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  1. Wow! Best of luck to you, really hope you will be able to be there! Fingers crossed!
  2. Thank you so much for posting the info! Do you also have a link to where the voting is? I have the Youku account, so I would like to give her my voice, because her video is truly amazing! UPD I actually found, how to do it! So, the main thing is that you have to have the Youku app installed on your mobile phone and you have to create an account. It's pretty easy, you just write you cell phone number here (don't forget to choose your country in the list, just find the right telephone code!), and push the button in the line under your number, they will send to you the verification code. After that you can follow the instruction given by AvenueX on her weibo here or paste 校园短视频大赛 in the search (the name of the competition, as far as I understood, I don't know Chinese at all). Then the page of competition will be open, and you will be able to open her video. The voting button is the purple one with a number!)
  3. That sounds interesting! Btw, where all this information about his official schedule could be found? I remember seeing some screenshots on weibo, but I have no idea where did it all come from...
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