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  1. 2 hours ago, pristineqi said:


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    I'll temporarily stop at Ep 47 due to busy real-life schedule; and wait till it ends. If there's a happy ending, I'll finitely continue and finish it till the very end :D. By then, eng sub will be available.. yayyyy!!


    Re the novel ... Who will suceed them in their kingdoms? They individually married and have children with other people??




    Ok I double checked. Basically their kingdoms were fighting and at a stalemate, so Zhi Wei sacrificed herself to make sure all her friends and soldiers could surrender without consequences. She got a promise from Ning Yi regarding that, then she talked about how she manipulated him and doesn't actually love him. He got mad and sent her to jail. Gu Nanyi came to save her (he's the second lead in the book) and there was a battle and some last minute reveals about small plot details and chaos. She "died", Gu Nanyi fainted from injury and Ning Yi was already sick so he fainted from shock too, and neither of them could find her body.


    The poison was actually used to neutralise Ning Yi's old illness/poison from an old injury. Both of the guys searched everywhere for her and she hid somewhere. So they came up with a plan where Gu Nanyi assassinate Ning Yi and he "dies", so she would pop up and see him for the last time. It's kept super vague in the actual ending, but it's made clear in the epilogue/extra chapter. Ning Yi's brother suceeded his throne, and specifically requested the two "dead" people to stay close by so he can ask questions anytime. But they kind of ran away at some point to travel LOL. Neither of them had kids with anyone. Ning Yi didn't have an empress either, I don't know how he managed that since he was close to like 30 when he "died", but I'm just going to not think about that.


    1 hour ago, dito said:


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    Was that poison plot in the prologue part too. Coz I read 2 versions of the book ...one had FZW poisoning someone in the prologue.....and he says she must have been planning it from a long time...(I say someone coz either Ning Yi's name was not mentioned or google translate was being cranky)...the other version starts from when the pagoda people are escaping with a baby.



    My book's prologue is someone carrying a baby. I think it's an extended scene that's written later? I read the WN and I swear it has bit of new content. (The scene existed before, but it was like a flashback told by someone that happened uhh idk middle of the book? and it wasn't as long) The WN doesn't have a prologue, it's just first chapter where she murders one of her uncle's wife (the one that her mum murdered in the drama lol). If her poisoning Ning Yi is prologue, it's probably an excerpt? that's really bad passage to pick as excerpt though. 

    Oh actually, you can pass me the passage/link and I can probably check.

  2. 4 hours ago, pristineqi said:


    Thanks for sharing the novel ending <3 

    I was contemplating to temporarily stop at Ep 47 (DVD) which gives such a lovey dovey feeling... Hehe .. and dream that the ending will be like this :



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    Can you please share more details about the happy ending in the novel? <3


    That's actually a good place to stop I think. They are cute like that.

    (Details about novel end)


    Zhi wei's mum want her to bring back the old dynasty or something, and she had basically a secret army of people that did intelligence gathering, assassination and protects her through out the book (Zong Chen and Gu Nanyi are part of it) that meant to help her with that. So she did, she fought for them, and for others who died for her, and for people who no longer have a place in Tian Shen, and established a kingdom. Ning Yi became the emperor and they kind of split the land in half. (It currently has 4 kingdoms, Tian Shen, Da Yue to the north (He Lian's home), one I forgot, Bei Wei? it's to northwest? Xi Yue in south west. She had power in Da Yue and had control over Xi Yue. The other country was too busy dealing with their own thing for a long while). Anyways eventually they both pretended they died (it was some elaborate poison plot they both schemed without discussing it with each other) and went to live happily outside of the palace. There was like one chapter that showed that, like an epilogue, they had kids iirc.

    Was there anything specific you wanted to know?

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  3. It makes more sense for tragic ending, especially if you want to elevate the themes or something. The Chinese viewers are predicting it because of something from the documentary I think. It's full of spoilers.


    Novel ending:


    It if makes you feel better, the novel had a happy ending so you can pretend that's the ending. After it looked like it was going to be tragic ending, because so much had happened and they were just on opposite sides, they had to do right by the people who were with them all along kind of thing.


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  4. @mrsj3n Check top right, if it's a yellow blob, it's rip from mangoTV, so it's the TV version. If it has the iqiyi logo (or not), and the episodes are sometimes 50mins, sometimes 40mins, on occasions (weekends) it's 25 and 35 or thereabouts, you are watching the TV version. the DVD version is consistently around 45mins. Just updated today (like half an hour ago), TV version is on 40, DVD version is on 47 (!!!) I don't know how they are going to make up 7 episode difference? have the entire last week, 12 or 14 20mins episodes???? This editing is absolutely bonkers.


