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  1. 57 minutes ago, Wuzetian said:

    @an-naum @kur4p1k4 @arcchidus

    I tried to download the app. But it's all in Chinese. Even if I tried to switch the language there's no English. Is there a specific Youku International app? 


    From both of your comments, so the ending is not as what we expected but only in the Easter egg episode? 


    @UnniSarah which episode are you at now?

    Youku have no international app, because they previously licensed their dramas to other platforms. They were wholly unprepared for this drama's popularity internationally and only whipped up eng sub on its own site like last week? Someone on MDL posted a guide to subscribe to youku. https://mydramalist.com/discussions/tian-ya-ke/60635-how-to-subscribe-to-youku-vip 


    Youku VIP will see the last episode on saturday, it will be english subbed too. Youtube will have to wait till May 5.


    2 hours ago, kur4p1k4 said:

    @arcchidus Do censorship just don't like happy ending?:sweatingbullets: It always have to be bloody ambiguous ending


    1 hour ago, arcchidus said:

    From what I gathered, it’s either because BL is not allowed to have happy ending or because a character like WKX — a true to the bone anti hero — is not allowed to get a happy ending.


    The shown runner confirmed the real ending is in the post credit special though.  

    It's because WKX is anti-hero, ZSS being an assassin is kind of problematic too. NRTA doesn't really like morally gray/dark characters as protagonists, it's meant to be a justice always prevail kind of rule. It's not a hard rule by the way, more a guideline, so how strictly it's enforced depends on how good your producer is and how far the narrative push it + how it's framed. It's not the BL thing, because if it's the BL, you wouldn't see the drama at all, the rule related to BL is specifically about homosexual relationship being displayed, not that gays must have bad endings lol.

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  2. On 3/3/2021 at 3:26 AM, linhlinh111 said:

    It seems that the popularity levels of Cdramas in this forum aren't correlated to their popularity in China. I see some hot topics in China aren't very hot here and some kinda flopped dramas get many more views and reps.

    yeah, international audience are sort of subjected to how available english subs are. Int audience also tend to gravitate towards romance dramas/dramas that's directed to younger audience + actors/actress they know. China is a LOT pickier with idol dramas/romance dramas because you are flooded with them, and you have other countries dramas/tv shows, variety shows and movies to watch, so for romcom to stand out, they usually have to be pretty exceptional. Anyways, this one is pretty popular I think internationally? There are a lot of comments over at MDL.


    On 3/4/2021 at 2:03 PM, kur4p1k4 said:

    So, in ep.6 there's an advertisement for real peanut company 沃隆, is that normal now for c-drama? That really took me out for a second, I mean it was almost at the end but still...

    The last drama I watched, joy of life, usually just had normal ad break for a few second, this is like k-drama subway ads level bad.

    There's both, product replacement AND ads in the middle. Ever Night s1 had some notable product replacements that made me laugh, make up and cold meds weren't that unusual, but pizza hut was just really funny, and self heating hot pot took the cake. I think they worked it in pretty well though. Modern cdramas have them more often, but I was really surprised to see them in historical dramas before. This drama's is a little too blatant lol.


    On 3/8/2021 at 5:37 AM, impoppies said:


    This is completely unrelated to the drama but hahahaha this line. "It's raining, let's beat up the son while we are bored" is likely a reference to "It's new years, let's beat up the son while we are bored" which is.....tied to a rather complicated story about creation of the fantasty world novoland. Back in early 2000s, bunch of people decided to make an epic fantasy world akin to LoTR's middle earth, 7 people were nominated to be "gods" of the world and they establish base setting like geography, history, race etc. They created magazine for the world, and everyone could publish their own stories based in this world through it.


    Tribes and Empires by Jin He Zai 今何在 (also known for Tales of Wukong) and Novoland Eagle Flag by Jiang Nan 江南 (also known for Shanghai Fortress) were both published around mid 00s, and the two authors were two of the seven gods of Novoland and really good friends, they had a huge falling out in 2007, and most of it was on the Novoland forum. Subsequently, almost every year they would fight one way or another very publically online, thus the meme. The "son" that's referenced is Novoland itself. In recent years, I think it's mostly died down and they are almost at peace with it.


