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  1. 20 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

    @skibbies GMP was pulled supposedly because of the general restriction on historical dramas in preparation for the celebration of China’s anniversary.


    Do you read Chinese? The term used by the platform is not a common term that translates directly to media reason. If it were for reasons other than the censor, they would have used some other term.

    huh, but it was the only historical that was pulled afaik, must be heavy politics. 


    Yeah I know it's an uncommon term, it's why I mentioned Novoland. It was also used for GoT s8 iirc. 


    11 hours ago, ForgottenSoulx said:

    How is the ending for the book can someone tell me??


    In spoilers ofc. 


    badly. they both die kind of ending. 

    I believe the drama have changed significantly so some aren't sure if it'll follow the novel trajectory. I'm still at very beginning of the novel so can't really guess either, but if I'd wager guess, it probably will. 

  2. On 11/17/2019 at 5:04 AM, caranita said:


    What? Didn't read about the cancellation or postponement at all. Is it on Youku's website? Since it's also airing on Amazon Prime, that means they're going to pull out from Prime too?


    This is too disappointing, especially since it's done midway. I thought the 100-day historical ban period has passed. With regard to Goodbye My Princess -- at least it was done airing when the series was taken down and then reuploaded on the website, no? Same like the Guardian.


    The rumor about Li Yitong should not be too surprising. I never heard or read a bad thing about Li Yitong, and she's actually quite low profile. As far as I remember, she doesn't even participate in varieties/reality shows. But she's got at least half a dozen dramas shelved, so .. I dunno... something between her or her agency with the authorities? But her agent isn't notorious like Yu Zheng's or Easy Ent. 


    Oh well, whatever it is, I just hope the problem is resolved soon! I also hope her other dramas won't face the same issue. She's a pretty good actress, and most of her dramas are great (or at least interesting) with good actors as her co-stars.

    They didn't announce anything, it was just they updated one instead of two episodes, so they posted a small note on weibo saying it was due to "media reason", then it sort of skipped out on updates for a bit. I think it should air today?


    Investiture of God was pulled while it was airing, and that was a TV drama, I don't think the audience ever saw the rest of it, that was due to too much deviation from classics or something? I'm not sure what was GMP's issue since I never watched it. 


    I don't really think it's Li Yitong issue so much as a wider industry issue. Various dramas are stuck for various reasons (sometimes it might not necessarily be a government issue). IIRC, all her shelved dramas leads are pretty popular, so she should get more popular when they air.


    @caranita Mhm not really? tRoP was bought by netflix while airing (I get the impression they entered the deal pretty early) and didn't run into this issue, although yeah last year there were less problems. The King's Avatar this year was also bought by netflix while airing and didn't run into issue, but it's not a historical. Mostly I think they are too busy going through new dramas that they won't care about dramas airing oversea to go over it again (at least I don't recall that being a thing).

  3. On 11/16/2019 at 8:33 PM, rosierosie said:

    I'm confused, thought dramas have to get approval before airing? Do you know the reason why it got reported to the Chinese authorities? 

    That's a rumour, I heard a version it's cos of Li Yitong is blocking someone's way so they reported it. But I find that little outrageous, she or Luo Jin for that matter aren't popular enough to attract that kind of attention. The official reason is "media reason", the same one used for Novoland's cancellation. It should have pass NRTA, although a closer look could lead to them finding issues, we'll see how it goes. Tangent note, Goodbye My Princess was aired earlier this year, then taken down for unspecified reason, but recently back online again slightly re-edited with different BGMs. This year is just rough on historical dramas. 


    @a_tumiwa very different kind of drama. The closest comparison is the Rise of Phoenixes, due to same styling/costume team (?) and focus on politics. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, mundane9 said:

    Considering China just announced another 'ban' on historical dramas starting August, we might not get to see this show depending how long the ban lasts this time. I just can't believe they shoed love and destiny ahead of this show..... sheeeeesh!

