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  1. 1 hour ago, even so said:

    I think Chinese production companies need to be more orgnized like the korean one. Their arbitary will lead them to no where. There is no point of owning dozens of dramas and still don't know how to manage them or having  no strategies for promotion(am sick seeing untamed drama everywhere+a too much promotion for the lead actor. Sorry to say this , is tencent deal with promoting dramas or promoting one actor? are they his personal sponsor ?. Am not hater but it s overload ).

    Korea has a completely different production system, they film as they air, that has entirely different bucket of issues.


    Tencent is a streaming platform, a media giant and these days extremely keen on developing IPs. Not relevant to this drama but it has copyright to web novels, adapt them into donghua/anime, manhua, and dramas, and also make games and merchandise characters. I'm not huge on untamed being everywhere, but they are essentially milking from its rabid fanbase, which is just how they roll. XZ is new hot property, his commercial value shot through the roof, so it's natural to see him everywhere, it happens. Tencent does have strategies to promote, I'd rather they don't over-promote to make people dislike something but they do what they want.


    As for this drama, the rumour was it had to go through NRTA again late last year (Oct-Nov, can't remember when), so that would have been cause for delay. Joy of Life aired first, in the middle of historical drama dump. Ever Night followed because it's by the same author and share similar audience, it's kind of natural. The rumour I heard had been Ever Night mid Jan, Pillow Book late Jan. 

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  2. @rosierosie The ending is drama original and YBY is I think part of FX's little group (as they discussed in the drama) so s2 is decently important role I think? 


    The main cast dubbed themselves, as requested by the director, but some supporting cast have dubbers (YBY, Yan Xiaoyi the archer guy for example). 


    Ohoh I really liked the weird dancing scene in ep 45, it was hilarious. I was so confused, "is this romanti--oh I guess not, what are you two doing?"

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  3. I finished the drama! Overall I really liked it. I was little unsure about ZRY at first, even though I liked him in WuXin, but that was a supporting role. He excelled as Fan Xian, he read the book and clearly loved it and understood his character. I love the supporting cast so much, from veteran actors CPP, emperor, Wang Qinian, Granny, to the younger actors like two princes, Haitang Duoduo, Wuzhu etc. I liked that most of them had some characterisation so they weren't all flat/one note, and even the one-off supporting cast like the Cheng Jushu (the big guy in ep 14? 15?), Guo Baokun's hired assassins' or Shang Shanhu's subordinates had their shining moments.


    It's so nice to have a relatively short drama that had no fillers, the pacing were always pretty quick, which is so refreshing after watching so many meticulously filmed but slow drama. The story was SO up my alley right from the start, the beginning was ingenious, and honestly to me, any plot holes can now be attributed to the young guy didn't do enough research/smooth out the plot enough. I did start it expecting modern values vs feudal values which is common for transmigration protagonists, but they rarely get explored in-depth. It's generally used as to a cheat with imbalance of knowledge/information, or sometimes it's comedy, but mostly it's just an easy way for audience to get into the story. This one clearly intended to do all three, and then I got lots of spoilers, and of course the drama reveals there's much more to the world than FX expected.


    I loved following FX as he explores the world, and it feels like he stepped into the aftermath of overpowered transmigration protagonist reforming the world, his mum just did a lot of things he wanted to do. It's fun and refreshing, especially in dramas. FX's characterisation isn't quite hammered in the drama, although it's clearly stated several times, he treasures the time he gets to live, he treasures the people he meet and grew to love, he's lonely and struggles to find a purpose, all pretty poignant themes. I also really liked the humour in the series, name gags, modern knowledge gags, visual gags, gap moe/contrasting personality, absurdity, dry sarcasm, effective use of music, it's basically got almost every kind of humour you want. I thought it was little over the top at first, but I just wasn't quite expecting the tone of the series. It's totally understandable to keep it light while telling a rather serious story, it makes it much more accessible and have an easier time keeping the audience.