    This entire thing is really hilarious to read because all their friends + half the web novel author circle were super into shipping them. Partially because there's something beautiful in working towards a dream when you were young and then it all ends terribly and you go your separate ways, but partially because it's just so much fun. Goodbye My Princess' author (and several dramas producer) Fei Wo Si Cun wrote a poem for it (?), Douluo Continent's author Tang Jia San Shao wrote a fic for it, lot of other people provided choice snippets and there are fan songs! More importantly, the otp themselves sometime fuel the fire. Tales of Wukong's movie hit the theatre on Jiang Nan's birthday. Jiang Nan has a book that was adapted into a movie that aired on Jin He Zai's birthday, I'm telling you they did it on purpose! Anyways, that one line sent half of weibo into reminiscing over this otp lol. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, The.Lannister said:


    Yes I too have often felt that way. The novel too is "Emperor's conquest" & the other name on dramacool is  Emperor Phoenix. There are other names too like Jiang Shan Gu Ren, Shang Yang Fu, Di Feng Ye but I dont know what that means. Rebel Princess doesnt suit whatever we have seen so far. 

    The novel's name is Di Wang Ye/Emperor's Conquest, the drama's first name was Di Huang Ye/Monarch Industry then they changed it to Jiang Shan Gu Ren, then Shang Yang Fu, which is Ode to Shangyang, I think they should have kept Ode to Shangyang tbh, Rebel Princess doesn't stick out.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Nelly Lauw said:

    Looks like a lot of changes and conflicts from the novel.

    Yeah they changed a lot. The first 7 episodes are mostly original aside from establishing relationships, otp's first meeting is different for one (in the novel, Awu gets first good look at him when he comes to save her after she got kidnapped). Wanru and sister-in-law are much nicer in the novel, since there's no drugging and no infidelity. Emperor, 2nd prince and Wang Lin got lot more scenes in the drama since they did lot of scheming so I'm happy for that change, they all died differently too. I didn't even remember Wang Qian existed till she appeared, that's how irrelevant she was in the novel. 3rd prince is also less dumb in the novel iirc, he was just kind of tragic and powerless, rather than what the hell are you doing, dude?


    7 hours ago, Kachan02 said:

    anybody knows when the next episodes are going to be released?

    42-51 dropped on youku for vvip already. It drops every thursday at 10am GMT+8.

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  5. New update schedule! Thursday will drop 32-41, 10 ep. vip will get 2 more update days, sat and sun, so sat~wed, 5 days a week, 2 ep/day, vvip gets 10 ep dump on thursday. The drama will finish a week early for vvip, on 18th, 2 weeks early for vip, on 23rd. Schedule is the same for free members, so it finishes on March 15th. I'm guessing the subs will be same rate too, which make sense, since an ep a day is already a lot.

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  6. 10 hours ago, jadore1 said:

    @skibbies have i told you that I love you ..thank you:smile:. I was seeing Wang as her Fathers family name vs the king /duke wife ,  but i understand now since XQ is wang/ king/duke as well . I am determined to learn at least 5 new words from my c dramas and so far wang fei has stuck in my mind nicely . 


    You are welcome :D oh yeah if you see it as her family name, that's definitely confusing.


    1 hour ago, Fenny Liong said:

    Hey guys do you know what day this drama airing? I saw in china.iq but no new ep yesterday...

    For non-vip, one ep a day, up to ep 19. For vip mon - wed, 2, 2, 3, up to ep 27. For vvip, starting from last week, every thurs, 6 ep, up to 31, so if you are up to the latest raw, you'll get more eps tomorrow.

