the last episode, and... nope. Couldn't SOMEONE get a happy ending? Was this necessary? Nope. Seriously, even as it was happening, I was thinking "He could have shot out the pin from the other side, or he could have shot it and then jumped. This doesn't work. I can accept everything else, but this doesn't make sense." I mean, I guess that the writers wanted to honor the truth of war by killing everyone? I guess? But the only survivor was the least interesting and least compelling character! Honestly, I don't even want to go back and watch favorite scenes now, knowing how it ends. It's not all the death that gets to me. That was always going to be part of it. It's the way it played out.
  3. Not really. I used to be a photography (back in the dinosaur days of negatives and film), and I know a little about the history of photography. At that point in history, the old plate daguerreotypes had gone out, and a precursor to what we think of when we think of negatives had come in. (Thanks, George Eastman!) Even back then, it was a chemical wash for the negatives, dry it, expose the paper, a chemical wash for the paper, dry the paper. The exact type of negative, paper, and chemicals have changed, but the hand-developing process can still be completed in a couple of hours. The photographer would have had to be paid a nice sum to do a rush job and have the print ready that day, but it could have been ready for pick-up the next day. (TBH, the same would have been true of the photo taken of Ae-Shin's parents, although it would have involved a different kind of photography. The print would have been ready whenever the photographer decided it was time to set up the dark room, pour out trays of chemicals, etc., likely whenever he had several to process at once.)
  4. Re-watching bits of the last episode, and I'm still annoyed at Eugene's "treason" conviction. Treason, in the US, is only waging war against the state, or aiding the enemy. Firing a single bullet at a building doesn't qualify as treason. If he really had committed a treasonous act, he'd get a lot more than 3 years! Ah, well, who care about reality? The rings, too. Matching couple rings were NOT a thing back then! Many American men didn't bother with wedding rings at all, and the ones who did wear one usually wore a plain band, NOT something that matched the lady's ring. It make for some sweet scenes, but I just cringe at the anachronism. Might as well give them matching t-shirts. Also, Dong-Mae needs a hug.
  5. We may see a future mirroring of the photo of Ae-Shin's parents, when her and Eugene's child or grandchild has that photo of them in 40 or 50 years. Because she's a perfect sparkly unicorn who can do no wrong, and all the boys love her. In other words, tv heroine. Hina's been part of the resistance in many ways for quite a while now. All Dong-Mae has done is save his crush (and, seriously, they never speak, but he's still fussed over his unending love for her?)
  6. I'm convinced that Ae-Shin will survive, although badly injured, and here will be a big scene where she opens her eyes and sees Eugene standing over her. ( I KNEW HE'D GO AWAY AND COME BACK!) Because this is a drama, they will still be madly in love with one another after all this time. There will finally be some physical contact between them. As for Hina.... hhmmmm... she could be dead. Or Dong-Mae could realize that she's the one he loves. Or not. I have no idea. We're losing characters left and right here. What happened to the hotel staff? Did they know to get out? We won't see Hotaru again, unless she's suddenly Yoojo's woman. Why did it take Dong-Mae three years to come back? Why is that girl still following "Young Master" around after all this time? And why is he still pining for Ae-Shin? Oh, right sorry, it's all about the unrequited love. American men in those years rarely wore wedding rings, and they definitely didn't wear cute rings that matched their wives' rings. Couple rings weren't a thing in 1904. Takashi using various people, including that woman who was probably his wife or something, as human shields. Oh my. His wife looked pissed off.
  7. RIGHT?!? I fully expected a time jump, since there s always one in these things, but I hoped that 6 months Ae-Shin was gone would be it. Nope. Okay, maybe he just goes to the US and then comes back? Nope. Gotta be three years, with no contact. Also, what he did wasn't treason, and treason doesn't get you three years in prison. But... let's ignore that. ... my actor wearing colored contact lenses.... No one's eyes are that color! Okay, maybe someone, but not him. I guess someone thought that unusually blue eyes would make him look more western?
  8. I have a question about the girl we met in the first or second episodes- the one who told Ae-Shin that she's studying English "for love", which prompted Ae-Shin's whole "let's do love" thing. We've seen her studying with Ae-Shin since then, but there's no mention of what prompted her "for love" comment. I figured it meant that she had a man who was an English speaker, but we've seen no evidence of that. Without her having someone who told her about "love", and thus prompted her to study the language, it seems like a weird and awkward way to get Ae-Shin to talk about love, and to go to the school. Was there anything about her that I missed? It seems like the writers set something up, and then jut dropped it.
  9. That would explain why Netflix isn't showing that there are two more episodes at the end. I'm annoyed- the 22nd is my birthday! Guess I'll just have to spend that time rewatching previous episodes...
  10. I don't know. I think that moment between them by the globe foreshadowed a journey. She said that America is 2-and-a-half handspans away, so it would take a long time to go there and come back. He said it was only one-and-a-half handspans for him, so he could travel more quickly. I think she won't go, but he will, but then he'll quickly return.
  11. I didn't even notice that! (I never got past "State of Washington".) Yes, a Roosevelt was president then, but it was the other Roosevelt! While we're at it, did anyone think, while watching the first episode and seeing Eugene arriving in the US, "Wow, San Francisco looks a lot like NYC", and then realize he was actually supposed to be arriving in NYC? I assumed the port of entry would be San Francisco, since that was the major west coast US city then, but then I realized they were arriving in New York, and I figured they must have gone aaaallllll the way around the southern tip of South America, you know, since the Panama Canal didn't exist yet? No big deal, until Eugene said that it took him a month to get to America on that ship. Would going from Seoul to New York City by ship in just one month even have been possible????? Oh, and then he's shown at the Naval Academy, for some reason, and then in D.C., talking to President (Theodore) Roosevelt. Okay, Annapolis and D.C. aren't too far apart. But then he's suddenly back in NYC, like, later that day, or something? How? How did that happen? Who on the production team was supposed to be in charge of looking at maps??????
  12. I love how their grudging friendship has developed. I know it's an unpopular opinion here, but Dong-Mae's probably my favorite character. He's written with some complexity and realism. Actually, all three of Ae-Shin's men are really interesting to me: Hui-Seung, which has already chosen between his family's past and his own future, Eugene, who will soon have to decide between his two homelands; and Dong-Mae, who chose to be Japanese in the past, but seems to have chosen to be Korean again when he "came home", and now has to make another choice about his identity. They've all run way, ad they've all come back, and they've all had to struggle with their identities. Hui-Seung represents the change in the established old order, and Dong-Mae and Eugene represent the rising up of the lower classes in different ways. They're more interesting to me than Ae-Shin, who has always seemed just a smidge too perfect.
  13. Regarding the coffee-truffle things- A version of instant coffee has been around since the 1880's. A few people have said that the product shown in the show is entirely new, either created for the show and then released to consumers, or created for mass retail and shown in the show. While the people behind Mr. Sunshine haven't always been careful with historical facts, this seems pretty far out there in terms of anachronism. Are ya'll sure that the new product has no historical equal? ETA: Oh, it seems the exact brand may be linked to the show, but the concept of coffee cubes is not new: https://www.jivacubes.com/ ETA2: Now I'm reading that a sort of liquid-instant coffee was used during the American Civil War. It tasted terrible, though, and everyone hated it, so they stopped making it. I'm... learning a lot over here.
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