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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divorce_demography https://www.oecd.org/els/family/SF_3_1_Marriage_and_divorce_rates.pdf South Korea does not have the highest divorce rates... There are many places that don't need lawyers for divorces. In the U.S. you can amicably get divorced without a lawyer. Lawyers are usually only necessary when there's a dispute over assets or drafting agreements like alimony. As you said, divorce and single parents are popular drama tropes, but it doesn't mean that its a good indicator of the society as whole. It just tells a good story, so writers use it often.
  2. I'm not sure this is an aspect of Korean life-culture or just the younger generation. I am 29 and from the U.S. and I think financial stability is important before having children. My fiance and I are working to build up a savings, have a home, a wedding, and then we'll try to have children. I think this is normal for my generation, as least where I am (densely populated U.S. city). I don't think of it as being pessimistic, more like cautious.
  3. I agree with you, but I feel like HG's mom, like SH, only sees status. Remember when HN pretended to be HG's girlfriend and went to dinner at his house? They already lied then that HN had a better education and was well off. I thought Hanna was better than her mom since she fell in love with Leo and rejected her moms idea of marrying for status, but apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case. But maybe its just SH's lied that HN is a thief that bothers her most. I don't know if either of them are going to come around to like HN on their own with SH causing so much trouble.
  4. Guys, let's just enjoy this and look forward to the looks on HG's mom and sister's faces when it's revealed that HN is actually the daughter of their boss
  5. She's looking out for her daughter and she doesn't even know it yet I am starting to really dislike Hanna these days, which is sad cause I loved her in the beginning. They keep on making her seem more and more naive and selfish. Even after that whole incident and she seemed to mature, she still judges HN's character without even knowing the whole story. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like anything can break the brick wall that is HG!
  6. I think that's mainly because it's Chuseok, probably not a lot of people watching TV...
  7. Congratulations on 150 pages guys! I honestly haven't been able to make myself watch because of all the SH and JE drama you guys have been mentioning, but I will definitely catch up today! I'm glad that SH's actions didn't work and that the writers didn't drag that out too long. It seems like SH will soon be focusing more on JE and DG rather than HN and HG for the time being. I'm really happy this OTP is stable and supportive of each other. If they pulled out any typical noble-idiot drama moves, I don't think I would be able to keep watching. It seems like HN tries at times though when she tries to take the blame or hide their relationship, but HG always sets her straight
  8. I totally agree with you. HG never questions HN's character... at least not after they've gotten to know each other. Leo never outright blamed Hanna either, he tried to get her to confess and let it go when she didn't. They both trust their partners unconditionally. We know HN's always morally upright, and Hanna didn't steal the designs herself. Hanna did lie when people were questioning her, but I think that's more her stubbornness and pride than her intention to do any wrong. DG on the other hand consistently sees JE doing intentionally bad things and he just turns a blind eye. He tries to reason with her to turn herself in and tell her that she's not a bad person, which is all the more frustrating. What bugs me more is that he's also supposed to be a close friend to HN. They lived in the same house for so long and they even share an office space, and yet when HN is in trouble and this whole debacle was happening, his solution is to go to JE? He just stood there watching while JE yells at HN for no reason. Part of me is happy that they are both miserable while HG and HN are being super adorable.
  9. I don't think Hanna threatened JE at all... I'm not sure where you're getting that vibe from. For me, JE saw what Hanna was doing and thought it was exactly like she had seen at HA earlier, so she asked Hanna about it. Hanna was telling her that its her new design for K1 shopping, but then revealed that it was SH's design and SH gave it to her to help her out. I didn't think she was threatening JE, but more of a like... "Since you're SH's daughter, I'll let you know this secret." Although, she is taking credit for someone else's designs at the moment, and she doesn't even know who the designs really belong to. I'm sure it'll bite her in the butt later...
  10. I think the guy who knocked over the grandma was just a delivery person, judging from the vest. But he sure is a jerk for knocking her over and not bothering to help her! I am hoping Leo and Hanna figure out their designs are the same and Hanna realizes SH stole Leo's designs. I don't think Leo would just stay silent and let Hanna take the credit... his moral compass seems too strong for that - he couldn't even keep the secret of his father-in-law being scammed. Plus, SH's lie has to unravel somehow!
  11. I think EA's sister-in-law (friend) thinks that HN is living off of EA for free, and that HN owes EA a lot for the time and money spent raising her since she was 6. I think that's why she wants HN to know the truth... even though it's not HN's fault that she doesn't know. EA has basically been raising her as her own child (and favorite child, at that), how would she know? I don't like the sister-in-law's attitude in how she's going about dropping hints, but at least she's moving the plot forward!
  12. I like that JE's gotten less screen time and just been sulking by herself, but I'm scared she's going to try and do something more vindictive as HA's show is approaching. SH seems like she's reaching her limit though... SH definitely looked like she was about to go crazy when HN and JH were getting along. I am glad that JH isn't letting her mom and her sister get to her. She looks like she's finally found some happiness and she's not letting it go for anything!
  13. I hope he does too... but he's put up with so much that I don't think he'll ever divorce her. For goodness sake, his wife wanted her sister to adopt her daughter! I really loved the three dads scene this episode! I thought it was hilarious that HG dad tried to get bedroom details from DG's dad, making the two brothers-in-law super uncomfortable. I hope they get lots of scenes together in the future!
  14. I can't watch until I get home from work, but all your HN-HG posts have me squealing (on the inside) I agree, SH and JE act the way they do because of the grandmother's favoritism toward JH and SJ. It's hard for me to pity the grandmother, even knowing she wasn't treated well in the past. The way she acts now is just as unforgivable. I remember disliking JH a lot in the beginning as well, when she would hit or yell at HN impulsively. I'm glad that she's becoming a lot nicer and is on friendly terms with HN's family before the big reveal.
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