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  1. Oooh what's the line group? Btw I noticed LKS was very insistent on KJK's jealousy! He is a major spartace supporter...love how he is supporting them. Or maybe he knows sth....eeks its so hard not to get delusional with what we are seeing!!! Yet we don't know how much of it is scripted....(just a reality check)
  2. I love that HAHA and Kwangsoo are captains of Spartace and really are protective of Jihyo! I notice JH was rather quiet and didn't look very comfortable when they were talking abt KJK and SM stuff......and it seems like Haha noticed and brought her into the conversation, mentioning the yeobo and the bro/sis in law cross. Kwangsoo too....he can see he truly cares for Jihyo. Though what i find interesting is, why HAHA started calling her sis in law? So WHO is the brother she is connected to him with such that he can call her Hyung-soo. Who is this Hyung.......maybe it's some korean culture thing but if not i think it is a very very BIG hint given that we all know KJK is one of Haha's closest hyung. So Haha is giving her respect by calling JH Hyung Soo, if there really is sth gg on!! What do u guys think? Maybe also on delulu mode heh
  3. Omg go to @kanggary_yangban IG and see!!! Gary just responded to the message left by @spartace.rm !!! He ships spartace too!!! Hi everyone sorry I'm a Spartace shipper lurker so have been really enjoying all your eagle eye analysis!!!
  4. Wow thank you so much for translating! Its so nice to hear RDH's thoughts! I wish the dating rumours are true haha. And glad he is not closed to season 6.....would love to have a season 6. Dr HJW is one of the best characters ever created! And indeed, the weird proposal scene is befitting our eccentric couple. Dr Jo can become like Prof Jang's role!!!
  5. BEST SEASON EVER!!! We are discovering more and more abt Dr Han's past. I'm so glad that we are getting a 16 episode season! So next week is the finale.........Mr Hyun please punish all the bad guys and like what Seung Bin said, JUSTICE! And Dr Han must learn the truth, that HSP wasn't behind Dr Jo's accident. And Dr Jo MUST WAKE UP!!! Evil Mr Kwak needs to go jail. Dying is too easy for him. The Ms Seo lady too. JAIL JAIL JAIL and let them get wacked by the other criminals in jail.
  6. Ahhh what a cliffhanger for next week! I'm glad it didn't end at 12 episodes though! Think its 16 episodes this season. I think Dr Jo will be in coma........they CANNOT kill her off!!!!!!!! And i really cannot stand Mr Kwak......Dr Jo was naive to trust him. But his stupid to throw in his lot with Hanju folks....they will discard him once he is not useful to them. His face is so annoying. Hope he feels super guilty over what happened to Dr Jo.....though I bet he will push the blame and think it's not his fault for what his bosses do. This is really one of the best season's yet! In my opinion! Just not enough couple moments between Dr Han and Det Kang.....its cute he label her as 'darling' in his phone. But I think we have had more couple moments in this season than previous seasons! Can't wait to see how it all resolves.......the baddie must have been some big brother to Dr Han in his childhood. And think their the 2 kids who escaped......Dr Han needs to remember!!
  7. Only 4 more eps there is only total of 12 episodes. Wonder how their going to wrap it up over the next 2 weeks. Though if I'm wrong i would be most happy to see the first time GQ season having 16 episodes
  8. Yes i was quite taken aback at the "proposal" scene but haha what else can we expect from our dear beloved Dr Han. After 8 or more years they are finally engaged!!! Their love is way deeper than most romance dramas. Love it so much. And they are such an odd but perfectly matched couple. From the rather cold and distant Det Kang in Season 1, Dr Han has loved and open her up.....to a point they can do the dying well exercise together!!! And haha of all the place to declare his intentions, Dr Han simply announced while beating up a criminal that Det Kang is his fiancee. Lol. He never even pop the question to her. Typical Dr Han....though why they never call each other by name? And i notice they use the same house (Det Kang's place) all the way from season 3.....Dr Han was staying at her place while she was away. This show is incredible in the way it keeps its continuity and character growth. RDH is perfect as Dr Han.
  9. Oh haha I was referring to original MG2001 Season 1. Season 2 was plain awful so I don't even consider it canon. I still like MG2001 S1. It's funny to watch how far we have progressed from 17 years ago.....trends, technology etc. Oooh so the Japanese one is good? Ok will try it!!
  10. My guess is that: 1. Lei went to study music in London hence he was with DMS and SC to celebrate the New Year as they were in London as well. 2. The frame focuses on him this part because of the background song: it is the original Meteor Rain song sung by the original F4, and particularly this line and part was sung by Zai Zai who played Lei as well in the 2001 version. So I think they want to kinda give some homage to the 2001 version....... 3. Everyone is shipping Xiao You with Ximen because in MG2001, their arc never got resolved and there was chemistry between Ken Chu and Rainie Yang (the actors)........so everyone wanted XY/XM to end up together. They did get together in this version, but they made the XG story too compelling......in the original, after 1 year XM found out that XG had moved on and had a new boyfriend, so he and XG were done for good. Their story was completely over, leaving room for him to begin something new with XY. This time though, XG never moved on. And yes they should have spent more time where XM shows why he loves XY.......they just got together too suddenly, and this version of XY is way more aggressive than Rainie Yang's one.......she pushed for the relationship and XM passively accepted.....perhaps also not wanting to miss a chance like how he screwed up with XG? Rainie Yang's version was alot more gentler, understanding and not so obsessive. Then again, their story never progressed so we would never know.....maybe her version would have been written like the 2018 version....? Do watch the original 2001 one if you can. Old is GOLD!!! Its alot more succinct but effect is still there. There's a reason why it was on fire popularity throughout Asia back in the day. Though that version of DMS isn't as bright as this version, haha. But Jerry Yan is as handsome as ever. Zai Zai as well. But all in all, I think MG2018 did tie all the strings for all the stories as best as they could. It answered many unanswered questions from MG2001, so it feels alot more completed. Plus less quarrelling between Caisi. In the original, Barbie and Jerry were quarrelling almost non-stop. Haha. The sweet moments were super super duper sweettttttttttttttt!! So can't complain. Think Angie Chai did a good job in this re-adaption..............unlike Qiong Yau who mutilated Huan Zhu Ge Ge when she remade it in 2011. Arghhh, still can't get over how she destroyed it! There's a rumour that they are going to do a movie with the original F4 cast?!?!? Really? How would that look like? The originals can be the fathers of the new F4 lol.
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