    The arcs are all interlinked, as are the plot twists, and there's so many of them. I quite like the various schemes everyone had going on, multi party allegiance are so my thing. FX feels like he breezed through his way in first half of drama, but you are distracted by all these characters and the world. Then when you notice, he gets sent to Bei Qi, which is great, since now he has to solve problems by himself. You can totally tell the scriptwriter is building up to something, I am SO looking forward to s2! Since this really feels like it just introduced the world to us, established various characters and their motivations and relationship, and there's so much more to the story.

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  4. 12 hours ago, SC2019 said:

    I think there was some campaign going on in China at that time about 'moral values' or such so there was a 100-day ban (?). After that, probably many shows were being lined up and they had to re-prioritise. I think the fans of Dilraba are using this method to pressue Tencent into premiering the show. Fingers crossed it will work.

    The 100 day ban was prepping for national day in October, and it just had more selected modern dramas, it's long been over. But yeah we did get massive historical dump year end. 


    Tencent can totally have lots of dramas at once, it just wouldn't because that's a bad business decision. It tends to stagger big anticipated dramas. It's still pretty possible for it air say 2 weeks later and just split the schedule mon-wed, thurs-sat like they did with King's Avatar and Untamed. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, epinklyn said:

    Yeah hopefully they can wrap up all in next one season only.

    Wang Juan's outline clearly planned for three seasons though. I'd worry more about how he'll adapt the story and still get it past NRTA to air. Also how he'll keep the fairly light tone as it gets increasingly dark and depressing. Maybe whether major supporting characters will be back, ZRY are definite yes, CPP's Wu Gang looks pretty interested, Qing Emperor's Chen Dao Ming was the most toss up, but seem to lean towards yes at the moment? 


    For people worried about the coming season, it's by all indications in pre-production, likely to be film in late 2020. I'll note that Xinli, the production company's CEO, tencent pictures CEO (major investor, IP holder), scriptwriter Wang Juan and Zhang Ruo Yun (Fan Xian) are all originally fans of the book. I'm not kidding when I say it's big IP and they all really like it. The drama have been topping charts despite the problematic release schedules, backlash for vvip and multiple leaks, like it topped 2019 charts in literally a month, before it technically finished airing. It's hot property. They are making a mobile mmo for it (which is par for the course for tencent, since it started partially as a games company). Male protag (qidian) novels adaptations have mostly bombed or performed far below expectations, and tencent/yuewen have been waiting for something like this. Ever Night was reasonally well received, as was King's Avatar, but that's it, and neither have as big of audience reach as Joy of Life. 

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  6. I just want to note Royal Nirvana, Ming Dynasty and The Rise of Phoenixes all technically share the same stylist, he also did Love & Destiny, Legend of Ruyi, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. William Cheung was renowned in 90s for a number of highly regarded hk films so he's been popular lately in big budget historicals. c!netizens have been noting that he doesn't know how to style to pop out actors/actresses winning features so sometimes their hairstyle can look horrific, I like most of his costumes though. 


    Re: how well Royal Nirvana is doing, it's doing fine, it just mostly drop when a notable drama starts airing, and we got massive historical dump year end. But Youku is a smaller platform compared to iqiyi and tencent. I think Goodbye My Princess from earlier the year might have done better than RN though. idk how well GMP sold oversea, but Changan and RN sold really well. Ming Dynasty is also Youku but airs on Hunan TV as well. All the other dramas aired on iqiyi or tencent (or both), GGS was on primtime slot on two tv channels as well, very different auidence reach. Joy of Life as a story (and cast tbh, it has a very notable supporting cast) have wider reach, Untamed have limited exposure but extremely enthusiastic and devoted fans. 

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  7. On 12/28/2019 at 6:56 PM, ForgottenSoulx said:


    tell me when young blood is fully subbed ;p 

    Probably in 3 months XD


    @crackaddict ahahah ikr, the cast is fantastic and very shippable. I wouldn't mind more dramas like this instead of tragic romance we tend to get more often.


    @lovehuche isn't it autotranslated in iqiyi? XD I think autotranslate only works for contemporary slice of life dramas, even the comedy ones might not work since a lot of gags wouldn't work. 

