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  1. But now shes got a partner and a soon child. It not just her and herself now. Its her and her partner. Yes i know you're not telling me how to think or change my opinion, thats just my way of saying that i disagree with you haha. My bad if it comes off as something else. I been talking about this since yesterday i just want a break hahaha
  2. Its not stupid of her to rely on her husband. What i mean by that is she doesnt have to rely everything on him or to let go of everything for him but to just know that he will always be there for her whenever she needs help. I'll just keep my writing short here and will not say too much. You can think however you want and ill think however i want.
  3. That's only an " if " and I dont think the drama will go that far for the next " 10 years " thing you're saying, thats so out of topic for me to even think about it. Why would news spread, it is okay to not want your man to sleep with another woman, if ppl really make or spread news out of that then screw them. I really believed that GTY only has ML in his heart and the words he said to her are true words coming out from him and its not just some words he say cus " its out of control ". No i dont mean ML has to play dumb and accpect everything. We all know shes very smart. But what im trying to say is she should tried to take GTY's words seriously, because it isnt just some random words to make her feel happy. Still, the thing ML tossing him to go to MN is still a big no to me. I will not change my mind on that part.
  4. i agree with you! Nailed it at the part "gty would probably suffer twice as hard". Omggg i love ml's grandma shes so cuteeee but what you said got me laughing. Thats another sad scene coming up. Means more teary eyes. Noooo but someone said grandma didnt die so thats great but now her body is weak :/
  5. Gty own weakness is minglan. Thats why he said he lost to her all this lifetime something like that. I dont know why GTY must have to risk something valuable for ML to believed him. Up till now GTY has always been caring and loving to ML. Doesn't this already means a lot? To me it is. If ML realized then she will and gty wont have to risk it. But she dont. ML is too traumatize.
  6. She dont want to lie to her self? Well she is low key lying to herself then by accpecting her man to take girls and she lowkey love gty. Is this not lying to herself also?
  7. Dr He is Dr He. GTY is GTY. im sure if they gave gty girls, he wont even touch them if they must really force him and he really gotta take them.
  8. Gty say many times that he wont take concubines in. Its not like gty will sleep with other girls anyways since his feelings to ml are true but ml is already fine with it. Gty done and show how much he cared for ml, ml seems quite clueless on that
  9. i feel that even tho it was for his son, the fact that she was okay to let him or tell him to is just a no to me. But that's different tho, about him not telling his plan to ML is different from ML being okay if he got girls beside her or if he sleeps with other woman...u feel? Even if they both aren't honest, the feels are different..like GTY may not being honest but its a different type of feeling from ML being not honest. Im just saying this or how i felt about this but to me they seem pretty much honest to each other or as of now i feel that. it just that one love another more.
  10. Agree . Can't wait till that actually happens. pls happen fasterrrr huuuuuu Agree with you, the last sentence too! I cannot highlight that since u edited after i quoted you but i like what you said there.
  11. yes i agree with you too and i understand what you're saying but i still feel and find that ML's actions and wordings to GTY upsetting. It's wonderful that ML would protect what's not originally hers and i adore her for that, very kind. Even tho GTY has nothing to lose by spending the night with MN, that's not what he wanted anyways. Can't ML at least be sad that her husband will be in a room with another woman arg. Yes ML knows how much Chang'er means to GTY but do she not know how much ML herself also mean so much to him so her words to him really hurted him. I think this is the first time he actually yells at Minglan ( not directly at her but you know what i mean ) cus he was really hurt at what she said. Anyways for me no matter how kind ML is and how good of a wife she is or tried to be for GTY, it won't change how that i feel that its such a turn off to me everytime GTY is sad because of ML, it does not feel like she did it out of love to him, more like to repay and to be a good wife. To me, GTY has always tried to be happy and playful with ML but sometimes she just kill the mood. Well..thats just me.
  12. I agree with you! I want ml to realized how much gty means to her. Seems like she'll realize and learn how special gty is to her the hard way. Too heartbreaking Sometimes i want to feel happy after watching some eps of this drama i think to myself why does it matters its only a drama, they already married in real life hahaha but that thinking dont last long cus i always go back feeling super sad about this situation.
  13. Just got done watching the most recent ep subbed in viki. Before i say my unpopular opinion i just want to state that i love minglan, of course. Her and gty is such a cute couple, of course. But minglan telling gty to spend the night with MN without having issue with it is just so turn off to me. Ok i get it and i know why shes like this but shes really hurting the people ( in this case mainly or only gty ) around her. How can she just toss gty to mn like that. I wish someone would yell at ml and wake her up that its okay to love someone esp her husband and gty has always been treating ml so well too. And that love with husband and wife does not need to be repay , you love them because you love them. Im just getting disappointed everytime at ml when she does something like this to gty. At this point i just wish the grandma posion thing to happen ( i love ml's granny btw ) or whatever that will happen to make minglan not blind. I wish i could explain what i have in mind more but sadly i am not a A+ essay writer and sadly im so bad at expressing thoughts god damn. I dont expect people to agree with me but i hope they understand or have an idea what im trying to say.
  14. I was kinda like that too but i just quietly smile because he looks and sounds cute doing that to ML but i also feel sad for him too. Mixture of aw thats cute and aw poor my gty. Ikr i noticed ML was half laughing too. They should show us bts of that scene.
  15. Talking about MN. I saw some people saying that they thought they were done with her in that drama but now shes in this too. I just think its funny hahah. She's a great actress, hope in the future she'll play a innocent role so people will like her
  16. Poor little girl i might sound like " what the heck " but these scenes of MN acting crazy, i find myself laughing at those scenes and i know that it isnt supposed to be funny and i agree that MN did a really good job. Maybe thats why i laugh idk haha
  17. Poor gty. I cant i feel so sad and quite mad but i feel i should better keep quiet before i even say anything cus the eps not out yet only the previews
  18. Ohhhhhh oh my god. And i here thinking dirty wtf. I knew GTY wouldnt do that with her too cus he loves ML. I just dont know why my brain is like this yikes. Lol you guys are smart and know how to use the right words to describe things, i always feel dumb in these threads.
  19. What i didnt like is when ML says something like that she must treat GTY like he's him ( her dad ). GTY and her dad are completely different person. Not all men are the same but yea i understand why ML is like this but its still upsetting.
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