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  1. 14 hours ago, AmyK said:

    Hi all, just wanted to ask how do they count the number of views? does rewatching the drama on WeTV English channel counts? Do we have to watch from Ep 1 till Ep 24 for it to be counted ?

    Someone already mentioned that it only counts the Chinese version, but just for cursory interest, I'll add onto it. I think Tencent made it watch for 20 minutes without speed up and sound on = 1 (same episode still only counts as 1, just cos it's 40mins doesn't mean it's 2, it's just to make sure you watch enough of the episode and not some bot), so regular audience will contribute 24 views. It's also kind of interesting to check out view count for paid episodes to see how many "loyal fans" were willing to pay extra on top of vip.


    The current view count method only applies from 2019 onwards I think, the previous ones also counts watching trailers and such, which made the view counts much much higher, so I don't recommend comparing with dramas from few years back. Honestly, it's best to just compare within the year, since in 2020 vvip is now common, which put off a lot of people and will undercut a lot of drama's view counts. e.g. watch them on illegal sites when it's out for vvip, but never go back and rewatch those episodes on Tencent's site.

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  2. On 7/4/2020 at 12:35 PM, stella77 said:

    Ah this explains the gap for JoL2 but this one does sound intriguing on its own. Will look forward to it too.

    The IP was sold and launched production some three years ago, I don't know if it's the current production team (probably not), but ZRY was rumoured back then, enough that the novel author mentioned him on his weibo. JoL's gap is partially planned I think (prolonged popularity IP for further merchandising + see if first season is successful to determine following level of investment). It always seemed like they would take half a year pre-production + scheduling, I think they could have saved time if scriptwriter got the script ready, but lol they dumped multiple projects on him and he usually write by himself instead of with a team.


    AFAIK his last few years looked like late 2016/2017 JoL (got the rights in 2017, filmed in late '17 ~early '18, broadcasted '19), late '17 ~ early '18 Young Blood (head writer, filmed early ~ mid 18, broadcasted early '19), '18 Douluo Dalu (filmed early '19?, unaired), '19 Sword Snow Stride (he was struggling with it last May when Young Blood was airing). Apart from Young Blood, the rest are all big IP held by Tencent and produced by Xinli.


    /hello I read way too much background info for certain drama productions, thanks for coming to my ted talk. :P

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  3. 4 hours ago, tothestars said:

    What an effort yeah? I think chinese drama is very great in building set, do they really make profit from the airing? Almost a year from pre to post production, cant imagine the budget for one drama, especially collosal drama. And based on your comment, so i think most of the set are only for one time use, yeah? Omg...


    Ahh ic, thx for the clarification, wow really the mvp team is back! I wonder who will be the director?


    And yes Song Yi and Guo QiLin are busy for their newest historical drama, and ZRY will act as guest star in it, right?

    Let's see, the Chang'an set I mentioned is rumoured to have cost 50mil rmb, so about 7mil USD? The total cost for the drama is close to 600mil rmb, so about 85mil USD. They made the money back by selling to Youku (chinese online platform) + various stations and platforms around the world (Amazon in US iirc), I believe they made a profit. It's definitely one of the more costly projects, the Rise of Phoenixes I mentioned before cost similar amount, but made profit from tv station + iQiyi (online platform) + Netflix for international release. The drama didn't do well domestically, so it was the platforms that lost out.

    The director Song Xiaofei is a former film cinematographer, so mhmm let's see how he goes with directing. I totally forgot ZRY is guest starring in Guo Qilin and Song Yi's drama lol.

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  4. The story is based on a fairly well known novel by priest, the author also wrote the novel Guardian is based on. I'm excited to see Tan Jianci finally getting lead role, since I really liked his performance in Advisor Alliance and he was the bright spot in 2018's Never Gone. I skipped out on the new Handsome Siblings so I haven't seen Chen Zheyuan, fingers crossed the script and production team is good.

  5. 1 hour ago, tothestars said:


    Ah ic, what i love from historical drama is their scenery, i really hope that they can present more outdoor sceneries though, but it will cost  more budget and will harder to the production team and actors. I hope the set they has built will stay there, so other dramas can use them. Okay right now my chinese drama knowledge has been upgraded thx to you hahahaah!


    Did you talk about returning actors for JoL or for this Snow drama? I havent watched Bad Kids, but it is in my bucket list. I think i also see Liu Duan Duan in Snow actor list?

    Unfortunately I think Chang'an's sets have been taken down, which is a shame since it's such gorgeous set.