  8. 6 hours ago, crackaddict said:

    It's interesting that Chinese novel fans are saying that drama FX is dumber...I would say that he's certainly less omniscient but way more warm and likable compared to novel FX (as stated earlier). Through my skimming, I didn't like how novel FX was described as ruthless and empty inside (whether he is or not, meh. i'm just less invested in him overall). As the central character, I feel it's interesting to watch him try to understand other characters' motivations and form deep strong bonds with the people around him.


    Can anyone confirm who is the woman that Crown Prince keeps drawing? 

    Ruthless and empty sounds like him, it fits his background in the novel. He's not really popular (comparatively to other protags) according to the book fans, some of them just treat him like a pov character to see the far more interesting supporting cast & story. It's common to reduce abilities of characters, since they are often overpowered and it can be unrealistic, some people get annoyed about it though. 


    For the drawing


    It's Grand Princess isn't it, the hair style looks like it? 


    I'm still hilariously behind on the drama lolol, so I'm mostly tracking how it's doing domestically, s2 progress, effects of the leaks etc. The leak had an effect (less hits on both iqiyi & tencent) but it's still topping every chart it's on. 


    Very tangently related, for those who like plot twists, fast pacing and natural humour from JoL, with drizzle of adorable characters on an adventure, do check out scriptwriter Wang Juan's original (!!!) historical drama Young Blood that aired earlier the year. It's fairly underrated due to mostly fresh faces and wasn't picked up by major sites. The subs are almost half way through the drama and updates regularly! 

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  9. 9 hours ago, an-naum said:

    AvenueX did review this drama and said there will be likely three season. Err... Can it be 150 episodes roughly?! For how many spans of years?! Dying of waiting then. 

    The plan was 3 seasons in 5 years (likely filming 3 seasons, not airing, including pre & post production take far longer). s2 script is incomplete, so half a year for script + actors scheduling + prep, half a year to film, half a year for post production (music + dub for minor characters) and getting pass NRTA, we are looking at late 2021 for s2.


    If scriptwriter continues to work on s3 script (which he really should, since if Dou Luo Da Lu does well, another long novel adaption that's wrapped up s1 filming, slated for next year, he's going to have more people asking for sequels) while they film, maybe they can film s3 together. I should probably note that it took him a year to write s1 and he's a book fan. Granted he would had to reread and essentially plot all three season before writing. 


    10 hours ago, epinklyn said:

    So i think the drama n the novel are two different object, we should watch the drama and read the novel respectively. 

    That's usually how it works for adaptations, especially for a long novel. Keep the core plot, characterisation is tweaked, relationships are altered for various reasons. TZJ is a more minor character in the book, so he's suited for changing to spice up the story. Novel readers have been complaining from the start FX is pretty different (and dumber) in the drama, which is also common for adaptations. (make him more platable/likable to general audience and make the story easier to follow, you can explain schemes and ideals in novels all the time, not so much in a drama) 

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  10. 3 hours ago, epinklyn said:


    Really? LOL!! That is why fx said to rr who gave fan sizhe's name, i wonder why LOL, and who is Gao Da?


    Btw they have started the 2nd part Joy of life!!!

    Here is the video where Zhang RuoYun fighting someone. So happy!


    #在抖音,记录美好生活#【拍戏现场】#张若昀 范闲打戏,看完第一季,期待#庆余年 第二季#拍戏现场

    https://v.douyin.com/4odnST/ 复制此链接,打开【抖音短视频】,直接观看视频!


    I wonder if fx will have long hair style again after he return to capital city.

    That's him filming a different drama, he was asked about odds of s2 and will the cast return. Wang Juan the scriptwriter mentioned few weeks ago he hasn't finished s2's script. 


    The names are from Mao Ni, like Fan Jian (same tones, different characters) can mean asking for trouble? shameless? He has fair amount of name gags. 

  11. 10 hours ago, sava2sava said:

    My question is whats the king relation to FX .? 

    My niece and I have this heated debate about his relation to the supposed to be dad and the King. I know the old man in the wheelchair is his G/father.

    Also like to know whats his relation to the old lady that raised him.. 

