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  1. I don't know if Saint was more comfortable, or if PETE was more comfortable, but I did appreciate him doing some initiating! With the way they've been characterized, it's fine that Pete is shy. . . but like, thank goodness he's not TOO shy. I'm wondering if Ae is ever going to find out that there was actual SCHEMING on Pete's part, with Pond, to get Ae into the sack. hahaha. Kind of hope Ae finds out but isn't mad.
  2. I'm very curious about $$$ from LBC. It seems like it's quite the international sensation. But of course I'm only seeing it through the lens of the (International) BL world. Since I'm not only new to that, but really new to Asian entertainment, I'm very curious. Do you have any insight into how LBC is faring, according to Thai entertainment standards, in terms of money and success, up against all else it has to offer (straight dramas, non-love-related dramas. . .). Or is it just that it has gained more money/interest than a typical BL drama, which is still a very small piece of the pie? Or is BL really as popular in Thailand/Japan/Taiwan/China as it looks like it is in BL shows (so many fujoshis or however you spell it)? Like, just tons of straight female tweens are obsessed with it? Is it all but certain that there will be a season 2/spin-offs, with how it has been doing? Is MCOT really kicking themselves, or is it worth it to not turn off more conservative viewers by airing it? I don't expect anyone here to necessarily know all the answers. . . But anyone have some insights?
  3. I love Star Trek. Just thought you should know this important information about me.
  4. Hellllo! Ciao a tutti! Happy Friday! I am just ecstatic that they finally let JayBL sub the episode before it aired! Wow, such an awesome surprise!! So, my initial random thoughts, then will read all the comments... Tin and Can got more attention than I expected this episode, considering the teaser. I guess we're ready to really switch to their storyline, since Ae and Pete have. . . ah hem. . . done most of their development in terms of becoming a real couple. I was really pulled in by Tin and Pete's first conversation. I didn't expect such a blunt conversation and renewed offer like that. Made me like Tin more. He meant what he said. He loves Pete (as a friend), and according to his twisted logic, he thinks he's the qualified party to "take care of" Pete. If it weren't for Ae, I'd be rooting for them. I'm pretty sure Can has had a crush (as in, he's a hottie!) on Tin since the beginning. He went out of his way to notice the guy before they'd ever really had much interaction. And whoever it was in here that said "Tin stole Can's first kiss" was right on the money. Can seemed pretty freaked out that he hadn't managed to kiss a girl first. I loved that Can tried to establish Tin's sexuality by talking to Pete! It's a BL, but sexualities exist! Even among guys who aren't katooeys (or whatever Ae called P'Money. . . transgender?). It's possible to be gay or bisexual! Weeeee! Maybe one or both will use that word to describe themselves before the season is done, so we aren't saddled with a two-way "gay for you". I am ready to care about this couple. Pond was sneaky this episode, but actually he was less "under the radar" than I expected. Haha, Ae and Pete both knew by the end of the episode that he had some hand in their. . . reaching their destination. Ok, finally, the SCENE. I have nothing bad to say. I liked it. I do have a couple critiques, if P'New wanted to actually raise my blood pressure (as I was hoping a bit, from his teases and from my experience with ep 7), that I'll mention in a moment. This show falls below TWM and WTD, and above every other Thai BL, in terms of "skinship" (eww, first time I've used that word, I think, didn't like it). Just as we already knew. The "first time" scene was better scripted than I expected, and less awkward, which I really appreciated. I'm glad that it came off as so sweet and consensually desired. I mean, it's both of their first time. Being with someone you love, your official boyfriend, both virgins, prepared with the correct goodies (thanks Pond), and hugging and agreeing that you both want it equally before moving on to the act... All super adorable. And the scenes that followed were also sweet and a little hot. I can be perfectly happy as it is. . . Lovely scene. But here are the two things that could have raised my blood pressure to locker room scene levels: 1) Just one kiss, maybe toward the end of the scene, with a bit of the locker room intensity. You can kiss passionately just from being turned on, doesn't have to be jealously motivated/out of desperation. These kisses were just above the car kisses. Still, it was well done and not awkward, thank god. The actors really are giving it their all. 2) I actually thought they panned down a bit too much toward the end of the scene. The intertwining fingers, the kissing of chest/neck, the talk "sorry if I hurt you, but I can't hold back anymore" or something to that effect, were undercut a bit by cutting back out to the shot showing they were still both mostly clothed, and with the comforter between them, during all of that. I didn't want to see MORE, I actually wanted to see less, so my brain could fill in the blanks with a further level of disrobement. The part of the episode that got me hottest? When Ae said he was hard. Whew! I was sitting here with Pete like, "What the hell, Ae, get your hard a$$ back here! Well, not a$$, but. . . Ok, now that you've all read the depths of my perviness. . . Can we still be friends? Haha. Nice shots of the lamp and Pete's pajama top, right? No goldfish to be seen. . .