    Oh sorry, I mean JoL actors that's also in this drama. There's no information on returning actors for JoL since as you can see couple of them are here, Fan Xian's brother and sister are in another newly announced historical drama so we'll likely have to wait till they start filming JoL to see if we get most people back for JoL.

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  6. 17 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Wow thank you so much for the info! So there are many filming studio in China yeah? 


    I am so happy we get the same team from JoL!  And i am so agree with you for the lighting and makeup! Hopefully all the difficulties will be managed properly include packing a supposed-to-be-multi-season into one season only. 


    Okay we will going to have zry in 2022-2023 for this drama and JoL s2!

    No worries, happy to share what little I know :) There's multiple of them yeah, a significant portion of dramas are filmed at Hengdian as you noted, but yeah there are number of other studios, and they often will travel across the country to film outdoor scenes. The Hubei one I mentioned is the one used in the movie Legend of Demon Cat (they built it for it so it's fairly new, and the location is fairly remote), also seen in the Rise of Phoenixes and Novoland: Eagle Flag. Xiangshan I mentioned is pretty well known and established studio, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom & last year's Longest Day of Chang'an was film there, although I should note Chang'an's team built a lot of their sets from scratch.


    Oh, on returning actors, we have JoL's Si Lili (Li Chun), 2nd prince (Liu Duanduan) and our little Fan Xian (Han Haolin). Side note, one of the most popular drama this year was the recent suspense thriller Bad Kids, featured Rong Zishan as one of the protagonists, he's also part of this cast, very promising kid at only 14.

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  7. 19 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Yeah another zry historical drama! Count me in! Hopefully he will not end up in Heng Dian for this... :sweatingbullets:

    Joy of Life was filmed in a studio in Guizhou which meant they could get most of the cast's original voices. Maybe this one will too? Or they could hit the Tang city in Hubei mhmmm. Oh wait looks like they are filming in Xiangshan? (same province as Hengdian, different place)


    The book is fairly beloved and popular, the scriptwriter is Joy of Life's Wang Juan (he was writing this when JoL s1 was airing lol, he worked on JoL s2 afterwards), production team is also same as JoL, Tencent Pictures + Xinli. Get a better make up and lighting team please!!! The story have been noted to be fairly difficult to adapt and pass NRTA, so I hope Wang Juan managed somehow. It's also a fairly long story but there's no sign for multi-season yet, so this is going to be tricky. ZRY should head for JoL after he finish filming this.

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  8. 20 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

    PS. If June 30th is the lunar birthday according to the Chinese calendar, wouldn't his actual birthday on the Gregorian calendar be 20th July? [Referring to HS here :sweatingbullets:]

    Lunar calender it's May 10th, it just falls on June 30th this year. The date was from someone approximating his birthday from the drama (how the moon looked on his birthday + particular flower), the writer acknowledged it so it's his official birthday now.

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  9. On 6/25/2020 at 9:19 PM, realistic2280a said:

    Any recommendation?

    Most similar to this I think would be Gank Your Heart, gaming (esport in this case)/romance, the otp are less perfect and they go through bit of misunderstanding in the beginning though. If you like mmo and Yang Yang, maybe King's Avatar, there's no romance, only team camaraderie though.


    On light hearted romance, modern drama I'd rec Put Your Head on My Shoulders, bit slice of life-ish but the otp is rather quirky and adorable. Historical probably the Romance of Tiger and Rose, the romance is main point of the show, with fair amount of meta/writing jokes and commentary on gender roles here and there.


    Far more removed but I want to throw it out there in case it's your cup of tea, you can try realistic down to earth ensemble high school drama My Huckleberry Friends, more focus on friendship and growing up than romance though. Then there's a fun adventure historical drama featuring lots of plot twists with a fantastic cast Young Blood, and areally charming historical drama Joy of Life which focuses on imperalism clashing with modern ideals. 

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  10. AvenueX is critical of cdramas because she watches massive amount of them, and reviewing them is kind of her job. Sometimes people are naturally more critical of something they like or they want it to be better because they expect more from it, I'm like that. Being critical also means I'll note all its flaws before someone else who might nickpick it or dislike it, so that it can be heads up for people who aren't a fan of certain things or lower their expectation and shift their focus to more positive aspects.