    ? are you talking about the one that's mentioned like, last page, where more entertaining shows are restricted due to 70th celebration of establishment of PRC? It last for 100 days and likely mostly apply to TV only, although airing as webdrama would mean it can't get as much audience, and it might not be able to promote much if it airs during that time. While August is little early to prep for it, I'm pretty sure everyone expected TV station to air specific dramas from September onwards. Love & Destiny aired as a webdrama FYI.

  5. 50 minutes ago, vintage_chutzpah said:

    I think I can do 4 episodes a day. I just finished the first 4 episodes last night. Ni Ni has more depth in her character here than in Love & Destiny (well, L&D is all fantasy romance anyway so really lighthearted).


    With all the political scenes, this is going to be one heavy journey of 70 episodes but what seems to keep me is the acting, cinematography and costume. You know that it’s well-produced so the story’s got to be great if they invested so much on it. 

    Ahhh yeah, it can get heavy and use lots of brain power, it's why I said take it easy. Ni Ni's character definitely have more depth here. I hope you have fun with it.

  6. 7 hours ago, vintage_chutzpah said:

    Everyone's recommending to watching this despite the sad ending for the couple. I'm just a bit hesitant because it's 70 episodes?! Oh my. How long am I going to finish this?!

    Take it easy and see if you like it. Doesn't necessarily work for everyone tbh. I was super intimidated by 70 episodes too, but after finishing it, I want stuff they cut lol. It can be separated into arcs too, the first one is 22 or 23 episodes?

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  7. 14 hours ago, foxandstone said:

    I’m sure this is a stretch, but is this just for TV dramas and not web dramas?

    Mostly targeted towards TV dramas, but web dramas wouldn't promote as much to avoid trouble I'd think. I think this drama would aim for TV release considering the series popularity to maximise profit, audience range and industry recognition, most dramas do.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Kimberly Amor said:
    This is bad...... for 100 days starting this August???????????????????? Huhuhuhuhu. I expected The Pillow Book to air this October this year. Maybe early next year i guess.

    October air date have always been unlikely. Oct 1st is national day so the entire month is basically off. Last year was 40 years of economic reform which isn't as huge and the entire month didn't have idol-esque drama. Hell, it's risky to aim for November, it's why everyone were panicky when there was restriction on historical back in March, since it effectively means the drama is shelved for maybe rest of the year. I thought this would air in June but they didn't manage to make it.

  9. NiF is indeed excellent, mostly focused on prince's power struggle and clearing his family's name. Story of Minglan isn't a xianxia either, it's rather slow slice of life drama about a girl's life, lots of stuff about marriages and household drama. It's interesting-ish for what it is but not for everyone.


    I actually think MDL rates too highly and is rather leniant. It's ok-ish to start from looking for popular probably fun dramas though. For xianxia, I think other popular recs are Eternal Love (Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossom) but I haven't watched it due to its source being in a plagiarising scandal and Journey of Flower, which I haven't watched...due to lack of interest. Chinese Paladin 1 doesn't get rec'ed much anymore because it's much older, and seems more like rpg adventure (cos that's what it is) or wuxia with taoism sprinkled in, but it's technically xianxia and pretty good too. 3 is okay too but have too much bad romance tropes for me and I haven't seen 5 so no comment.

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  10. On 3/23/2019 at 2:53 PM, Kira Crusader said:

    does anyone know what the 6 realms are, i mean there's standard heaven, demon, floral... and bird and night but i dont think those count? BUT im so curious!!!

    Bird, water, night aren't separate realms, they are all gods and minor gods. Heaven, Demon and Mortal are expected ones. Flower became one of the realms because of the conflicts all those years ago. I don't think it ever mentions what the other two are.


    The six realm thing is a common concept in xuanhuan/xianxia and it's from...buddhism? adopted into taoism, the usual six realms are heaven, sage, mortal, yao (similar to youkai if you are familiar with japanese culture, it's animals and plants), demon and underworld.

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  11. 9 hours ago, KS Willis said:

    I had a chance to binge Croton's Eternal Love, and JMO although nicely done will never become the crossover vehicle for the NA market that Croton is seeking for many reasons, especially the acting, the dubbing, sound quality, the depth of fantasy, I found it difficult to suspend reality and fall into the story. That surprised me since I'm a longstanding fantasy  adventure fan, getting ready to say goodby to GoTs and not soon enough,lol. I'm  motivated to send a pro RotP comment to Croton Media  and hope enough people do the same. 