  5. Hahaha, so true. Ae's just been stripping in front of Pete from the get-go. Poor Pete and his fully-formed understanding of his own sexual orientation coupled with a clueless "who knows what" (so many theories stated on here, gay, bi, pan, demi. . . ) blossoming horn-ball. It gets better, Pete! Hopefully in episode 9. But, by the way, a combination of aloneww and LBC International's tweets have led me to think that they STILL won't have sex in episode 9. Specifically, the one that was already shared on here about "following the novel" in terms of pacing, and this one: "But not in the next one"? Hmmm. But like how he's predicting our deaths. His teasing about the locker room scene didn't disappoint, so. . .
  6. Ok, first, I completely agree with you that Phun is 100% bi (novel and show, totally comes across as bi, and obviously attracted to Noh for a while (novel)/from the first episode, and believable with Aim, as well). So you're right that it's not a two-way GFY, but it is a two-way "first gay relationship and also I'm cool with girls". And I know that (novel) Noh is supposed to be GFY, or bi, or whatever he is. But damn if he doesn't come across as GAY on the show. He starts "dating" Yuri so other girls will stop hitting on him? He doesn't once consider that maybe he could really date Yuri? He and Yuri have a great rapport. Why wouldn't he date her, if he really leans towards women? (PS Huge Yuri fan here.) He only once mentions a girl who he thinks is attractive that I can think of (some waitress at a restaurant, when he's already head over heels). His whole, "Phun, I'm not gay, so I can't believe you would think I would consider Earn" speech just falls flat (not the Earn part, but the "I'm not gay" part). Well, until he says, "The only guy I like is you", then it's all "unicorns and rainbows", as lazy subber would say, and cavities. But I don't believe his (live-action) a** for a second. Gay gay gay. Also, gay. Haha, thanks for the tsundere explanation, though I still don't fully understand. But I myself described Pete in that scene as "coy" in an earlier post, so we agree on that. Was Arthrit, especially Sotus S Arthrit, "tsundere". I've seen many people describe him that way. I actually didn't find Kit that hard to win over, compared to how annoying Sotus S Arthrit was (in the skinship department). PS I liked Sotus S, like, the plot But definitely one of those who thought their relationship looked silly, acting so "coy" after two years together. ($hit, still don't know the difference. May do a bit of research.)
  7. Yours was my favorite reaction this week. Lots of fun stuff! Oh god, now I'm going to be accusing the guys of "smizing" in my head when they're being adorable at each other. " Ae wants to eat Pete and Pete is hoping he will. Ae really is going through a period of uncontrolled lust and he knows it but he can't help it." Hahaha, so well put. "I also think this lack of experience is what makes it so easy for Ae to expose himself to Pete because he's still thinking 'we're both guys so it's no big deal' while Pete gets all revved up. I love the shock then the rush to the bathroom." Ah, ok, actually, this sort of explains that scene to me better. Not that I was confused about why Pete rushed to the bathroom, but Pete said something kind of accusatory at Ae, about playing with his heart, before the "I have needs, too" comment, and I didn't quite get what he was referring to. I mean, Ae was actively trying to jump him all episode. I guess Pete was specifically referring to how Ae keeps walking around shirtless in front of him without thinking anything of it. Ae still doesn't get that he's turning Pete on as much as Pete is turning him on, in those rare moments when he's not actually trying to turn Pete on... Haha, gotcha. "Oh wait I found a critique but only a little one. Sometimes Pond overreacts to Ae's questions. If he just responded lightly, he would get so much more out of Ae. Still, he's doing a great job as is." This has been driving me crazy! I so want them to have a serious talk. I think it would be amazing. And we know Pond can be serious and give good advice. . . because he has done it. . . for Pete! But every time Ae buckles and finally decides to try to get advice from Pond, Pond goes overboard and Ae runs away. This episode was the worst example, but Pond does it EVERY time. "Oh, did Pete confess to you?" "Oh, you're going to have sex with Pete?" Also, his worst advice to date, "Get him drunk". Though an improvement over his idea to drug them both and lock them in a room together, I guess. . .? Their best talk was when he found Ae's search history and assured him that he was his friend no matter what, then said he would buy lube for him if he was too shy, while running out the door Hope Ae's family turns out cool with it, when they finally get it figured out! I LOVE Pete's mom. And Ae and Pete's stares at each other, along with Ae losing control of his silverware, was a definite highlight. Haha, calm down a bit in front of Mom, boys! They really need to work off some of that sexual tension before they have any more mutual meetings with their families.