    I know people who dropped the drama few episodes in because a) the matriarchy was more gimmicky than expected (I mentioned that too, but I adjusted my expectations quickly) b) they find some of it illogical. So different strokes for different folks yknow. I personally find the first half of the drama better than second half, and I definitely think the script could be more polished than it is (scriptwriter is capable of writing a polished script without big budget, but they could have been subjected to time constraint), that doesn't necessarily mean I like or enjoyed the drama less.

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  11. @lynne22 Thank you for the tag! I'm super late and only just finished this drama. It was definitely right up my alley, absolutely splendid! I was like the journalist, intrigued at first, but end up caring for the victims and moved by their stories. I really like how it started, drawing the audience in with the mystery, and you slowly discover that it's not as simple as it is, the mistaken identity is set up to hook both the audience and in story characters, which is nicely played. 


    I was incredibly surprised and pleased by the detail with corpses and a lot of the places our protagonists visit, fair amount of them were very cluttered and lived in, they must have spent forever setting up everything. I loved that it bought more awareness regarding Asperger Syndrome and it wasn't glorified or maliciously portrayed, it was rather matter of factly and wasn't used as a gimmick, he end up with lots of troubles due to difficulties in communication, but it also explained how well he did his job.


    The victims' various issues were pretty damn real, and I'm surprised by the various issues they sort of touched on, I did wish some of it might get bit more exploration. It's not overblown melodrama, they only sprinkled or gave hints here and there. but the way the drama handled it made a deeper impression, and it means that the audience doesn't lose focus from main focus (Xiao Meng) and won't be overly tired from repeated tragedy play. So much respect to the production team for handling such a delicate issue with grace, and I can feel how deeply trauma or depression/suicidal tendency have hurt the characters or probably some people who worked on the drama.


    I'm very pleased with how the drama ended, there's fair bit of character development, but not so drastically that it comes off unrealistic. I do agree that I thought Captain Kuang's family would come into play, but I like to think that through working on this case and maybe subsequent reporting might have changed him a little so that he'll pay attention to his family more.

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  12. 20 hours ago, Super_Dede said:

    Haha i wonder how it will be like lol since other programs had special performances. Is 6.18 a special day in China? It seems like all stations have special shows. 

    It used to be Jingdong (one of the major shopping sites, imagine it as Amazon)'s Anniversary, so they had discounts and such. In the last 5 years or so, it's equivalent to US' Cyber Monday, massive discounts on digital goods and all digital platforms, physical stores have started joining the discount parade too. Considering China have a very well developed e-commerce market, the major sites all have massive promotional events on TV. The equivalent to Black Friday is 11.11 by the way.


    13 hours ago, arcchidus said:

    For those of you wondering about this event - it’s a large tencent event to celebrate the public holiday. There are going to be like 50 ppl on it and it’s like 5 hours long but within there we will at least see a CQQ segment. As to what public holiday... It’s fifth day of fifth month on lunar calendar (端午节)

    Duanwu is next week XD June 25th. 

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  13. omg I found really short specials (2mins) where they take drama footage and summarise some events, and it's hilarious, I've seen it with Joy of Life before. So I tried translating them, but good god they have so many memes and references, so my explanation is even longer, rip. My translation lean towards more literal translation, IDK if it's still funny, but here it is. If you think I can improve on the translation, please tell me.


    https://v.qq.com/x/cover/mzc00200pz3jcvs/q0972jwo4j4.html Hope it's not region locked?

    https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1pV411C7wH wait bilibili shouldn't be region locked. slide the blue button to turn off the rolling comments.


    To be in love, first (you) need a brave heart, need to be confident and stubborn. She loves you, you have to dote on her. She doesn't love you, imagine* she loves you and still dote on her. This kind of psychological process spawn from quantum movement** is otherwise known as a dork/dummy. If a woman is made of water, then a dork's brain filled with water will cause even more complicated and subtle chemical reaction, also known as adorkable.***


    *the word used is more like "filling in all the gaps and think you know what's up"

    ** this is a meme, referencing some scam in China where they advertise you can use their "quantum movement reading" to quickly recite stuff and thus ace everything in school.

    *** the woman made of water thing is an idiom, originally came from Red Chambers, implying that women are sensitive, gentle but resilient and will flow regardless. There's lots of other interpretation too, especially combined with men made of dirt and how water & dirt influence each other (men made of dirt not an idiom, but it's from the same line in Red Chambers, it came from the male lead by the way). A common modern one is that women always cry, but that's rather surfacey and somewhat derogatory. ANYWAYS, the two words translated as dork and adorkable here aren't literal translations, but there's no other way for me to make it work. 铁憨憨 tie2 han1 han1 is more like a straightfoward dummy, 秀逗 xiu4 dou4 is doing questionable things causing unintentional comedy?


    starting 00:30:

    Vinegar* is everywhere, we open homework and powerpoint presentations, game is jealous, play it for two hours, drama is also jealous, watch it for two hours, specials is jealous, give him two coins**, girlfriend is jealous, end up kneeling for whole evening, "It's so hard to be me!"


