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  1. I have to admit that after tomorrow’s episode there will only be 5 left . I am going to have withdrawals If anyone here is watching Love to the End I will see you in that forum as I am also addicted to that drama!!!! Theres not a lot of activity there as there is here. Its on episode 60 and the forum only has 31 pages. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!
  2. This drama and love until the end are killing me!!!! I’m really not digging HN coldness towards HG. My boy is suffering!!! Im too emotionally invested in these two dramas lol Hoping for the reveal to happen soon and HN&HG get together quick! Get married and have beautiful babies!!!!
  3. I was going to say the same thing. They are probably gonna getjer pregnant so DG won’t leave her or the punishment won’t be that severe I’m assuming if she gets punished. At the rate this drama is going I feel they are going to reveal HN is SJ on episode 119 and 120 everyone lives happily ever after.
  4. I feel that the fake SJ came back but to serve SH in something not sure exactly in what. But I think she will involve EA, HN and fake SJ. Probably by saying that they were all in on the con idk something to not make EA not credible when she wakes up. Idk if you guys remember a couple of days ago the guy that plays HG did a live on instagram while waiting to film and from what I saw he had no ring on his finger so does that mean he gives up on HN for the time being? Also the stories his stylist has been uploading on instagram he has been concealing his ring finger. Idk is just me making an observation lol Ahhh this drama is killing me. I just want JH and HN to reunite and for HN&HG to get back together get married have kids and live happily ever after. Is that to much to ask?!?!?!?! Monday is already episode 102 and the key witness to reveal the truth that HN is SJ is in a coma!!! They are taking too long with the revelation of HN/SJ in my most humble opinion!
  5. Ugh my frustration keeps growing!!!! HN thinking the best thing to do is breaking up with HG is really pissing me off. Yes, I understand the way HG’s mom humiliated and treated EA is despicable. Doesn’t she see that right now everyone is against HG except her, her mom and Leo. I feel their love is worth fighting for. Im so annoyed I won’t watch today’s episode because of that. I will just observe this forum and clips on instagram. Lol im 100% sure SH had to do with EA being in a coma!!! I haven’t been this emotionally invested in an OTP since watching an American soap opera called General Hospital!!! Robin&Patrick lol I guess we will have to wait and see tomorrow episode to see what happens. I hope they don’t have HG & HN broken up for too long.
  6. Did the dad break them up?!?! I swear if he did I’m going to be super mad! HN & HG are the only reason why I watch this drama! In the preview for tomorrow is she still wearing the ring? Is she avoiding him cuz she seems surprised to see him at the movies. I really hope they didn’t/don’t breakup!
  7. Thank you so much! I really hope that the dad doesn’t oppose to Hg & HM’s relationship. He was the one cool parent I liked lol If I were HN, I would’ve put Hanna in her place. Like you have the nerve to say all this to me when you plagiarized my company’s design! I hope JH finds out in the next two episodes that HN is her daughter! I need to see SH,JE,Hanna & her mom beg for forgiveness to HN for being the evil witches they are!!! & I hope HG & HN don’t breakup and eventually get married! Their my #1 OTP so far this year lol in the kdrama world!
  8. What happened in today’s episode? From the preview is HG dad going to oppose his relationship with HN?!?!?!
  9. Noooo!!! This can’t happen I’m to emotionally invested in HNHG relationship! They can’t breakup
  10. Ugh too much cuteness is killing me lol I watched the episode during my lunch break and I was squealing of all the HNHG scenes!!!! I looked like an idiot lmao I really hope they get married towards the end of the drama. That would be awesome. & here is to hoping the HN/SJ secret is revealed in the next couple of episodes. One more episode left before the weekend I only look forward to Monday’s because of this drama but I hate it cuz i have to go back to work lol counting the hours till the next episode.
  11. Lol I know!!!! Today is a holiday here in the US so I didn’t work but tomorrow imma be all giggly and my coworker will be like what’s wrong with you lol
  12. @mqiuwen thank you and I will trust me. None of my coworkers watch kdramas so I have no one to discuss this amazing drama sunny again tomorrow with. Thank you so much @spikeaso I will definitely be using that link ❤️ Thank you @dramaninja ❤️
  13. Hi!! Im new on this thread. I’ve only been an observant but I wanted to form part of this community im from the US so I have to wait till someone posts it on YouTube. I watch it twice when they upload it and later in the evening when they update it with the English subs. so I come on this thread to read what happens because I just can’t wait lol im so hooked on this drama thanks to my brother who came across it by accident on YouTube. Hope to be discussing along with you ☺️
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