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  7. 3 hours ago, jadore1 said:

    On youtube good subs ...I finally get to see my ep 18...Thank you Subbers 

    I have learned that Wang =Royal ,  Fei = Princess ...so what is 公主

    Gōngzhǔ  ?  (this is according to G translate which after witnessing the butchery of ep 18 translation I am :fearful:

    I thought I was hearing Mon Fei until i read Wang Fei  LOL 

    fei isn't princess, it's consort technically. wang fei is wife of a wang (king/duke). gongzhu is princess, just daughter of the emperor, there's none in this drama. 长公主 and 大长公主 da4 zhang3 gong1 zhu3 are grand princesses, former being emperor's sisters, latter being emperor's dad's sisters (Joy of Life have grand princess, Awu's mum is technically one but I don't think the drama use this title?). Awu was a 郡主 jun4 zhu3 before getting married, which is usually other royalty's daughters, like emperor's nieces or crown prince's daughters. There's 县主 xian4 zhu3 and 乡主 xiang1 zhu3 as well, which are ranking titles given to royalties and minister's daughter (A Girl Like Me's protag is one and her titles change at some point), they come with prefecture/town/village as a fiefdom. Different dynasties have different rules about them, but this is what I use for general reference.

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  8. 11 hours ago, ValentineJ said:

    During the airing of Winter Begonia, Douban rating were quite low, so I learn not to rely on it.  After it finished airing and with early fans raving, the ratings suddenly rose up to 9.0.  

    it's 8.1? Winter Begonia specifically got hate in the beginning for producer Yu Zheng (known for plagiarism but also incredibly good at marketing and catching up to trends before the audience is tired of it) + Huang Xiaoming (he have a string of terrible dramas + thought he was in this for quick cash grab). It steadily rose as it was airing, pretty fair rating i think? 7+ is decent for cdramas, 8+ was pretty rare before, now you get a handful or two every year.


    Douban is decent gauge for how cnet receive a drama, but they are subject to scandals/plagiarism issues/promotion direction as well as expectation levels and what genre it is. Thrillers will get its plot turned over and over for logic plot holes, long dramas usually have pacing issues, historical dramas that depict real historical figures will get slammed for historical inaccuracy, but fluffy romcom will get rated on how good looking otp is, chemistry + if the plot/concept is fresh.


    6 hours ago, hallee said:

    Where can i see the Douban rating of Cdramas?? Is it different from the Mydramalist ratings posted on their website?? :innocent:

    MDL rates way way wayyyyy higher than douban. Popular dramas oversea are often in the 5 and 6 range.

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  9. 1 hour ago, tazmin said:

    All this talk of advanced episodes makes want to binge watch the raw episodes but I must be strong


    I have to say I find the General Song’s actor much more attractive than I did in Joy of Life lol but then again Xiao’s people are pretty attractive in their armour and general competences. 

    This drama is absolutely gorgeous, I keep coming back to the horse riding scenes of ep 13, just beautiful. I hope those quieter scenes come up a few times as a breather got out couple cause RickRoll'D is going to be real for a long time. 

    I want to ask for those in the know, how’s the rating/reception in China for this drama going? All I saw in passing is that’s it’s trending on Weibo

    don't binge, you'll have to wait for a week for more episodes if you do! 


    hahahaha i think it's because his hair in Joy of Life look kind of...questionable, the lighting isn't as good either.


    It wasn't recieve too well with initial broadcast due to age of the entire cast + story (they expected more due to zzy participation/investing + investment level + production team, smarter schemes, less tropey plot), but there's some that end up liking the otp and the acting. It's probably the webdrama drawing the most attention right now, tv dramas have two well rated and reasonably popular poverty related dramas, but those have really different target audience.

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  10. 6 hours ago, Leila Essalih said:

    i wached episode 30 in raw and i think  XIAO XI has a secret son . can any one confirm that? 

    I'm way way way behind but i think it's fairly unlikely as well. He doesn't have one in the novel and there's no reason to give him one in the drama. The otp semi adopts about 3 kids (for different reasons) in the novel, this could be one of them.

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  11. 8 hours ago, Fenny Liong said:


    So in the novel the former maid not betray Awu like in the drama?


