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  1. 10 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:


    I really think the phrase “love is timing” is correct. Current yingbao is already somewhat satisfied with her career and ready to slow down, just like fsf who dated many in the past. There’s no point of meeting the right person too soon or too late

    Fsf actually didnt dated many in the past...i would only count as he dated 1 only


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  2. 23 minutes ago, tinast said:

    I think GTY is about to wear his outer cloth with XT help.

    But ML get jealous

    Just my guess

    Thank you :D


    19 minutes ago, dito said:


    ML is angry at GTY. GTY is happy she's angry at him and seems to be jealous....which doubles his happiness.:lol:

    I think maybe coz of fengxian, the concubine his aunt dumped on them. Maybe Fengxian thought her chance came, now that ML is taking care of the baby...and keeps coming around GTY's study.

    GTY is happy because he says everyday he has felt jealous about QH...now its her turn. ML says why do keep bringing him up. Then when he asks Xiaotao to help him with his over coat.....ML orders XT not to help him. And tells him you have so many women in your yard go ask them to help you dress. Why are you asking my girls to help you. Then she calls shitou to help GTY with his coat:lol:


    And from the other preview......I can guess how Kang aunt got free to attack ML. The maid attending to her during her incarceration in the Sheng house was Concubine Lin's head maid....maybe she helped her escape.  

    Thank you :D i actually havent keep with with the recent eps and recent previous, i only see the previous and spoliers from here. Im catching up soon. Thanks for the  info.


    And Happy Chinese New Years guyss. Wish everyone good health :blush:

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  3. 56 minutes ago, Nisda said:

    Read all the comments to my earlier post 


    William Feng cannot act, not only this drama but others too,,,, 

    Ice fantasy for example,,, i guess he just a lucky guy being famous and always gets main role but comparing to other lead star he just so so. As GTY in ming lan, his emotion whether angry sad or happy always like B rating, nothing special to caption attention


    I am a fan of chinese drama so i have seen many dramas 



    He is not just a lucky guy like u said. He worked hard to be getting main roles and to be where he is today. Most actors and actress work hard to be where they are. So you saying he's just lucky is discrediting his hard work. You're canceled.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, dito said:

    Is that the one where he has braids in his hair?? I think I might have seen that scene somewhere...don't remember why I didn't watch the drama..was it good?  Want to see some of his other works...

    Sorry cut your post. Since you talk about fsf i just want to reply. Yes thats the drama his hair is long and braids and yes it was very good. Honstely its one of his popular drama and he was younger there. I like that drama and The Starry Night The Starry Sea the most but TSNTSS might not be your taste. I think Prince of LanLing would be more of your type.


    That drama his voice dubbed is very very different from his real voice. But you'll get use to it if you decide to watch that drama someday 

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  5. To me Feng Shaofeng is handsome. I know that his look may not attractive younger people since most younger people now days like this kinda pretty boy look. FSF is just my type, manly and gentle. Of course i love his acting also. Yea im his fan so yeh.


    Minglan's maid XioaTou was in one of FSF drama The Starry Night The Starry Sea she only appeared for 3-4 eps tho but i find it kinda funny cus in that drama XioaTou play as the girl who tried to get in between him and the lead actress lmfao and her name was Michelle lololol 


    Sorry so out of topic. I thought it was kinda funny sooo.. Hahaha



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  6. 10 minutes ago, sava2sava said:

    @dito  I was first intorduce to him in the drama Prince Lang Ling.. Similar characters.. This is probably the reason why he was choosen for this drama.. He plays a general also in that drama with Rainny Yang.. I thought he was hot in that drama especially when he came up out that water scene and threw that hair back:wub: Much Love Much Love for that scene.. I was like Whoa who is he..:wub:

    Its not Rainny Yang, its Ariel Lin haha. 

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  7. 27 minutes ago, gleek49 said:


    I remember that in the scene where the emperor was yelling at GTY, Prince Huan told him that many officials criticized GTY because of the MN's matter, too, but as soon as GTY showed them his wound resulted from MN's attack, all of them just stopped. That's why no one brought it up during court, only QH did it, why is that? At least the other officials went to ask GTY first, QH didn't, he was just trying to find fault and grabbed it first chance he could, didn't even bother to investigate at all.


    Why would QH want to make life easier for GTY, you ask? Cause he's the one who claimed over and over again that he "only wished for ML's happiness", so attacking her husband is his way of making her happy? Hypocrisy at his finest. I don't need him to help them or whatever, just leave them alone ffs, why is that so hard for him to just let go and live his own life? Honestly, the guys can be political rivals and fight each other to death all they want, if the fight is purely about politics. But as QH, while crying prettily <_<, unconvincingly convinced himself that it's not personal, I'm just not convinced in the slightest. I can't help but finding his motives and actions petty and pathetic. I, for one, do not find him compelling or interesting at all, I'm just so tired of seeing his face on my screen, I guess I'm probably the only one who is indifferent towards ZYL and his performance :sweatingbullets:

    You're not the only one. I'm with you. Whenever i read your posts, i pretty much agree with all you say because u wrote what i couldn't and you spoke my mind.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, leeza77 said:

    I don't think anyone of us hate gty or ml. I'm rooting for them. It just a discussion on their character at this point of time. I know things will change and they will have their happiness. It just a friendly discussion where we can state our opinion freely, without insulting others. 