    That drama to my knowledge is mostly a romance drama is the thing? I hold them to a way different standard to what I hold RoTP to be. But as of now, it has much bigger audience than RoTP, because it's easier to get into.


    I never watched it because the original web novel plagiarised and the author was unapologetic about it. I'm actually actively annoyed that it, along with several other dramas that had plagiarising source are amongst the more popular cdramas that international audience Princess Weiyoung was the worst offender, I think Princess Agent was pretty bad too and it super sucks because they both feature badass female protag. There's other plagiarism claims thrown around, some were due to tropes within subgenre, some I never actually looked too closely into. 


    For fantasy epic (?), be on the lookout for Novoland which has finished filming and due to broadcasted this year. But the government seem pulling an even tighter reign on historical/costume dramas this year, even if they are web dramas so WHO KNOWS. Tribes & Empire (2017) is set in the same world but about different people (and different period of time I think), but the reviews say it suffered from pacing problems, char development and other writing issue, one of those everything is pretty great EXCEPT for the writing. *facepalm*


    Ever Night which is fantasy adventure was pretty well received iirc, from both adaptation and storytelling wise. I'm still at the beginning though. Ashes of Love which more similar Eternal Love since it's a romance and a xianxia was pretty good, somewhat cliche story, but incredibly well executed, its issue is there's some padding out with supporting characters during latter half of the drama.


    As for Croton Media, it'll be nice if they invest in another drama like this, how well a drama end up being seem like luck of draw at times. I haven't watched enough of their dramas to say what would be a good focus, though I don't think RoTP is the best choice. It doesn't cast a wide enough net, long historical dramas isn't that accessible, and it's a deeply flawed drama.


    9 hours ago, KS Willis said:

    Back to RotP.  The Emperor  tells NingYi  that if his name is in the golden box he will be attacked,  NingYi  responds that he will also become a weapon to be used. Was this what his father had planned  all along?  NingYi  is crushed.  Later when NingYi  asks XinZiyan

    " what am I  to you?", he answers "one hundred birds are not as good as one osprey." I found this equal in cruelty to the Emperor 's plan for NY and was taken aback by Headmaster. Does anyone else sense that XinZiyan's motivations are not as clear cut and altruistic as he first presents?

    To the emperor, Ning Yi is first a subject then his son. As a prince, he has responsibilities, just like the emperor have responsibilities (such as sacrificing your son when it comes to it). It's pretty tragic but also something that's standard fare for royalties. Their relationship is one of the best parts of the drama.


    As for Xin Ziyan, he never came across as altruistic to me. To me he was extremely goal oriented and focused, to the point of willing to sacrifice other people, or himself for it. Anyways, he would be honoured as councillor to the emperor, and he would have proven that he could do something, to leave a legacy behind so there's some benefits to him doing all this. He came to care about Ning Yi and wanted to help his friend achieve his ambition later of course.

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  12. 22 hours ago, KS Willis said:

    Netflix would be smart to get that set up ASAP since there seems to be a rising tide of interest in Cdrama in NA, people want more and RotP  is the top of the crop as a vehicle that is able to " crossover" to western audiences. 

    I wish Netflix would come up with Netflix exclusive tier or something. Because unlike what its Netflix Original title implied, afaik, netflix had no place in producing the drama, at all. It licensed for worldwide exclusive release and subtitled it, that's it. It's not out of realm of possibility for it to actually invest and produce a sequel, like it funds some anime projects at the moment. The thing is, I don't think the cdrama market is as big as its anime market, it's also incredibly new to the market considering it started licensing cdrama in...last 2 years? and its catalogue is still around 20 or so, which is way below its kdrama selection.