    Chen Ping Ping/wheelchair guy isn't his grandfather. He likes FX's mum though (?) , and is upholding her wishes by monitoring government with investigation bureau. The old lady that raised him is Fan Jian (his dad)'s mum. You'll find out about the King eventually. Right now, the King is interested in him because he's the chosen candidate for Lin Wan'er, essentially a pawn to wrestle back power and money from the Grand Princess (King's adopted sister) and Crown Prince. 

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  12. 16 hours ago, epinklyn said:

    just found out that some of actors in Joy of Life are also in the Republican Drama The Awakening of Insects also starred Zhang Ruo Yun, there are Guo BaoKun, Fan Xian's adopted Father, one official in Investigation Office, and our patriot bodyguard of FanXian Teng ZeZing, maybe that is one reason why Fan Xian has more chemistry with them than with Lin WanEr. (Note i havent searched which one is earlier, Joy of life or The Awakening of Insect)

    JoL was filmed early last year, Awakening Insect was filmed early this year haha. The dramas also share director I believe, different scriptwriter though. I do think otp chemistry is just how the romance is written. Lin Wan'er is lot flatter and featured even less in the book I think? 

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  13. 4 hours ago, creidesca said:

    Vietnamese subbers are quick, up to ep 31 (I was only expecting ep 28-29 today even if someone VIP already paid more for the extra episodes)

    The extra ep should have been up to 29, iqiyi dumped extra 4 ep (up to 33) by accident on vip last night. This drama airing schedule is a mess, and trying to discuss it while going at different rate is kind of difficult. Weibo's current no. 1 trending spoils early 30s episodes lol. I've been spoiled left and right already but it's kind of frustrating. Oh well, I'll waddle through 20s slowly and binge when the ending hits. 

  14. On 12/12/2019 at 12:56 AM, creidesca said:

    I dunno how some sites have up to episode 27?

    because tencent and iqiyi did this "pay to get more episodes" thing on top of vip. So they dumped 6 episodes on wednesday, next week there's 2 ep update as normally. Just vvip (33) would be 6 ep ahead vip (27), 12 ep ahead of non vip (21) by the end of the week.


    There's been lot of yelling at tencent, mostly tencent because Yuewen (novel was serialised on Qidian, so the IP belongs to Yuewen) is controlled by tencent. Xinli, the main production company was also bought out by Yuewen. Also because they started this with Untamed this summer, price discrimination to the max. I think the previous week (and this week)'s leak is also from tencent since the ads are the same. People have been saying it's from oversea wetv app, but idk if that's a confusion from first week or what? It is kind of unusual for consistent just two extra ep leak per week. 


    On 12/12/2019 at 4:50 AM, jadore1 said:

    :confused:Is the chicken drum lady not his "first" cousin.  If YX is emperor's son, and she is the daughter of royal princess (i am assuming that means  she is emperor's "sister" )  So if he does not know, the emperor knows and yet he wants them to marry ?

    Historically, I think first cousins do marry sometimes, but the drama changed it. Your assumption is correct though, for future reference, the title is given to emperor's sister. 

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  15. On 12/9/2019 at 5:59 AM, creidesca said:

    Wait, I thought Wan'ers mom, the Grand Princess has control of something similar to the "treasury", she has no control over the investigative bureau--that is Chen's domain?

    You are correct, I totally just read that as treasury due to Elder Princess awsociation. Invetigative Bureau have nothing to do with her. 

  16. 5 hours ago, rosierosie said:

    Also, the modern words that FX speaks, does he know it from reading something, or why does he speaks modern words??? I know he's from the future, so is that intended to why he speaks certain modern words???

    You might want to rewatch the first 5mins, the story is about a (present day) bedridden man who was reborn/time travel into a feudal society. The central theme of the story is modern values clashing with fedual ones, Fan Xian disagree heavily with a lot of common practices, he outright protest, point them out, or subtly influence those around him (most noticeably his sister). 