  8. It's totally a two-way GFY. Can expressed interest in girls earlier, and of course Tin thinks "kissing a guy is not bad". I would say that Love Sick was supposed to be the same (Phun/Noh). But Noh just came off as gay gay gay, not fooling anyone, gay, (to me). I give people in real life the benefit of the doubt, but in these Thai BLs? ... Nope! Gay! Next!
  9. As someone who has also been know to over-analyze things that don't deserve it, I found this a very insightful and interesting read. I like your interpretation, whether or not it's too deep for the subject matter.
  10. Oh man, going to look at the source material for some of the Chinese BLs especially was depressing. The thing about the Thai BLs with questionable stuff, is that it's often not the same "rape" as presented in those Chinese novels, as in, full-on, violent, ick. It is still written for those turned on by having someone else take total control, but they do things to let you know that the "uke" is just "shy" or whatever, but really in to it. The thing is, if they don't express their willingness in an overt way, to their love interest, it still gives me the heebie jeebies. Wish they would stop it. Little MIR riff It has more to do with the uke/tsundere convention, I think, than rape, in the minds of some of the authors. Like, it's "cute" for them to say "no, no, no"! It seemed like Pete was being a little "tsundere" in the last scene of the most recent ep. (I have no idea what I'm talking about, just discovered all of this this year, have not read any mangas except two after watching the live actions of them, but anyway). He just said he had needs in the bathroom. Why is he acting like that? Because the audience wants Ae to have to "force" him? But wait, we all know that Pete wants it, so. . . . I can't relate to that in my real life at all, so it makes it awkward. Do you want to do it, or no? State what you want!
  11. I've seen the finger sucking/slight extension of the late season sex scene. Did I miss anything else?
  12. Yep, there are just little things they could do to make so many scenes more palatable. Ae was acting like an a** in general, dragging Pete around those 2 eps, and I don't know how to fix that. He wasn't being especially rough with the dragging, so it wasn't too jarring for me, just kind of "off". But the push against the lockers really didn't even make sense with Ae's character, always trying to protect Pete from physical harm. He even said later in the ep that he knew Pete didn't like Tin "like that", due to the look in his eyes. So we know he doesn't suspect Pete of anything. Why throw him like that? Just backing him up to the lockers while talking could have solved that problem, and been no less sexy. I liked the kiss over Pete's protest, in terms of sexiness. "I don't want to wait anymore." The problem was that Pete's protest wasn't written well, so he just said "Wait, Ae". Which means, "Stop". If they had put different words in Pete's mouth, Ae could have interrupted them without it seeming to ignore Pete. Even just a "Wait, Ae, are you sure...?" would have indicated that Pete's protest wasn't because he didn't want to continue, but maybe because he didn't know if Ae was doing the right thing, for himself. Anyway, I've made peace with that scene, because, who am I kidding? It was pretty hot (made less so, not more so, by the problems, but still hot), way more than most of us expected, and they ended it with quite a sweet talk that put everything in perspective. On the other hand, there's very little that can be done to fix the KK/Techno problem, unless they completely re-write it. " And Tum/Tar...zzzzz" Agreed. But I want to know more about Tharn and Type. Specifically, about their moans of pleasure every night. Crap, thinking out loud again.
  13. Happy almost birthday! (I had a theory that the "74" from your name came from your birth year. I win!)
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