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  1. @magrace93...thanks for your input just to clarify, my point is not to give our lovely Yoo more respect than the other but equal respect (but again its not up to me). Between the two, based solely on my observation on knetz or any other fan (just my opinion) is that YJ is always bashed compared to BG. Since BG have huge fans (and that's great coz I like him too)than YJ, the support is tremendous. When you say we should not be too lenient that's not how I see it when it comes to BG's fan (again based only on my observation and opinion) and for me that's okay and its not my decision. And to be honest, I don't read unacceptable comments from other fans as I know myself and I don't go to their level. Please don't get me wrong as I have no intention to hurt my BoYoo. Peace to all and let's live a happy life!
  2. @magrace93 and @Boj thanks for the updates. I super appreciate all the updates you guys have given us. I respect everyones decision as long as we respect both Bogum and YJ too, mostly the latter one. If they end up with somebody else, well that's okay. All I'm saying is that I like Boyoo couple whether they end up with each other or not. So happy that YJ and Jin Young will be the MC for 100 years of March 3rd Movement "100 Years of Spring" to air on February 28th
  3. @boju..... are you saying YJ is dating? Ill just wait until its confirmed .
  4. @b4l01...that's sad. I do understand how others feel but I will stand by with YJ no matter what and I know that others will do, too. Anyway, below is YJ's IG update . Beautiful as always.
  5. don't you think this scene inspired episode 13 and JR is the director credit to the uploader
  6. @Xuexi_1 me too! I wish I’m tech savvy. I was always looking forward on this thread for any YJ updates. wishing everyone (whose celebrating) a Happy Lunar New Year!
  7. I miss this thread so much! I also miss everyone here who gives us update on KYJ. What happened Hugs and kisses to all!
  8. Finally watched ep 14 and all I can say is that, poor Oh Sol. She was devastated and I can feel her pain so much that I couldn't stop crying. I feel sorry for her she was torn apart and I can see from her emotions saying why, why did it happened. Putting myself to her shoes i will be doing the same thing and i wouldn't know what to do either, my mind will be blank. Yes, I can also feel the pain that SK was left confused on whats happening and trying to reach out to OS, who didn't do anything and he was left clueless but I have felt more pain when OS was crying inside her room. The emotion is so real!!! I feel like I'm the only one who is connected to OS devastation and resentment after reading all the comments on this thread (that they don't like OS after leaving SK just like that). Her pain is also important and nobody sees that she's left in the middle who need to sacrifice for the sake of others. I'm so proud of KYJ for bringing such raw emotions to the screen. Tomorrow will be ep 15
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