    Netflix also has zero presence in China, which would be cdrama's biggest market, and it seems little silly for Netflix to invest in a drama and lose out on 80% of the market. Its original anime only works because they are anime specifically targeted towards the international audience, all of them have been scifi and mature, without fanservice (and netflix is actually available in Japan). As someone who's a fan of scifi anime that like a lot of the concepts of these anime, most of them have been mediocre in executions. There's only been one that created lot of buzz and well received, and it's from a very well known director with distinctive style adapting from a manga by a legendary mangaka. So I'm just not optimistic.


    The big investor is Croton Media (yknow, the one that uploaded all the bts and documentary) which have produced lots of other cdramas, of varying quality. There's four other production companies involved but I only know Chen Kun (and his best friend Zhou Xun)'s K. Pictures. Various supporting characters are tied to K. Pictures, but neither the directors nor the writers are tied to any production companies.

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  13. 4 hours ago, yshtola said:

    First of all, I really didn’t intend for this to go unresponed to for so long, I’m really sorry. I’ve been sick for the past few weeks, and still am, so I haven’t really had the energy to do much. Therefore this will probably be a bit messily put, and sorry in advance if I forget something.

    Oh no. I hope you get better soon! Don't worry about responding late.


    4 hours ago, yshtola said:

    The thing that really does it for me though, and I realise this is something people will interpret differently, is Zhiwei’s general body language.

    You are totally right about body language mhmm. It's a complicated scene and I think I was focused on the fact Zhiwei knew this was last time they'll see each other and only time they would be intimate. Extrapolating from the book, book Zhiwei had a similar scene (different circumstances though) where she use the chance to sleep together to give them closure, but Ning Yi is totally clueless that's her intention. So there's lot on her mind and lack of enthusiasm didn't seem jarring to me.


    Then there's the whole verbal consent is not really a thing in these settings. Even modern China, there's often sense of shame and guilt if you try to seem like you want sex. Anyways, the drama have been very roundabout when it comes to expression affection or intimacy, so what Zhiwei said was consent to me. 


    I'm not particularly happy with the scene tbh, the execution isn't great. I would be happy if the scene portrayed all this nuances, but I feel like it's more like a short scene that have somewhat confusing directing + writing + acting that leads to these different intepretations. alas.


    4 hours ago, yshtola said:

    Helian Zheng iirc didn’t get very much screentime in the Dayue heonarc after all, so while it would be reasonable to presume he would come to gradually fear more for Zhiwei’s safety when she was a captive in Dayue, we don’t actually get confirmation on that. Correct me if I’m wrong though, I definitely could be misremembering things. And while I’d agree that Zhiwei wasn’t the best candidate to lead the army, Helian Zheng still must have given his consent to it as the king. 
    Ehh, honestly, a lot of series’ have problems like this, so I’d probably just say it’s not so well thought out worldbuilding. It’s mentioned a few of times in the earlier episodes when Helian Zheng first appeared that Jinshi is more gender egalitarian, but when the plot does go to Jinshi what we’re told and what we’re shown just doesn’t match up. It’s relatively common that when shows/books/games tries to portray a society without sexism, homophobia, racism and etc, it still ends up (in big and small ways) portraying a racist, homophobic patriarchy. Even if the intention is there, it all comes back to poor execution, and tbh I think that’s what happened here.

    And yeah, the crossbow / pretend to kill Zhiwei plot was stupid.

    He shows up in dialogue in initial Dayue arc, because Prince of An want to use Zhiwei to threaten him, so he cares. Well he has to since it's his Queen. He does show up to help with the rescue but his role is minimised to prop Ning Yi up more. Helian Zheng trust Zhiwei and does treat her as an equal in the beginning, and when he consent that she leads the army.


    I think Helian Zheng boast that women in Jinshi can do anything men can, unlike women in Tiansheng who are all frail and weak. But he's a dude, so he would be blind to other ways his country is sexist towards women. Also because I think this was a writer's attempt to make his character more "realistic" and swerve little too hard. Because him being a dumb puppy (I say this with affection, I promise) isn't enough, let's make his ingrained misogynist explode at the most inopportune time. I honestly think his character trajectory could work, the writing just needed more polishing.


