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  1. hi guys! it all started from us expecting TOO MUCH from them to feed our delulu minds not thinking that sometimes, we can't have all that we want. Just give them time. Their careers are more important now than their lovelife.(i think) Not to mention, they have contracts from their respective agencies that we don't know the inclusions about. All I can say is, ParkParkCouple is sailing secretly in the middle of the ocean, leisurely taking their time until their happy ending. One more thing, I don't know about you guys but as for me, PPC is my happy place and I'll go there as often as I want to!Hope to see you around in that happy place. peace out!
  2. hi guys.. with regard to STARPLE voting process, you can ask email addresses of your friends, relatives and siblings and make an ID out from them. Once they confirmed the email from STARPLE, you can log in and out using their different email add. This may eat up your time and energy but it soooooo satisfying thinking about the end result! ( it's not too much, right?) Our PARKPARKCOUPLE will walk together to receive their awards! I can't wait.. (hope they will attend).. let's make our ship the farthest away from others!! fighting..
  3. hi everyone. I'm super newbie when it comes to kpop idols or even kdrama artists fan sites though i've been binge watching some of those k series for some time now. And WWWSK is one of my faves!! Then one time, I happened to pass this site while researching for PPC updates coz I'm also wishing for them to be a real couple! I'M A HUGE FAN!! They make my heart swell and happiness all over the place! ( my first time to actually take some time to research for couples) anyways, I love backreading all the comments and secretly pinching myself not to blush and scream for all the theories and perfect coincidences of their LOVE Affair!! Im really rooting for them to be REAL!! Keep it coming guys! Cheers!! ParkParkCouple Wedding Bells Soon..
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