    *eating vinegar is slang for being jealous, guess cos you are all sour faced?

    **giving (fake) coins is a bilibili thing, they get paid a fraction of coins you give them, once they accumulate enough, it's possible to withdraw them as cash I think?


    starting 00:49:

    Whether is love or jealousy, they'll reveal their true face through the screen, which is dog food!* Dog food won't appear out of thin air, but also won't disappear into thin air. It will only transform from one format to another, or from one cp to another cp, but the damage to single dogs remain the same regardless, this is referred to as "dog abuse principle/conservation law". "It's onion, I added onion."**


    *single people will self depreciate that they are "single dogs", and couples PDA'ing or just being lovey dovey is commonly referred to as dog food fed to "single dogs", the act is casually referenced as "dog abuse".

    ** from Stephen Chow's God of Cookery movie I think, everyone single is totally crying from the onions.


    starting 1:20:

    Those who love you are afraid they aren't giving you enough, those that don't love you are afraid you are asking for too much. My name is Han Shuo, I shamaned myself. subtitled: Vinegar Wave*, a speech dedicated to future single dogs. Those who keep saying they can't get rid of their single status should look at me, like how I looked at Qianqian, chest full of vinegar, will break the barrier between man and woman. By sharing the same target, and I get thousands of love rivals we want to kick out. I manage to obtain power that I always dreamt of, the power of getting greened**, what they all love is my wife! They are lucky to have met this Qianqian, I'm even more lucky to marry*** this Qianqian. Only the weak will get used to being concerned and protecting, the strong will always resort of imagining and getting jealous. My imagination has helped me imagine how crazily in love you are with me, as long as my eyes are filled with jealousy, my heart will never panic. Respect to my generousity! Rise, Vinegar Wave!****


    *referencing a popular video called 后浪 Wave of the Future? dedicated to younger generation Chinese.

    **green hat is slang of being cuckold/cheated on, getting greened mean the same thing.

    ***He uses 嫁 jia4, which is when a woman marries a man, the other way around is 娶 qu3. In the drama, they briefly argued the word usage iirc.

    ****the name is play on two movies & a drama, the drama being Rolling Love starring Jiro Wang.


    This took way longer than I expected rip. It's the second video of three, but the beginning of the first one looked difficult to translate so I picked this XD

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  14. 3 hours ago, arcchidus said:

    Popular CP boards are generally for the actors/actresses not the characters for some reasons.

    Actors/actresses cp are more long lived, since dramas tend to only have staying power of a month or two. There's some insanely popular character ships, but those wouldn't be on weibo, they'll be on lofter (think tumblr). Some cp will collaborate more than once, or they end up being good friends, and that's what it end up being about. As for why there's more BL pairings, because BL fangirls are more fanatical, and sometimes companies will queerbait. BG/hetero couples are generally bit more restraint when selling their cp (and their fans are lot more wary because real people shipping brings a lot of trouble), in case media start hounding them about whether they are dating or not, sometimes one or the other might be taken too. 


    Recent BG couple that's actually characters would be Serenade of Peaceful Joy's ennuch Huaiji & Princess Huairou which got to #10 or #9? The book is fairly well known so the cp was popular to begin with, the huge budget drama bombed for various reasons, but lots of people stuck around or hopped in for their bits. The actor was fairly rude to his fellow actress on a livestream the day after the drama finished, so that's probably why it dropped out.

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  15. 40 minutes ago, VesperLynd said:

    Thank you for the update and spoilers. How were you able to watch episodes 17 to 24? I paid for VIP but my wetv account is updated to 16 only.

    Tencent China has a pay 3 yuan/ep from today onwards for rest of the episodes, so that's how. I think the english subs will take another two weeks like the regular vip schedule.


    35 minutes ago, arcchidus said:

    Viewership will naturally be higher given the high episode count and hype. But And the Winner Is Love has lower Douban rating (6.4 vs 7.4) than this show and quite a bit of negative reviews on msg board as well.


    So ROTAR still did very well overall.