    4 hours ago, yshtola said:

    The main problem I have with it is the way it was all done and - at least in some ways - what led up to it.

    You are totally right. The execution for last 25 episodes was just steady decline. I can't agree harder regarding Zhiwei being sidelined, which was my biggest complaint about this drama. I love Ning Yi, I do, he's a great multifaceted character, but he already was in the first half of the drama by sheer screentime and focus. So I don't know why Ning Yi have to be the "hero" in these minor arcs too, especially when Zhiwei's shining arc (Minhai) was cut. I'm okay with Ning Yi as the protagonist and focus because that's how the drama decide to do it, but I wish it didn't mean everything surrounding Zhiwei had less focus, worse writing, more problems. Especially when they've been trying to sell a fairly equal Ning Yi-Zhiwei relationship the whole drama.


    idk why she took Zhangsun Hong at face value. Might be catatonic from all the deaths? Probably bad writing and they just cut out way too much in the last arc. They could have sprinkled more foreshadowing for Zhangsun Hong/Huo Feng gang towards first half of the drama too.


    4 hours ago, yshtola said:

    I’ve seen people who’s said to have read the books say she came from a military family in Tiansheng.

    ??? lol no. She's just some girl who's a childhood friend of Yan Huaishi (but not rich like him), and had a crush on him, and later married him by using a trick to force the elders to agree. (Yan Huaishi liked her as a friend, she helped him wrestle the head of family position so he wanted to provide her a good life. It's complicated.) They changed her background somewhat, but most of her story was just glossed over in Minhai. Mama Qiu was a general and had an army that disbanded and scattered, which Hua Qiong picked up at some point while helping Zhiwei fight against Ning Yi.


    4 hours ago, yshtola said:

    Jinshi people are mentioned to be like that? Huh,  unless this was mentioned in the short-documentaries on youtube, I completely missed that. 

    Nah. That's just extrapolated from how Jinshi people act and their simple schemes.

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  14. On 2/10/2019 at 2:27 AM, Omolola Lahoma Nichole said:

    Im even more upset that they never even got a sex scene what the heck is up with that? Like I would've been consolable knowing that they at least made love before either of them died. Or was sex implied when FZW showed up to Ning Yi's when she had on the purple robe and he pushed her on the bed. I'm also wondering why they never showed FZW and Helian Zheng consummating their marriage. 

    Sex is rarely shown on Chinese TV. I think it was implied in that scene since they seem sort of content after passage of time shot. But it's debateable. As for Helian Zheng, she volunteered to lead the army for him partially to avoid consummating their marriage, I'm pretty sure (The Queen tried to pressure her for babies before she got married and she looked pretty uncomfortable.) There wasn't enough time (or room in her heart) for their relationship to grow, and Helian Zheng didn't want to pressure her. Until she tried to leave, at which point he was just angry and frustrated and trying to get her to stay.


    On 2/10/2019 at 2:27 AM, Omolola Lahoma Nichole said:

    Is there going to be a second season? I just had a feeling that his mother wasn't really dead and maybe she will come back again and as well as FZW. 


    Also side note is Chen Kun gay or straight? I know he has a son but never married and there seems to be rumors that he's gay but no real info online. Also does he speak english none of his interviews are in English. 

    Unlikely, because the story looks pretty done, and the team don't seem the type to milk the story. Unless it's just a vastly different one, but it didn't do well commercially so uh. The OTP could potentially work together in a different project since they seems to get along really well. Ni ni could use the help.


    There's lots of rumours about his sexuality and who knows? Does it matter? He self admitted is pretty bad at English, but I presume he knows simple stuff to get by since his kid study in NA.

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  15. 19 hours ago, yshtola said:

    Nearly all of the imperial children are shown to beat and abuse their servants; the absolute worst physical punishment Ning Yi ever gives Ning Cheng is ordering him to "kneel and never get up" when he more or less makes light of Zhiwei being set for execution the following day. To say that he would coerce Zhiwei into sleeping with him goes against everything the character has stood and fought for throughout the entire series. It's one of the worst character assassinations I have ever seen.

