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  1. I hope GTY already know how bad his mistress is before trying to win Minglan. I like the drama more than the novel too and from the little clips that i see here and there Minglan seem to like GTY before marrying him but i think after marriage she will love him and trust him more
  2. When he try to win over Minglan did he already discovered the truth about his mistress first? Or was it in the middle that he knows the truth while also try to win Minglan too? Why he wanna win Minglan? And when they did their marriage did Minglan like GTY too or she married him cus of his plan?
  3. I just dont know how to feel about it. When i read that he will married someone else before Minglan, it made me feel not so okay? But people are saying he got rejected so i hope he wont have to married. I really do not know how to explain what i feel and i do not want to write the wrong wordings for it. But yea like i said, i could careless about all the women he had before Minglan. His past, i can accpect it too, everyone got some kinda thing in their past so its fine haha. When things between GTY and Minglan start to actually happens i know ima be fangirling so hard over them <3 And because i am the biggest Feng Shaofeng fan, i know he will tottally melt my heart <3
  4. Just saw preview for eps 17 & 18 Gu Tingy's father is gone.. I hope Gu Tingy find out how bad his mistress is asap
  5. Yea i know Gu Tingy truely love Minglan. I could careless about the women he had before Minglan. I still like them to be together.
  6. From reading here and there i dont know how i will find their love lovely... But saw some little clips of them and it looks pretty lovely too..but like idk how to feel about it???
  7. Oooo :/ i really hope in the drama he doesnt married that woman. Dont like how Gu Tingy got girls before Minglan but i know he really love Minglan later on too
  8. Oh no. I mean i feel like its taking to long for Gu Tingy and Minglan love to start Ohhhh Looking forward to it. I hope it will be earlier in the drama
  9. Do anyone have an idea around what ep will Gu Tingy and Minglan's love start. Almost 20 eps and their love is no where to be found. Left with around 63 eps umm :/. I feel like its too long
  10. He's so cute when he answered the question. Maybe he got shy when he answered it. And yup i agree too @thelonetraveller_18 with what you said. Srsly...he doesnt have to wear his wedding ring to prove anything. We dont know what they do at home or how they talk when they're alone but im sure his comment is not a cover up.
  11. You're right. People always bash feng shaofeng and saying all kind of stuff. Always think hes the bad one blah blah blah. But whatever people say no need to explain cus people like them will never understand. Feng shaofeng a good actor and persom, love him hehe
  12. Everything he did for her is already good enough, i dont see why doing the same thing like his exs before is a problem. All couples go shopping, travelling, eating dinner and buying stuff for gf/bf and go on dates. Isnt this what every or most couples do? Cus i know for sure every couple do these things. Just cus they did the same thing as his previous relationships doesnt also mean she lowered herself. No one forced her to do those only herself, she must be really happy to be with feng shaofeng and he is also happy to be with her. Anyone who dont like shaofeng will always bring up the playboy thing. The playboy thing is always their way to attack feng shaofeng, oh lord because there isnt anything else yall could think of to talk bad about him. Why one day u write nice things about feng shaofeng then other day u write bad about him? She married him because he was the man she think she deserved. Youre those fan that think ur idol is on top of everyone and is so good but know that others may not think like you. I see that feng shaofeng take good care of her and did a lot for her and ur saying she "deserved" someone better. Can u name what zhao liying have done to feng shaofeng too then? Why dont zhao liying also do something that shows him he "is special in her heart " too. Cus from what i see its mainly feng shaofeng doing this and that for zhao liying.The men doesnt have to always do everything in a relationship. U read too much fake articles, relax girl and stop worrying about my dude feng shaofeng, because liying looks really happy to be with him.
  13. Shaofeng "many women"? He wasnt in relationship with "many women". I wont let others' thinking and saying make me think that, that person have a bad reputation. I see it for myself. Many people can be wrong about someone and people will believed it. You guys have to right to be worried for li ying but saying negativity about feng shaofeng only is not right either. I am fan of feng shaofeng but i am hoping them both stay loyal and not just li ying or shaofenf but both. But yea we hope them the best only.
  14. Oml gurl theres so much other celebrities that married 2 decades apart. Since u seem to be worried so much about feng shaofeng then stay worried. I stay unbothered and only look at the positive side of them both. Im not tryna to cover him up but i am speaking from my point of view. But ok gurl u do you.
  15. You guys cant say things like " i hope feng shaofeng dont cheat " judging him from those bad news of him. Enough of those. I know he dated a very young girl but its not like he forced her to be in a relationship with him and it doesnt mean that he's a bad guy. Why wanna put all the negatives to him only and worry about him. We should not worry about another one more than another. I am tired of people saying those things about feng shaofeng. If zhao liying liked feng shaofeng then it obviously means she trusted him and know he's not like what most people said about him. She sees what other people dont see in him. Fans of feng shaofeng also know hes a gentleman and kind man. What Yangmi have to do with this. Those things were way long ago. Anyways what im trying to said is we shouldnt act like one is better than another. They r good for each other.
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