    The author is a fairly well known BL writer too iirc, and looks like it was written in 2008, so enough time for it to have an audience. I've only heard complaints about the original story though (I'll note that I peeked when the drama was rumour to come out, so I probably didn't stumble into novel fans) I was hoping the scriptwriter could work some miracles. But, most of the time, scriptwriter tend to screw up decent stories, so mhmmmm. It's why I've been sitting on it even though I liked the two leads from AoL.


    RoTAR did fairly well considering it's small budget light hearted short historical. I'm hoping the viewcounts goes up a bit more, but it's definitely a success I think. There's less expectation for fluffy light webdramas like this, I think douban ratings might go up as people finish watching? It's hilariously hard to find dramas that don't bomb itself half way through or drag out.

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  16. 35 minutes ago, Adidaem said:

    Anyone else feeling like that? Recs for good shows/distractions pls! 

    You don't need subs? I have recs but none of them are like this one lol, and most aren't heavy on the romance. I'll refrain from the super serious ones XD


    Modern: Your Fukubukuro (I watched it on bilibili, naturally comes with eng subs, slice of life episodic), Madhouse (suspence thriller and scifi, no subs), My Huckleberry Friends (slice of life down to earth ensemble school drama), Die Now (escape room/battle royale kind of games thriller), Surgeons (capable female characters), Put Your Head on My shoulders (ok this one is actually romcom, quirky otp, second male lead is annoying though)

    Historical: Young Blood (fun adventure drama with lovable cast and plenty of plot twists, <3 female characters), Joy of Life (awesome setup and zany humour with scheming, don't come in for the romance)

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  17. 1 minute ago, arcchidus said:

    He is trying to act like a geisha but male version. I think it’s meant to be jarring because that just doesn’t exist in real life. I don’t mind it once I think about it that way.

    Yeah I get that, and they did actually exist in history, called 小倌. I don't think it's just the difference in background thing, everything about him just screams "run" to me lol.

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  18. 19 minutes ago, Usi said:

    The actor of SM is quite miscasted I would say, or the director didn’t care for his role. He is a pretty face but his acting comes off slimy. He even walks like a snake. Together with the unfitting voice his character, for me, is somewhat shady and mean instead of insecure and depressed.


    CC is just a child throwing a tantrum, that she wasn’t loved enough. All people who care about her and not her position are telling her that she probably isn’t the victim she sees herself but she doesn’t care of their opinion enough to let that sink in. Heck, even HS could see that and told her to stop. She is a spoiled brat who wants the power but doesn’t want to learn the responsibility who comes with it, something her other sisters clearly learned. Her mother wanted to give her the city but she couldn’t after she noticed she only cared for herself alone.

    I get the impression the actor is going for soft spoken and walking wantonly, but it just came off...wrong, maybe more androgynous look might help? Ah well, it's hard enough to look decently pretty with the wigs.


    She's entirely focused on how little she's recognised for her efforts and hardwork, other people telling her doesn't quite sink it in, because her mum still favours QQ over her. Some wounds just runs deep, and she has always done a decent job, so she's expected to do well at whatever she's doing, when she sorely needs praise and recognition. She's unreasonable and yeah it's tantrum throwing, but I don't think she just wants power and no responsibility, she continue to do her job fairly well even after QQ has been made Crown Princess.

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  19. Binged this over the weekend, just in time! I was interested due to the matriarchy setting, so I came in expecting more gender politics, and maybe clashing between matriarchy/patriarchy ideals and otp scheming against each other, alas that was not meant to be. That's fine, it wasn't what the drama was aiming for, the tone would have been probably more serious, and perhaps even depressing, and higher chance of plot holes (due to scheming) and higher budget that this drama probably doesn't have.


    That said, I'm still fairly happy when it does comment on gender politics, and it's well aware that matriarchy is just complete flip of patriarchy (passing comment instory) which is part of why sometimes the setup makes me uncomfortable, although generally these stories will try to have more equal society in the end. It was a genre/gimmick that got used a fair bit in chinese webnovel for awhile, but I think this is first time I've seen it in drama setting, which makes it very refreshing. It's probably more accurate to say the drama is someone with modern values with feminist values (but doesn't necessarily emphasis on them) clashing with patriarchy & matriarchy society, matriarchy makes certain common historical values/tropes (e.g. degrading women in passing) much more ridiculous and makes pointing out unreasonable practices easier (since we aren't used to its values).  I actually somehow missed Han Shuo's country was patriarchal in the beginning and found his mannerism jarring, till I realised my mistake XD


