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  1. Feng Shaofeng isn't like what haters said of him. Haters will always find things of him and make him look like a bad person, balming everything on him. Feng is a calm and gentle person with good manners. I been following him for years i can see that what haters said of him is not true and i am saying this because people always believed whatever its said in the interent or if enough people said something people tend believed it even if they don't know him well. I feel like just by researching him will not tell you a lot about him because people can write whatever they about about him. Following him and seeing how he's actually like will gave you a better impression of him. Anyways, gald that you guys support them being together :)
  2. I don't know why you're being so rude about Feng Shaofeng, calling him old man. Everyone age, so don't act like that. You can praised about your ship without being rude about Feng Shaofeng.
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