    Some people here do hate believed it or not. But i mean if they hate then its fine cus i dont expect everyone to have the same liking and i could careless. Mainly come here for spoliers and translations. And im also rooting for them too!

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  9. 44 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

    I dont get this when she just as blind  as what she is doing to her  husband again I dont get this one sided thing going on.


    You think what she doing isnt hurtful to him as well?I dont get this really this was no small matters at all.

    There's no point in replying no more. People will literally dig up everything from the bottom and make their own theories and twists words and actions to talk about and to try to prove whatever they're trying to prove. 


    I'm not quoting you now for the below texts, idk how to do that


    Now we just wait for their fight and for them to come to an understanding of each other and be a happy family. I really like them together and i still hope we can see them being lovely together with Ronger and their baby. I dont want to keep feel like their relationship is failing and i dont want anyone to have this dislike feeling in them. There's always ups and down in a relationship. We supported them and thought they were so adorable when all these haven't happen yet so we should also do the same when they are going in the dark path. We can stop talking badly about them now, both of them have their own reason to be feeling the way they are feeling. Let just support them both and hope for the best of them :D



    If people still want to talk bad about one of them just ignore them and let them because stay bothered then.


    Just because some people hate on GTY doesnt mean we should do the same thing back and hate on ML. Or just because some people hate on ML doesnt mean we should hate on GTY.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, gleek49 said:

    In one of their conversation, GTY talks to ML about his different relationships with his father and stepmother. Basically, even though his relationship with his father was difficult, he was still able to freely express his emotion to father, his anger, his disappointment, because they're truly family. However, with his step mother, whether they were on good term or not, he's always been more careful, polite and reserved, maybe a little pretentious, because she's an outsider. His point is that right now, ML is treating him like an outsider, carefully choosing her words, polite in her action, reserved in her feelings and even a little pretentious sometimes, like when she answers "I believe you", when she actually not. Sucks for him that the obvious metaphor still somehow fly over her head :sweatingbullets: I get why she's like this, but I also get why he's pissed, I mean how many times does he have to tell her? She's  normally very smart, isn't she? Of course, it's frustrating to him that she's still genuinely not getting it =)))


    His fear is that she's good to him because he's her guan ren, not her Er Lang. He's afraid that she would treat anyone who is her husband this dutifully, be it QH or HHW or him. So he wants her to love him because he's GTY, not because he happens to be her husband. He's not asking her to be jealous, he's asking for some signs that she has feelings for him. This is where his knowledge about her first love really hurt, as he has seen her love someone else before, willing to risk everything for that other guy before, her not willing to risk anything on him right now (or at least he thinks so) just emphasizes the difference.

    Agreed sis :thumbsup: you really nailed it.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Suzzy San said:

    I don't feel weary at all, I'm even glad she got a husband that requests her love from her.. Just like how I feel sad for Qh's wife got married to a husband who doesn't request her love, I'm glad GTY is that man who requests her love. They might have not gotten married because of love but a wife having an husband who requests for her love is something I'm so grateful for.. She will never come around if she doesn't get pushed, that's the fact about ML because if she doesn't get pushed, she will keep thinking that's what her husband wants and he is satisfied with the way she acts as a virtuos wife, for someone who closes her feelings because she believes people can change and the future is unknown, she will never come around if someone doesn't make her know her lows.. And if GTY actually doesn't push her for love, she will further believe that he doesn't really love her after all and all what she thinks about men are the same.. So I'm glad GTY is finally showing her his angry side towards her behavior.. He had actually tried hard himself to endure and give her time but when she advised QH that he should cherish the peipl beside him, GTY must have been like, she knows this and why is she not doing it herself, if she thinks what she is doing is cherishing, the she is so wrong and I think I have to let her know it's not cherishing at all but just a pure 'let's just live somehow' behavior.. So I'm more than glad he lives her enough to make her realize her shortcomings, and also enough to push her and get angry at her.. If my husband accepts everything I do and doesn't even care enough to correct me or talk through with me, then I don't want that husband.. 

    Well said :thumbsup:

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  12. 15 minutes ago, Suzzy San said:

    Wow.. ML is so dumb about the matters of the heart.. Before I thought she was just pretending or maybe deceiving herself.. But she is really dumb about all these love things.. Omg i really wish someone gives her a one on one lesson about love and marriage.. Truly she is seeing these as official thing about duty, ML ah ML let's be more vast.. I think this is actually past the Era, it's more of ML not knowing what her husband wants or what she wants.. 