    I thought only Crown Prince beats servants, Ning Yan (5th prince) likes to get foot massage or something, I can't remember what Ning Sheng's shtick was. The latter aren't as nice to their servants, but I don't think they were abusive unless they did so in fits of anger?


    As for coercing Zhiwei, I interpret that scene differently. I thought it as him angrily lashing out as a half mock request. He was genuinely surprised when she said yes, then he got angry that she was using their relationship as bargaining chip and pushed her onto the bed (which have been mentioned is rough), and then we zoomed out. I don't think Zhiwei agreed under duress (she said she needed it as excuse to say yes), though that doesn't mean Ning Yi wasn't aggressive of course. I guess my point is Zhiwei was on level play field with Ning Yi in that scene?


    19 hours ago, yshtola said:

    But then he has two conversations with a bald guy and suddenly he believes he is entitled to have her as his wife? He says blatanly sexist things that is completely out of character? For me it also seemed to break the worldbuilding quite a bit, since Jinshi after all is supposed to be a lot more gender egalitarian than Tiansheng, so Zheng's reaction that Zhiwei should "be like other women" and "leave her problems to her husband" and borderline forcing her to come back to Jinshi seemed very out of place. 

    He said those things before he met Zhangsun Hong, he said it to Zhiwei when she wanted to go back to Tiansheng. (ep 65) He was idealistic and thought he could make her happy, but after they got married, she left the country just to avoid sleeping with him/being with him. (and also to fight a war to stablise his position but she wasn't the best candidate for it, let's be real) So, I think his entitlement just exploded in his desperation of holding onto her. The only thing he has of her is they are technically married, but that doesn't mean anything if she just leaves and go back to Ning Yi. I'm not sure if Jinshi is more egalitarian tbh, it might just manifest in different ways, we saw relatively little of Jinshi after all. (maybe they could fight in wars but still had to obey their husband?)


    I do think the last ep broke his character though because that was an incredibly stupid plot and why would he even risk Zhiwei's life? I'm incredibly annoyed about it and wished they gave him a better ending. He could have considered the dumb scheme but backed out and died anyways, and it would have kept his character.


    19 hours ago, yshtola said:

    she became extremely passive, and she had nothing of the cheekiness and boldness that was present in the earlier episodes.

    She was mourning for lost loved ones and lost romance in Jinshi, but she was pretty bold in the very brief Dayue arc. I know she's like confused half the time, but she was bold when she was clearheaded. The last 7 episodes though ahahhaha, I got through by focusing on acting and individual segment.


    Zhangsun Hong was basically last straw that broke the camel than her having actual feelings for him or the remnants. Although I do think she feels more than what the audience feel, last blood relative + only remaining royal blood is profoundly tragic in a fleeting way? I don't know how to describe this. For remnants, it's of course responsibility. Wait wait, there was the emperor too, but that was notably dubbed over, I want to know what he actually said to her before! As is, it's more pseudo-parallels that barely make sense and furthering her guilt.


    Her suicide for me made sense because:

    1. depression like you said, she felt responsible for every single death that she had connection to, even if she didn't cause them.

    2. her identity is a huge, huge weakness to Ning Yi. People can use it to attack him (he's connected to old dynasty? or try to kill Zhiwei, in secret maybe, because of who she is? or even if not, it'd be difficult for her to marry him. Not to mention the whole Queen of Jinshi thing, even if it's relatively minor in comparison.) It's not just out of love too, she believes he can achieve their ambition, but she's in the way. (again, she interalise problems)

    3. even if they married, I don't think she'd be happy in palace because typically empress can't interfere with court, especially one with yknow, her identity. Ning Yi can certainly consult her in private, but it'd be a shame. There's also the whole sharing her husband with other women thing, since Ning Yi will need them for a) more chance of sons who will survive b) control the court, he'll marry daughters of powerful government official to ensure loyalty/establish closeness.

    4. Ning Yi seem like the kind of person who will try find her even if she fakes her death, since she's the only person he's close with who's left. 