    4 hours ago, rosierosie said:

    Just finished ep 9^^!! Love how the story progressed so far. Although, there's no much interactions between our OTP, that's okay because the script is good so far. I'm confused, why does the emperor wants FX to take over the Investigator Office, by marrying  Wan'Er??? Is the CP going to be a threat to FX??? So far, the drama is funny and lighthearted----is it because of the titled? It's meant to be a lighthearted genre? 

    Investigator Office was taken over by the princess (Wan'er's mum), who backs the crown prince. It's where a lot of money is, as an emperor, you don't want your son to hold too much money or power for that matter, because what if the kid overthrows you? Fan Jian, protag's dad is close confident of the emperor, so that's why he's picked. He's also testing the protag, he has a lots of hope for Fan Xian.


    OVERALL (thus all three season, it's just planned for that long), the story's is rather serious. However we are in the introduction phase. The screenwriter Wang Juan purposely played up the comedy parts of the story, and inserted fair bit of comedy himself, to make the serious story much more accessible and palatable for general audience. Although I should note some of the gags are from the author Mao Ni, name gags and ugly writing for example. Joy of Life's title never struck me as lighthearted, it really feels like coming out of a rather dark story/background and appreciating life, although I suppose, for someone who was previously bedridden, it applies even to the beginning of the story, since he got a second chance to appreciate the world.

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  17. On 12/7/2019 at 2:35 AM, MK916 said:

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has read the book since it's 746 chapters long? Is it a recommended read or should I just focus on the drama instead? I was thinking of creating an ePub if reading is recommended. 

    From my understanding, the novel is pretty different from the drama, they kept the main plot and changed bit of the characterisation and deleted scenes etc. I don't think you should read it while watching, maybe after s1 finish. The tone is more serious and somber in novel, protag is more manipulative etc. The plot is about scheming and achieving his goal (implementing modern values and system?). 


    He has a wife + concubine, but they aren't very developed, concubine is barely there. There's a female character who share his ambition that he works with later that's psuedo female lead. The romance is barely there and there's questionable bits here and there. BUT it's a very good novel despite that. It's Mao Ni's most popular and praised work iirc. It probably has a place on top 100 WN...I think. 

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  18. On 12/4/2019 at 2:28 PM, nasaan ka Alex? said:

    With how involve the emperor is to his life in the capital and seeing one of the released posters where the emperor is by his side, I think he might be one of the princes, i remember of a mention that there are 4. I already saw the crown prince, the second prince, and a mention of the youngest just being an infant. So he might be the 3rd Prince, just my theory so far. The Fan family might be on his maternal side. 

    The crown prince is the third son, he calls second prince older brother. The eldest is leading the army I think, so he's not in the capital. 


    Tangetially related, he normally wouldn't be numbered regardless of who his dad is, since he's born out of wedlock. Generally those kids wouldn't go on the official genealogy book (?) or officially acknowledged. This is fantasy world so it's not that strict though. 


    5 hours ago, creidesca said:

    did ep 16-17 get leaked, because torrent-wise, the group MP4ba has them, or did they change the airing schedule?

    oh no. They haven't changed the airing schedule. You sure it's actual episodes and not faked? There's been people selling the full drama since last week but I'm not sure they were real or scam. I hope it hasn't been leaked, since that would mean less hits for the drama. 

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  19. 1 hour ago, epinklyn said:


    So the novel is longer than Ever Night? They planned for 3 season wow.

    smidge longer. 3.74 (Ever Night) & 3.81mil characters. It's average length for Qidian novels. Most of the long male protag novels haven't adapted super well into dramas. Mhm oh Minglan is 1.37mil and Fuyao is 1.34mil characters so length wise is pretty good. Probably less draggy too if they keep 45ish ep per season. 


    Like @Lbpg, this was lot lighthearted than what I expected from an epic. That's fine though, it's far easier to get into comparatively, and I say that as someone who likes serious heavy drama. I really like how they wrote the beginning, since modern values is vital for this story. Liking all the jokes and most of the characters so far, they are all adorable. The novel IS serious but a lot of the name gags and obviously references are from the book, so the drama team purposely played up the comedy I think? (I haven't read the book, it's so loooong. so this is just what I gathered) 

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