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  1. really nice picture! the Big foot idea Wow! Thats a long holiday. Happy Chuseok to those who celebrate!
  2. does anyone knows their schedule? especially on 9/22....maybe they have a Saturdate
  3. That I agree 100%! She's beautiful in any style I can't wait to see Oh Sol and Sun Gyul together....hope we see some pictures soon! Oh wait, Im curious of their height difference. But on the second thought........who cares! Im still excited.
  4. I hope they keep KYJ's long hair but I've seen from some of the pictures posted here that Gil OH Sol's hair is short.
  5. oh la la...loving all the visuals, eh! @Jillia I agree, they should take advantage of the good weather before it becomes colder. Not sure about Korea but where I am, fall is just in the corner.
  6. @boju thanks for the updates. And its so good to see our beautiful Yoo Jung back
  7. Thanks for the welcome, @Jillia. I will enjoy for sure. And like the rest, can't wait for the drama....
  8. Hi Everyone, I can't believe I finally created an account and that's because of my love for Kim Yoo Jung. For so many years I told myself I will never create any account and will just visit from time to time any soompi threads for Yoojungie. Well, here I am . Anyways, Im so excited for her coming TV drama and its good to see familiar names from MDBC which I dearly love. To be honest, I wasn't into any Korean dramas until I saw KYJ from METS. I really love her acting and not to mention, a beauty with a heart. I hope I can keep up with everyone on this thread. Thanks for the updates everyone! Really love all your comments
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