    I watch Tony in "love yourself" with Victoria Song n I think he fit the role there than in this drama lol...

    she betrays her because she's in love with the third prince, there's just less reciprocation (even if accidental). and yeah I watched him in My Best Friend's Story recently (featuring Liu Shishi and Ni Ni), and he fits that role more, I think he looks better in modern dramas. He's more of a outgoing fun guy than elegant prince.


    2 hours ago, celebrianna said:


    @skibbies, I would prefer too that XQ and A’Wu live outside the court and travel the world like he promised but is there really someone solid that can lead the country? I don’t support any of the princes and I would hate to see any of them on the throne. Maybe a young prince who hasn’t been introduced yet, who was brought up sensibly, would be a good choice. 

    You are right, no one is really fit to rule the country. Young prince could work, they could help till he's an adult and then retire?


    2 hours ago, jadore1 said:

    What century does this drama depict?

    Late Eastern Jin so 400ish, royal family's Ma is likely Sima historically. Wang and Xie clan were at height of their power during this period (317~420), and their influence stayed throughout Southern Dynasties (420~589), they declined in Sui and Tang but still have ministers here and there. Xiao Qi is presumed to be partially based on Liu Yu 刘裕 who founded Liu Song dynasty (420~479), he's a general that came from humble background. Wang's various empress were actually real, but it happened mostly in Southern Dynasties so years later, and in different kingdoms, so the in-breeding is less prominent historically. Novels with prominent families in the background are usually set during this period, since it was real messy time, and prominent families stayed powerful while emperors come and goes.


    Side note, Nirvana in Fire's Xie clan is likely the same Xie as here, and Langya does make people think of Wang clan (since the place is most well known for them), even though the story make no mentions of them. It's likely set in Southern Liang (502~557) with Emperor's surname being Xiao.

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  12. 15 hours ago, celebrianna said:


    @Polly, does a different ending mean not becoming monarchs or something else?

    I remember seeing somewhere that the new ending is they live a nice life outside of court, which is for the best. I'm leaning towards this ending since overthrowing dynasty is little iffy to pass NRTA sometimes, and so far Xiao Qi's ambition is downplayed in the drama. Drama otp do things to protect themselves and they are essentially thrown into power struggle, rather than actively seeking power in the novel (which is also use to protect themselves, just pre-emptively).


    6 hours ago, Fenny Liong said:

    Is Awu's former maid will succed to become Zidan wife?

    She's a concubine in the novel, but it was different circumstances. (novel spoilers below)


    They never slept together, and he took her in because she was assaulted by soldiers guarding the mausoleums and got pregnant, so it was like pity + because she's a former maid of Awu. Awu sees them again with a kid + concubine title, so there was bit of misunderstanding going on there for a bit. Don't really like rape as a plot device, but I also hate the dumb mistaken one night stand as plot device too.


    I kind of dislike Zitan's characterisation in the drama, he's fairly powerless in the novel too, but he's somehow worse in the drama. I'm guessing they are playing up his wimpy and powerlessness to contrast against the otp, but it's real annoying to watch. Doesn't help I don't think Tony Yang fit the role, so every time I see him, all I think is "how are you the prettiest man in the capital?" 

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  13. Historical dramas, especially more serious ones that involves politics tend to be harder to get pass NRTA. There's rules for them but they keep changing, and sometimes it's highly dependent on your connections, certain producers can get stuff pass much easier. So a lot of times, companies/dramas end up over self-censoring and we get an inferior product.


    There really isn't much in this drama that's risky though, apart from one plot point that I think they changed. I think it's far more likely they were trying to get it to air on TV, and it was too expensive for tv channels to risk it. Since there's restrictions on historical dramas for primetime slot (something like just under 100 ep per year? per tv channel), and recent expensive big budget stuff didn't get the expected ratings they would have, due to less and less people watching tv, and more people using streaming services.


