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  1. 2 hours ago, magrace93 said:


    every living being deserves respect, but a public figure does not deserve more respect than others, above all respect must be reciprocated and deserved imo
    @labsky , you, dear friend, have pointed out that at this moment we must have more understanding or respect to yoo: well, the fact that she is young or confusedly in love, despite declaring to be free to act at her discretion because she has reached adulthood, should not make us too lenient and willing to justify. A public figure, independently from his role in society, he has a responsibility towards the public, the fans: with his way of being and transmitting ideas, sensations, widespread teachings and examples. Faced with this, he has a duty to reflect on the possible consequences of his actions. Personally I think that the uncouth behavior of some fans in Yoo's IG, are a bit of the logical consequence of certain actions. With this I do not want to justify them, rather, I do not understand them and disgusting me.Then there is a lack of respect that I noted from some time by some fans of other couples, or actors, against BG: he has done nothing to deserve it if not to be a good man, humble and respectful. He is attacked by them without reason, sometimes with the clammy ways. These people also make fake accounts. But the BG image is strengthened by these attacks, precisely because its attitude has always been correct, honest, and in my views, this should make us pause for thought.

    @magrace93...thanks for your input:) 


    just to clarify, my point is not to give our lovely Yoo more respect than the other but equal respect (but again its not up to me). Between the two, based solely on my observation on knetz or any other fan (just my opinion) is that YJ is always bashed compared to BG. Since BG have  huge fans (and  that's great :) coz I like him too)than YJ, the support is tremendous. When you say we should not be too lenient that's not how I see it when it comes to BG's fan (again based only on my observation and opinion) and for me that's okay and its not my decision. And to be honest, I don't read unacceptable comments from other fans as I know myself and I don't go to their level:D. Please don't get me wrong as I have no intention to hurt my BoYoo:wub:. Peace to all and let's live a happy life!

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  2. @magrace93 and @Boj thanks for the updates. I super appreciate all the updates you guys have given us:wub:. I respect everyones decision as long as we respect both Bogum and YJ too, mostly the latter one. If they end up with somebody else, well that's okay. All I'm saying is that I like Boyoo couple whether they end up with each other or not:D.


    So happy that YJ and Jin Young will be the MC for 100 years of March 3rd Movement "100 Years of Spring"  to air on February 28th:)

  3. 7 hours ago, b4l01 said:

    @Xuexi_1 and @labski  it seems kyj fans are not happy with her current project. :pensive:  i'm watching CWPFN to support her though i'm not really too invested.  i wish for her to land a much better project in the future. 

    @b4l01...that's sad:(. I do understand how others feel but I will stand by with YJ no matter what:heart: and I know that others will do,  too. 


    Anyway, below is YJ's IG update :wub:. Beautiful as always:love:.



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  4. Finally watched ep 14 and all I can say is that, poor Oh Sol:bawling:. She was devastated and I can feel her pain so much that I couldn't stop crying. I feel sorry for her she was torn apart and I can see from her emotions saying why, why did it happened. Putting myself to her shoes i will be doing the same thing and i wouldn't know what to do either, my mind will be blank. Yes, I can also feel the pain that SK was left confused on whats happening and trying to reach out to OS, who didn't do anything and he was left clueless but I have felt more pain when OS was crying inside her room:bawling:. The emotion is so real!!!


    I feel like I'm the only one who is connected to OS devastation and resentment after reading all the comments on this thread:lol: (that they don't like OS after leaving SK just like that). Her pain is also important and nobody sees that she's  left in the middle who need to sacrifice for the sake of others. I'm so proud of KYJ for bringing such raw emotions to the screen. 


    Tomorrow will be ep 15:rolleyes:

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  5. That’s it, I really have to say my piece! I’m so busy that it’s killing me not to say anything:lol:


    First of all, KYJ I salute you baby and I love you more for doing the kiss scene:wub:. It only proves that you’re such a good actor and if someone doesn’t see it that way, then you’re an ignoramus:joy: (soree for my word).


    Secondly, I’m a Boyooholics (sorry for bringing it here) and will not deny that I shipped them but whoever is their partner in their new dramas, it doesn’t affect me at all. Why? Because they’re actors and it’s their profession. 


    Thirdly, ep 12 & 13, OMG:scream:.... I love it love it love it and I was going crazy watching it:wub::wub:. So hot I couldn’t concentrate at work:joy:. The chemistry between YJ and KS is really good. I’m so happy I’m watching CWPFN.


    So having said that, I wasn’t even affected by the pairing knowing I’m a boyoo fan. 


    Just saying, luv you all:kiss_wink:

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  6. 9 hours ago, wunwing1 said:

    i really enjoy this week episode. it was fun to watch GOS/JSG scene. they are both look so good to together.


    i wonder when will that person who cost GOS to lost her job.  will be caught. though without him. GOS/JSG scene would not have been so much.


    that scene of JSG pa telling GOS not to date his son was sad.


    that scene of GOS telling JSG that she dont like him/ she dont have time to date was sad.


    i hope JSG will find the reason why GOS say that to him soon. i want t see them start to date already.

    yes, its sad to know that JSG's grandpa is telling OS not to fall for him, damn! it hurts coz we know that she likes JSG. Cant wait for the remaining episodes :).

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  7. Finally! I finished watching episode 9 and 10 with so much gusto:wub::wub:. I love the interaction between OS and her dad, and then with her brother, the barbecue scene :joy:, oh my gosh I can't stop laughing at SG with his outfit and the jealousy when he saw Jae min hug OS:lol:. I love everything:blush: . And I must say, WHattttttttttt:o.....KYJ with the short hair? oh my oh my she's beautiful:love::love:. I dunno bout you guys but for me this lady is no ordinary beauty! Any style of hair or fashion, she carry it with so much style. And the best thing is that she is a very good actress (just sad that some don't give her really the credit and it hurt so much that she's being underrated:().


    Thats why I'm so happy when I saw the post from @Jillia on the article about KYJ:wub:. It captures how amazing Yoo Jung is as an actress. And Yoon Kyun Sang, wow he's a good actor too:wub:.


    and the sofa scene :sweatingbullets::w00t::sweatingbullets::w00t::sweatingbullets:......hot hot hot and they didn't even kiss:lol::lol::lol:


    I hope CWPFN will not end, lol



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