    Of course, they totally could have planned it more. I want those scenes they shown in the documentary!! I think that explains their thought process/feelings which would at least give closure. (please watch the documentaries on youtube if you haven't! They are in either Ning Yi's or Zhiwei's, also it's just good documentary.) I totally get if suicide seems OOC to you though, since others have said so before too. (I will take her faking death and just staying away though.)


    19 hours ago, yshtola said:

    - Hua Qiong's uneccessary and nonsensical death. I get that she didn't have Jin Siyu in her line of sight, but killing her off served absolutely no purpose. Also, her death isn't even noticed by anyone?? She and Zhiwei are supposed to be sisters, but Zhiwei doesn't even get to react to her death, let alone mourn her. I mean, it's a kinder fate than she had in the books, but that's really not saying much.

    Agreed on Hua Qiong's death and lack of closure there. I really think she had a different ending initially? it's like they just needed her out of the picture but didn't know how? (sort of like how Yan Huaishi just dropped off face of the earth without a mention and you are just meant to extrapolate that he stayed behind in Minhai for some reason)


    She had better fate in the books though.


    IDK if you read she was raped in Dayue, if that's what you mean by worse fate. Because that wasn't her, it's someone else that Prince of An was using to test Zhiwei's (fake) amnesia. She was the general of the army that helped establish Zhiwei's kingdom. Survived till the end and happily married to Yan Huaishi.


    19 hours ago, yshtola said:

    The pacing of the Jinshi and Dayue arcs was just really weird. 

    I agree it seems off. In-universe explanation for Jinshi is they are all fairly straightforward, so there's not much political scheming. Out-of-universe explanation is the writers had to avoid Jinshi because it involves minorities and that's a touchy subject for SARFT (the gov agency that all media broadcasted in China have to go through).


    Dayue is odd, I think it's meant to show Zhiwei's feelings towards Ning Yi? (since she rejected him and she buried her feelings so deeply they only surface when she's not herself.) Also to get yet another foil for Ning Yi. It would have been more interesting if they struggled more with Prince of An? OH It's also another collaborative effort to get them out of trouble, while Zhiwei isn't particularly lucid. But yeah I think they cut a bit here too, and the way they do it does seem pretty convoluted. I can't believe I think the book's way was less awkward, though that had more time to develop (and you get to see Zhiwei trying to get herself out of trouble, which is fun). *complains loudly about missing Zhiwei scheming time*


    Personally I think they could have just deleted the arcs =w= They are meant to be foreshadowing for all three countries becoming one under Ning Yi's reign, but he never gets there, and he doesn't even get alliances out of them. As a comparison, in the book, Zhiwei gets Jinshi and Dayue as allies. Former cos they are friends, latter cos she helped him get the throne and he admires her ability. The latter is kind of flimsy but there was a peace treaty for x number of years with Tiansheng (? iirc), while he's busy grabbing for the throne, and he does help her later.

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  16. Back with more MV, remember to slide the blue button to turn comments off. 

    Novel ending MV. P2 is married life. 

    Tiansheng boyband

    Ning Yi and Zhiwei looking for each other through multiple lives P2 is minor edit of P1, I linked P2 I think. Eng subbed!

    Happy ending! unsubbed but the gist is Ning Yi ask for permission to marry Zhiwei after Minhai. idk if subs are necessary.


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  17. @storyofthestone I think Ning Yi was getting desperate after mum died and Xin Ziyan parted ways with him. He was little possessive and being an Emperor doesn't help, even if he doesn't use the position to do anything, the fact he holds power over Zhiwei unbalance their relationship.


    As for the last part of the show, there's fair bit of Ning Yi doom to the lonely and bloody road of being an emperor, because that's how it has been in history. I think the comparison between the two pairs was exaggerated, but if Zhiwei stayed, even if she could became an Empress, she'd be trapped in the palace, probably have to share her husband and can't actively participate in court, and that would breed resentment. I think for the bed scene, he was angry that she was using their relationship to bargain for these strangers' lives, he didn't expect her to agree to sleeping with him for that. For Zhiwei, it's like she said, "now I have an excuse to do what I want" + extrapolating from the book, sleeping with him is quoting from the books "paying back what they had", like culmination AND closure to their relationship. 