    Huge props to the scriptwriter for juggling the light heartedness, playing with cliche tropes but give it a nice twist, throw out some gold one liners and balancing between themes while progressing the story snappily. A lot of people have pointed out how well the drama uses various tropes, I like some of the sharp comments and cheeky metaness from QianQian, like her putting in filler lines for her servant, or her saying insisting on keeping Orange in the story is due to request from Party A (?) + Orange has investors backing LMAO. The fact that QianQian is stuck in author mode, and constantly trying to fix the story and make the plot stray further away is hysterical. Even when she's actively avoiding returning/denying Han Shuo's affection, I find it fairly reasonable, because this is a fictional word, and her end goal was going home, it's a common theme for teleporting to a different world.


    I quite like Han Shuo's characterisation, schemers have always been my kind of male lead, and I like that he shows his softer side very quickly, and he's very go getter. It avoids the cold stoic lead or jerk with heart of gold's initial unlikeable phase, and you don't really have misunderstandings. Not much misunderstanding between otp is huge plus for me, when they do happen, both sides have their reasons help a lot too. The fact that both parties are quick to apologise once they realise they are at fault is a literal godsend. Taking a step back, both the leads have fair amount of protag halo, HS is a very capable character and he's constantly helping QQ once he starts to like her, QQ has her title + her mum's affection + her knowing the future and everyone's characterisation makes a huge part of her life easier + plot armour (accidentally finding oil is just wild). I don't quite mind since they are both very likeable and the narrative isn't shy to admit their protag halo. It also helps they have fairly noticeable flaws, and the advantages otp has often create more conflicts (like with ChuChu) or are at odds with each other (like with the Crown Princess test).


    I find Pei Heng's look doesn't quite fit his role, he looks like a general (well okay he will be one), but as of now, he doesn't quite fit what I think a 翩翩公子 (rich & well educated son of officials?) would be like. I think it's because he grew up in matriarchy, so he's meant to stick out, and perhaps it's on me, since I have very specific image for his character type. The dissonance with Su Mu is even stronger, I thought it was dissonance between face and mannerism, but I think it might be his (probably?) dubbed voice. I actually like his voice, and it fits the role very well, but it's incompatible with the actor/acting, I think he's speaking in a...radio drama-y way too, it's different from how everyone talks, half the time his lines gives me hibbies jeebies. I like his character though, and I'm glad he isn't really pining for QQ, hope he gets happy ending with Yuanyuan.


    I love the sisterly love from Chuchu and Yuanyuan. YY is pretty pessimistic, and her tendencies to try put things off by making excuses makes her pretty relatable for me, but the drama doesn't dwell on it much and tends to exaggerate it for comedy effect, so I rather like her. It's very sweet how QQ tried to get her to do rehab, and it clear YY likes this new QQ that has mature and cares for other people. CC is clearly very protective of QQ (first 5? ep), and we don't see her jealousy till her mum's favouritism comes into play with Dragon Bone and Crown Princess arc. Even with the bandit arc, she turned antagonistic as she grew tired of QQ getting everything with little effort and bitter, I find it pretty understandable, because it's true that luck tends to be on QQ's side. I'm not a fan that she thinks HS is just some toy that QQ can return, but she's bitter and she grew up considering men almost like property. I'm torn between wanting to see become a villain since it's a great trope and fun character development, and her figuring out a lot of things were misunderstanding, she overcome her insecurity and reconcile with QQ, hopefully we'll have both :P


    Oh I rather liked most people's costumes and makeup to be honest, especially for the female characters. I was somewhat puzzled by QQ's first outfit, the red one with skin colour undertop or whatever you call it, I thought she was just wearing red scarves around herself, which fit her devil may care and promiscuous characterisation XD I liked her hair and make up, even if I really couldn't figure out how her hair held up, I liked that her makeup was lighter and different once the author woke up in her body. The clothes resemble regular historical costumes, but sometimes they have straps or is actually a sleeveless dress, very handy for costume department lol. The sheer top QQ wears a lot looks nice too, disregarding historical accuracy, I don't really need that in fake fantasy history. IDK if anyone notice, but the bottom of her skirts (and some of HS and I spotted one of Pei Heng's pants) are tulle-like, I find them oddly cute, I guess it's to give the clothes more volume without adding much weight/money.

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  20. Mhmm, I feel like I should give a heads up. This drama's source novel is fairly well known on c!net for plagiarism. It's not a regular case either, the novel consist of real people, real events, real gags/gimmicks/memes. 


