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  1. My shipper heart almost died with this update. This is such good news, I'm ecstatic about them attending together. Hopefully we get some good pics from the event.
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanamobile.theseoulawards go to google play store, just type seoul awards 2018.
  3. it seems the ones with ios gadgets will have a hard time verifying the email. i tried asking my friends to vote and register their emails, both of them are apple users, once they receive the email to verify it's not clicking. as for my friends with android gadgets, they verified immediately.
  4. no news yet on our PPC, so for the meantime just going to post things i found interesting about our PPC to keep the thread moving... first time seeing this, i thought i've watched all fanvids of AAA 2017 on our couple. turns out there's this one... Chivalry has not died for our Captain PSJ.
  5. this is what he wears going to the convinience store??? hehehe, our Captain PSJ is fashionable as always. my delulu mind thinks, maybe he dressed comfortably because the trips going to be long, hehehe. I would probably want to stay warm during a long flight, hehhee. (Seoul to the Netherlands is around 11hours for direct flights).
  6. maybe it's still hard for them to accept their ship had sunked, or was there really a ship for them?... anywho let's just ignore them and focus on our PPC. same thoughts as you guys, PSJ won't be swayed by the fans if he himself is not thinking of someone in particular (PMY) when choosing the song.
  7. all aboard PPC mates. all these new updates are making me a big puddle of smiles and fuzzies, the sweetness of them both, my goodness.... i can't wait for their next update.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnQ4quZAJGR/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=93vx0mgiiwvg
  9. http://oi65.-/2h3yb0i.jpg How? http://i63.-/29cx5aa.jpg Why?
  10. I really felt sorry for the cast of WWWSK, because of sudden outbreak of the rumors, the focus was not on the drama anymore. But hopefully, award giving bodies will focus on how well-made the drama is and how it made an impact on international audience. WWWSK deserves to be recognized and awarded.
  11. http://park-seo-joon-dishes-dating-rumors-kim-ji-won-friendship-btss-v PSJ immediately and clearly denied the rumors with KJW. http://entertainment.inquirer.net/286596/p2fb-park-seo-joon-speaks-dating-rumors-co-star-park-min-young But for PMY, very vague and open-ended. Maybe they just misinterpreted PSJ statement here regarding dating female colleagues. But I think he is not specifically talking about KJW here:https://www.soompi.com/article/1020363wpp/park-seo-joon-talks-appeal-fight-way-possibility-dating-female-friend
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