    Ning Shizheng didn't want his son to fight to death over the throne, I don't think any father do, but it seems to happen fairly often when it's royal family. Would Ning Yi's kids do so? Maybe, one can only hope it's lot less bloody than this one. Even with a competent crown prince, one have to give enough chance for him to practice and learn, but at the same time, not too much power that he might just overthrow you. If there's other competent prince, one have to spread the power and balance the court (what Ning Shizheng tried), it's not exactly easy.

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  18. 13 hours ago, Diaroadic said:

    @skibbies S1 ended about halfway through the novel/story it's based on. The second half of the novel follows FZ and Gu Nanyi's  adventures and brings FZ and NY back together again - a great story-line for S2 imo.

    The novel also had Zhiwei as protagonist and vastly different characterisations. There's lots of reasons why Ning Yi is the focus, Chen Kun is the star of the show for one, and they were very insistent on grabbing him for it. I'm happy that it was well received amongst those who liked it and the production company likely recouped its cost. That said, it's hardly a commercial success.


    The other arc has a kid who's vital to the plot that appears in Minhai but she never showed up, and tbh that was an arc that felt little unnecessary, but it was handy way for Zhiwei to gain power, and then she restored her kingdom. Tiansheng was split in half because Ning Yi let her have swift victory (tbf she could have done it on her own, it'd just lot more bloody), that's not going to fly with SARFT. 


    The production team had pretty clear ambitions, they wanted to fuse court intrigue with complex characterisation, and splash of romance. Would an adventure story be cool? Yeah. Do I think the same team will make one? No. They really don't feel like it (and I'm not sure if they can make it good tbh). Could it still happen? I guess, with a different cast and team. However it'd likely bomb, since it's not what the fans expected/liked tRoP for, and people who normally would like adventure story wouldn't watch a sequel. Unless you have very little to do with first story AND you are so good at adventure story that it overshadows the other new and unexplored IP with actors who have bigger fandoms.

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  19. I think the chance of s2 will be super low, and even if they do, I sincerely hope it's with a different cast and story. This story is fairly complete, it's just all the deleted scenes gaps, continuing it would be Ning Yi as an emperor. As far as making that as a drama, it's not going to be pretty. It'd have to be court intrigue which this team could be decent at, but not excellent, and would be hard to get pass SARFT I think. 

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  20. 6 hours ago, alittlemei said:

    It bothers me that the show says there’s 10 princes but it was never shown. I kept wondering what happened to the rest of the princes 

    4th, 8th and 9th are missing, presumbly died when they were young. Children mortality rate was high, even amongst the rich and powerful then. I'm more surprised so many of them survived to be honest, especially the ones before Ning Yi. It was war time which means chaos, which is not kids-friendly.


    For comparison, Kangxi Emperor's prince power struggle (most recently featured in BBJX) has 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th prince fighting for it. Kangxi had 24 princes at the time, I guess a lot of the younger ones didn't participate but still. You never see them in stories because they aren't relevant.

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  21. 3 hours ago, niniandkun said:

    Anyone know if the show is on any streaming service there (mainland China) ? All 70 episodes? Whats their opinion after watching everything? Is the show already forgotten? 

    iQiyi, one of the biggest streaming platform in China. It's still free too. (some videos on these streaming platforms are subscriptions only, some have few ep free and rest are subs, then there's some recent movies that you have to buy "ticket" for) It updated along with the TV version, DVD version updated at 4 episodes (compared to TV's 2) a day near the end because they cut so much. Starting from ep 1x, there were already lots of people on douban and weibo urging people to watch the DVD version. So anyone that super cared about it likely seen 70 episodes already.


    It finished broadcasting 2 days after Netflix started streaming, but there were people watching it well into October, likely picking it up during the weeklong National Day holidays in early Oct. The discussion died down in November but it still gets occasional new threads on douban, the fans would rewatch them and watch MVs and whatnot, also vote for them in various competitions. A lot of them also went to watch the OTP's previous works to try to get out of obsessive mode, to various degree of success.

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