    For me this problem has gotten way past the difference between men and women of that Era, it has gotten way past what her resolutions to life is, it has gotten way past what the world thinks, the problem is about the happiness of their family.. The husband she is trying hard to be a dutiful woman has told her what he wants, the house she is trying to make peace for is now on the verge of being in disorder, no man can be trusted, yes, but no one lives their life guarding against the one  man that is legally yours, anything can happen in the future, yes, but no one forgets about the joy of the present.. And all this is true and even though, the Era dictates these things as legal, this man has shown you time without number that unless there is an 100 percent reason for that, he will stand by you.. For me I do not need to love him back 100 percent but I still will love him as much as do myself.. ML needs to learn and let go of her discord with her heart.. It's that Era as an excuse is surely not the best way to go, the problem is ML's heart and supposed survival stints. Not the Era, not what the future brings, not if a man's love will change, these are not the problems.. The problem is what she has kept at her brain 

    It's like an official terms for husband.. It's more like a distance term and not like an intimate one like Erlang.. It's more like addressing your boss

    Omggg thisss!!! I soo agree with you. Everytime people say "well in this era..." something about era i always think its an excuses like you mentioned. I love how you wrote this and agree to all. Thank you for your explanation. I am truely dissappointed at ML.

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  13. 47 minutes ago, dito said:



    This preview has an longer fight scene. It continues from here...

    GTY replies ....You told Yuan Ruo to cherish the people next to him. But what about you? Have you ever cherished me? You gave me a concubine. what do you mean by doing that? 

    ML I did that for you. Your aunt and the one next door are determined to send them in. If I didn't accept now they would have pressured you. Both of them will not give up until we get one of the concubines in. 

    GTY: You didn't do it for me. You did it for your Guan Ren, Your HouYe.

    ML: But isn't that you.....my Guanren and Houye

    GTY: I'm also your Er Lang and your Zhong Huai

    ML: Yes you are also Er Lang and Zhong Huai....so?


    OMG this girl is really dense....this guy has every right to be angry.


    Anyone who understands Chinese please feel free to correct me......there was a lot I couldn't understand....and also my phone was on last 5% so I was in a rush to translate.

    Wow your phone was on 5 precent and u can write and translate this much. Thats mvp. I appreciate for your translation.


    What do he mean when he say HouYe and Guan Ren? Those 2 words means?

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  14. 2 hours ago, leeza77 said:

    Gty tried to make ml jealous, alas his plan backfired. Ml left him with his concubine and seek her bed alone and sleep soundly.. :lol:


    I no longer find how he tried to make ML jealous cute no more. At this point he's already hurted too much that's not even cute to see him try anymore. Sigh..

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  15. 18 minutes ago, m0us3y said:

    @bulubulu You are looking at things from a heart pov - feelings. 

    Others are looking at brain pov - thinking. 

    Some of us, our lives are dictated by what we feel, and our actions are a result of that feeling. 

    Others, are dictated by what we know, what is rational, and the actions are a result of the thought process. 

    Often, the heart and brain are not aligned. 


    If ML lived her life by what she feels, she wouldn't have survived till now. 

    She felt the injustice, she felt the disparity, she felt the hate, she disliked embroidery. 

    But she kept her head low, she played dumb, she let herself be the flawless daughter, she pretended to enjoy embroidery. 

    Because the brain knows that's best for survival.


    We applauded her for being able to let go, and not resent QH when he let her down. 

    We applauded her when, despite the heartbreak, despite what she feels, she knows, and told Danju, "never look back"

    Because while the heart felt the pain, the brain knows that QH is not right for her. 


    She feels GTY's care, his love, his actions. 

    In fact, she knows how much he has done for her. 

    And we see that she too cares for him, that's beyond simply of duty and responsibility of a wife. 

    But she also knows that

    - promises/oaths can be broken : QH is a good eg. 

    - their status diff. She's highly disadvantaged if anything happens. 

    - the fact that she's a woman: when things go south, the price she needs to pay is a lot higher than the price he needs to pay 

    - love may or may not last forever. 

    We could say that GTY is not QH/Dr.He and can't be judged as one, but it is a case of once bitten, twice shy. 


    All her life, she lives by what's rational.

    One cannot expect a drastic change in that ingrained behaviour in short period. 

    Change takes time. 

    And her healing from all her past takes time. 

    I believe she will come to him,..in time...

    I am not someone who who makes things look deeper than it is. And im not saying that you are doing that. Maybe thats why i view this differently. Yes i also believed she will come to him in time too. I dont fully agree to everything you said but i can somewhat understand that. Till the drama ends then ill see if i have a different view. Till then, i'll remain with my own same thoughts.

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