    The title is a ripoff of a well known retired LOL player's game ID 你微笑时好美, he later changed his name to WE's WeiXiao, active from s1 till s4 I believe. The original ID references WeiXiao's ex-girlfriend, who was a commentator for LOL. They are incredibly well known in esport circle, and their story is part of a lot of fans' memory. Anyways, both the male lead and female lead are mix of real people's background, skill, gimmicks and nicknames. The teams can be matched to a number of s6 teams (because the novel was written from s6 to s7), down to the scores, the matches are said to be playback of real matches.


    It's not that you can't have references or homages to real life, it's unavoidable to have some influence. But when your entire novel is littered with them, I'm bit more hesitant in condoning it, and when you don't necessarily point out they are references, that's problematic. Moreover, the narrative doesn't particularly respect the esport community. It's not okay to steal other people's achievements, it's not okay to smear professional players or teams, it's absolutely not okay to write incredibly unprofessional behaviour to characters that's very clearly referencing a real person!! e.g. You can criticise people for sleeping around as a general criticism to the industry, but a) they are generally really busy training but ok this is a novel and they have holidays b) irl, they are not allowed to bring random people back to clubs c) if your FL bump into them, don't have them just offer to lose just to keep the secret WTF. 


    It's also not goddamn okay to reference Faker multiple times, and demonise him as someone who's selfish and terrorise younger teammates just so he can have what he wants and dominate the team. Faker is a Korean (LCK) player, but he's incredibly gifted and hardworking, well respected around the world by people who know the game and loved by fans, he is not how he's characterised in the novel. Yes you changed the name (a little), but it's super apparent to anyone who has ever followed LOL matches. It's also grossly disrespectful to paint Korean players in negative light, especially when  almost every LPL (Chinese pro league) teams have one or two outstanding Korean players. The last two world championship (s8 and s9) were won by Chinese clubs, but both of them had two fabulous Korean players.


    Some thought it was fun fanfic dedicated to WE when they started, but note that WE does not have a good image in the novel, they were mocked, and notable ex-WE players were also mocked and criticised. Maybe the author thought it was funny, but to anyone that knows the teams, it's absolutely not, to newbies, it's just a terrible introduction. Then there's the fact that in 2018, she specifically called out WE fans for using what she thought was a line from her novel. The line was NOT from her novel, she sicced her fans into a passerby, and subsequently went into fanwar with esport fans, where some of her fans say "gosh I wouldn't know WeiXiao if not for this novel", which okay fair if you weren't into esports. The absolute disdain that accompanied "the novel helped making WeiXiao and esport" is utterly ridiculous though, when WE won the first champion on world stage (IPL5) in 2012, which was when esports in China was still in its infancy, 2017 was the year that China hosted the s series games (world championship) and by then it was a billion dollar business. 


    The novel's plagiarism issue was known while it was serialising (2016 to 2017ish) but perhaps limited to the small crossover between esport and web novel community, then parts of esport community in 2018 (plagiarism will pop up if you look up the novel, I specifically passed on the novel due to that in early '18), then when they sold the IP it's full blown everywhere on weibo. When they started filming, and just recently when they finished filming, the esport community was in an uproar (okay the spring games also just finished so they had free time, the players also knows by the way). I'm absolutely flabbergasted the production company had to pick THIS ONE out of many to adapt, I'm incredibly annoyed that this is going to draw a lot of new fans with wrong impression, the story or the author or perhaps even the production company doesn't respect or care about LOL or its community. I don't think the drama is using LOL, as Tencent's esport manager responded they didn't authorise usage of the game, godspeed to the game they decided to use, because the esport community is not going to let them live this down.


    I'm not saying don't read the novel or don't watch the drama, but I do feel like I should spread awareness about the fact that the novel literally stole years of bloods, tears, frustrations of incredibly hardworking young people following their dreams, some retired but working behind the scene, some still playing today, and flippantly dumped bits and pieces into a story she claimed as her own, then sold the IP for massive amount of money. I'm not even an esport fan, since I only started watching a handful LOL matches last year, but good god did this upset me.

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  21. 9 hours ago, a_tumiwa said:

    season two confirmed, all original cast members will be returning



    Just correction on the article, it was always going to be filmed in at the end of the year, and they've been saying it since it's been airing last December, so it's not related to Covid-19 at all (COVID have affected several other dramas, this one was not one of them). I'm actually presuming Wang Juan is still writing the script, because it hasn't even been half a year, which was how long I predicted scripting would be.