    For reference, I'm referring to 5 first tier provincial channels 7:30pm ~ 10pm slot. 2018 only had ashes of love (jiangsu tv) and the rise of phoenixes (hunan), 2019 had story of minglan (hunan) and ming dynasty (hunan), 2020 had serenade of peaceful joy (hunan) and legend of xiao chu (beijing). (I think that's it, but feel free to correct me) There's historical dramas that went to the 10pm slot so they aren't subjected to the restriction. There's also second tier stations that would buy historical dramas for primetime slot, but they are all second rounds, so it'd be much much cheaper. cctv is national tv and I'm not sure if they are subject to to the restriction, but for interest, 2020 had handsome siblings and qin dynasty epic.


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  14. 1 hour ago, galea said:

    Oh goodness, I see... Thank you for explaining. If the character was in her 20s, I can kind of trick my mind into believing that... but 15 is just pushing it. Ah, I feel conflicted now >.<...  

    Huh, that's weird, and slightly sad that the audience's impression of one of his roles just stuck with him lol. He's clearly a decent actor, so it's a bit of a shame. Thank you again for explaining all that <3 

    15 is the age they have the coming of age ceremony back then, and also the age girls marry, so that's basically why. She's bit naive and innocent at the beginning due to being adored by literally everyone around her, but she does become fairly mature pretty quickly and goes through lot of character development as it goes. I just mentally +10 to everyone in the drama (if anything, it was her brother that pulled me out of the drama....), as long as they don't keep mentioning her age, it's alright? As long as ZYW keeps doing decent dramas, he'll gain new fans, so don't worry about it.


    You could always sit on it a little, even with the vvip system, the whole drama will finish at the end of Feburary, while vip finish in March, I assume subs will take till at least early March, if not later.

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  15. 11 hours ago, galea said:

    Have you started watching Rebel Princess? Any verdicts so far? I enjoyed reading your opinions of other dramas in the past so any thoughts you have at the moment would be appreciated. :lol:

    I haven't watched this yet, but a blog i'm following has been thirsting over him so hard LOOOOL. Unfortunately, I hear the audience in China aren't particularly impressed with this pairing? I mean I was reading their opinions through google translate, but they certainly had complaints about the actors. I hope this isn't just on the basis of the leads being older than the usual lot who star in period dramas.

    I read the novel few years ago, it's a story I could appreciate from a distance but never quite loved, a story that's pretty well suited for adaptation though. I'm on ep 4 I think? it's alright so far, gorgeous cinematography, I'm ehhh about the casting and it's not just the age that bothers me. Zhou Yiwei is surprisingly well fitted for the role, I didn't really expect him to. Zhang Ziyi's aura is too strong, the first ep when she was having a coming of age ceremony, it looked like she was becoming an empress XD I also don't think second male lead was cast well, but I'll live. Story-wise, I kind of hate a plot point that's drama original, and I rather dislike the use of some over-used tropes that's again, drama original. Other than that, it's alright, it introduces the cast and background fairly well.


    lol the douban rating. The age is a big factor, the character is 15, you can't get around it. ZZY didn't have to pick this novel, she's one of the investors so she totally pick this. There are other novels that would suit her more, other stories where the story doesn't end before it gets to her age range. She also made a weibo post that's basically slammed the drama's marketing team because they trended something along the lines of "zzy girly/youthful looks" and she states that she's not youthful at all. A lot of netizens find it hilariously hypocritical because again, she's one of the investors, she didn't have to pick this story, she didn't have to play up the girlyness (i know it's probably to contrast with later developments) and that might have affected the ratings a little.


    More importantly though, she's on an acting variety show recently, as a mentor. She slammed actors and actresses for picking roles that they aren't suited for. For coming into the tv industry cos there's a lot of money in it, and another mentor on the show slammed someone for playing a young girl they are too old for. All comments that netizens threw back at her. It didn't help we have string of three big dramas of actors way too old playing teenager in the span of a month (38 playing 13 in qin dynasty epic, 33 playing 13 in the novel, 16 in the drama for legend of fei, 38 playing 15 here), they are all rather long dramas, dramas that wouldn't lose a lot if they hired a younger actor to play younger version of them.