    Only Zhang Ruoyun had reportedly signed a contract, but several people have indicated interest in returning, BUT it super depends on scheduling as well. e.g. Chen Pingping's actor have shown interest in reprising the role, as long as the script is good, but he's also rumoured to be in another drama in Zhao Liying that will likely start filming soon.


    It's a little odd to take appearance on variety show to indicate all cast will return but I'm not going to argue. Xiao Zhan not appearing is entirely understandable, he's literally supporting of supporting character, his character might play a major role next season, but that's next season. Him not reprising the role also make sense because he has gotten several main character roles since filming first season of JoL, it'd be difficult to juggle scheduling with him who would be rather busy, and he's not going to get that much short term benefit from it. As for the fandom scandal, it's a little beyond that but I won't get into it, because it's overly long & complicated & unnecessary. I do genuinely dislike part of his extremely rabid fanbase, so I'd be relief if he doesn't return, especially after the entire last month.

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  22. On 2/2/2020 at 6:44 AM, MaySenpai33 said:

    What I am most curious about is if the drama will end with a harem ending. 

    It's not. In the book, FX have a concubine that he's known since he was little, the character was completely deleted. The writer will probably go for 1v1, because the set up is FX have modern values, it'd be incredibly hypocrytical for him to proclaim everyone is equal and have concubines. Concubines aren't equal in status to wives, they can be freely sold or given like property. It would also chase off big portion of the audience, even if they don't care about the romance because it goes against modern sensibilities. 


    I don't really like Lin Wan'er as a love interest, even though I fully get why FX does. Duo Duo is more my type but I actually would love for FX to keep a platonic friendship because it would be refreshing! Adventuring/Cooperating as friends yes please. Si Lili have her own journey and considerations, Zhan Doudou is more like she admires him and think he's interesting, but she's not going to give up anything to be with him or anything. They can all fulfill their roles without getting into romance. Not to mentiom, Wang Juan isn't actually that great at writing too much romance, if other people write them, we might have pacing issues. 


    On 2/7/2020 at 3:29 PM, Bonardo said:

    I must say in term of politics this is the first time i see a well written one. any other tv series like this ? 

    I didn't feel it was overly political tbh, we barely started. The Rise of Phoenix (netflix, slow and long with fantastic characters but suffer from pacing issues and lackluster ending, if you can get into it, you'll love it but not everyone can), Qin Empire: Alliance (netflix, might be bit dry? you might want to look at a map of warring kingdom period first), Advisor Alliance (it's split into two dramas for I think length reasons, set in Three Kingdoms period, it will help and be more interesting if you know it, but should be easy to follow and fun to watch without), Three Kingdoms (really long epic that incorporate the novel Romance of Three Kingdoms and history, probably bit dry), Nirvana in Fire (the politics can be a little lofty but I loved the ideals behind the drama).


    I don't know if you can get into any of it since political dramas are often hard to get into, JoL made it really easy to get into. Not a political drama, more adventurey one, but share similar sense of humour and decent char building for even minor characters would be JoL's scriptwriter's Young Blood. It's fairly light and easy to get into, but still being fansubbed. 

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  23. @40somethingahjumma Princess Bride is a great comparison! It's just so much fun. The actress playing sister is Song Yi, I loved her in The Disguiser, the republican era spy drama. 


    As for the child actor, he had more scenes, at least an episode more, but they ultimately cut them to get into the story faster, sacrificing some development/small details when he was a kid. ZRY mentioned the kid was super observational, and really good at intimidating ZRY which definitely helped selling their resemblance more.


    @Scandias I think it's just to play up the tragedy of it? They are both important members of Northern Qi's court, but for their own reasons, they end up having to face off each other. There is a chinese idiom about snowing in June indicating injustice, but I'm pretty sure it's winter in drama (at the very least, it shouldn't be summer). 

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  24. 7 hours ago, even so said:

    Even though untamed has huge fanbase that doesn't mean to ignore the other dramas promotions . They don't have to act like this when they have huge dramas like: joy of life , evernight s2 , and pillow book etc .. that will achieve the same as what untamed achieved and maybe more. This is a bad strategy of promoting their work .instead on focusing on one dramas . They should fix the problem of joy of life 's s2  hacked episodes. Anyway in my opinion PB deserve more promotion .

    Joy of Life had plenty of promotions and it frequently trended on weibo. Ever Night literally just aired, and Pillow Book hasn't, I don't think they are doing too badly on news and promotions? 

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