    As for ZYW. for some reason a lot of people find him too "oily", where someone doesn't take care of their appearance + like showing off too much despite not being very knowledgeable + overly confident + overly flirty (? it's really hard to summarise mhmm). I don't know where it's from? Someone told me it's from a drama I haven't watched, could be that character's characterisation? He doesn't give me that impression from the two dramas i've seen, and he's doing decent here, it's not easy to hold your ground against ZZY. Anyways, as long as the drama doesn't ruin the story by adding stuff they shouldn't or pace it horrifically, it'll be 7+ by the end.

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  16. 1 hour ago, tazmin said:

    maybe he can start a movement which productions will start allowing male characters to have believable hairlines with their wigs or just allow them to wear with hair with extensions 

    HAHAHAHAHAH I didn't really look at his hairline but you are right AHHAHAhah.  Hilariously enough, Chang Chen was rumoured to have been considered for the role, he ultimately went with Love & Destiny, which is a xianxia. These two dramas share the same stylist, William Cheung, who's an award winning stylist for hk movies in the 90s. He did I think a lot of the styling (usually only for protags) for big budget historicals in the last 5 years? Most of them have them pulling their hair way way back. Love & Destiny and this was filmed in the same year (finished filming in the same month), but you can go look at Chang Chen's hair omg. 

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  17. 4 hours ago, hush puppy said:



    @galea Thanks Galea.  I always hear compliments abt "The Longest Day in Chang'an".  I tried a few times (3X) i think.  But I found the set so gloomy, darkish.  Each time I only lasted a few minutes in ep 1.  Unlike other good dramas which is addictive right from the word "go". 


    So tell me how to enjoy TLDIC pls....

    I don't think it's for you then? I found the beginning pretty easy to get into, the larvish cinematography helped a LOT. I watched it half like a fake documentary on daily lives in Tang dynasty at the beginning to be honest. The pacing slows down after a while and the drama didn't actually need 48 ep IMO. It's a drama I could appreciate from a distance but never quite love, even though the drama was definitely my thing on paper, multi-party struggle with layered characters and different motivations, rich setting and gorgeous cinematography and a thriller on top of that. Zhou Yiwei is amongst the few that I liked in the drama, character-wise and he's an antagonist LOL.


    You could stick around for this one since it's grabbing you, and then try Chang'an again later, or like....just skip stuff?

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  18. Zhang Ruoyun finished filming Snow Stride Sword but he's filming a movie right now, judging by the schedule, he'll likely be there till early March (assuming no breaks, but February has Chinese New Years). I think the Grand Princess Li Xiaoran also started filming a drama (with Wallace Chung), Emperor Chen Daoming is rumoured to film a spy drama with Jin Dong thanks to Dragon TV but I don't see concrete news, Chen Pingping Wu Gang has been filming a drama with Huang Zitao since October. Other people might be wrapped up in other projects too but I haven't really looked. JoL's rumour starting day is May I think? I'm hoping for March though. Also hoping Wang Juan get on with s3 too, since I saw Young Blood 2 has a rumour starting date too.

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  19. On 12/15/2020 at 6:23 PM, Yuui said:

    @pad-hari Apparently the 2 first episodes will air toady on Hubei-TV as part of "charity" for Hubei-province. I think it has to do with the big problems and the lock-down Hubei had to go through because of Convid-19.  


    NRTA donated bunch of dramas earlier the year, around Jan/Feb to Hubei TV, they aired later the year. This latest donation is a surprise.


    4 hours ago, pad-hari said:

    Both have beautiful voices and why cant they do their own? 

    It has to do with noise pollution + budget issue. To record onset, it has to be real quiet and you can't make mistakes in terms of dialogues/emotions, which means higher budget. Fair amount of production company have deals with dubbing companies, pro dubbers dub really fast and comparatively cheaper, it's also harder to schedule around busy actors/actress for them to dub themselves. Sometimes it has to do with the voice not fitting character, but I don't think it applies here. They got dubbed in couple of their previous dramas too. (afaik, Journey of Flower + Princess Agent + Untamed)

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