    In other news, the rating have been doing better. It dropped to 0.16 at some point which holy richard simmons, it's pretty bad for Summer Hunan TV primetime slot. It's been steadily rising this week (as all the summer blockbuster are ending and people go back to school and it's a fun arc I guess?) The last two days have been 0.5ish. To be fair, Hunan TV which used to be guaranteed hits in terms of ratings due to sheer influence have been tanking in ratings this year apparently? (tanking for HunanTV that is, TRoP is just tanking in general so it looks extra bad with its tv slot, rip) The overall market isn't watching TV as much as two or three years ago too.

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  5. @galeaThe longer ones are usually more constructive but they still vary a lot and the front page are all reviews from the day it broadcasted, which is somewhat unhelpful, especially for long drama that have setup stage. 3/4 stars ones can be more helpful since they usually like the drama but aren't too in love to ignore all the problems.

    IMO the rise of phoenixes had a very low tension beginning, it doesn't grab people. Which in turns make a lot of people find it slow, which is entirely false, it packed a LOT of information in the first two episode, I think it gave too much info away tbh, there's nothing to hook people to keep watching unless you like the two main characters. Princes vying for the thrones is an age old story. Ning Yi's two faceness is somewhat interesting, but he overact when pretending, which can put a lot of people off (I find it hilarious tho). Zhi Wei comes across too impulsive and naive, which is terrible in these kind of dramas since you tend to die if you are like that, befriending someone from a brothel is out there but saying you want to be sworn sisters + only brothel have free souls is a SUPER bad first impression since it pulls a lot of people out of the scene (wtf are you doing scriptwriter. I also laughed at that though because it's so absurd).


    When the main OTP interact, it feels like a fluff drama which contrast starkly against the serious scheming bits that it's jarring. The antagonist are reasonably smart and there's always unexpected elements in various plots which make it bit more realistic and less one sided. But darn, initially I was pretty bored by all the crown prince scenes. I watched it with my family and they literally spent a lot of it chatting or playing on their phone, and my mum was all "why is the crown prince always on, he's ugly and boring" LOL, she somehow manage to miss the more fun bits with Zhi Wei early on somehow. They watch the episodes by themselves without me around now! (the current arc is my favourite squeeee) I think it gets better ep 10+ since you now understand who is who and their position and the scheming are piling up and plot threads start to combine and intertwine more, but not everyone have patience to give the drama that much time.


    Oh yeah My Huckleberry Friends is very different feel from ALSB despite both being school/youth dramas so I totally get why. I think it takes a bit to get into MHF too since it feels more slice of life-y. I don't know where you heard about Madhouse unless you follow Liu Chang 刘畅, the main actor since it's webdrama and doesn't have much marketing budget. I learnt about it from following behind the scene people of Nirvana in FIre/Daylight Entertainment. The first arc have number of jumpscares and I find it scary but I liked anyways, the latter arcs aren't horror-y I think, just bit creepy at times.

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  6. @galeaThe comparison to NiF is inevitable since it's now the golden standard for mass appeal historical drama, there are superficial plot similarities, I guess they are also similar in that they are both incredibly well produced, well acted dramas whose plot gets criticised the most. As for negative douban reviews, I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's incredibly harsh towards cdramas in general (6+ dramas can be enjoyable, 8+ are usually outstanding) because the sheer amount of dramas, rating/review manipulation tactics (for stuff that involves popular young actors) and just sheer amount of people that watch a series, it's hard to please everyone. This drama have a lot of issues, but it's unique enough and have enough heart that I can't help but love it.


    While you wait for more episodes, I want to rec you My Huckleberry Friends/你好,旧时光 (subbed), which is an ensemble high school drama, a fairly realistic and nostalgic one, not a fluffy one, doesn't need a lot of brain power but have so much heart and is so well produced, well written, well acted that it's my current favourite contemporary show. The novel is excellent too, and it's not a straight adaptation, but managed to capture the essence of it really well, so if you liked it, look for that too. If you aren't up for youth drama for whatever reason (please give it a try eventually!!), you can also try Duan Nao/Die Now/端脑 (subbed?) which is a mystery thriller with focus on various deadly games, or Madhouse/疯人院 (unsubbed), which is a suspense thriller that's 2 ep mini arc based, the first arc is horror though so might want to try it during the day. They are all contemporary dramas so the dialogue shouldn't be too difficult but the first one is definitely easiest to understand/use less brainpower.

    P.S. or you could look at the DVD version!! Everything will make more sense! 

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  7. 19 hours ago, pristineqi said:


    Ok, I got it... Latest episode for TV is Ep 29. For DVD version latest is Ep 33. Does this mean that there will be more than 70 episodes for DVD version?

    I think they are same number of episodes? DVD version is the initial edit, which is also 70 episode. The production team said they filmed for 100 and cut it to 70 episodes so :P TV version are cut differently so they are of varying length. (iQiyi have 30ish mins and 50ish mins episodes.)


    Some of the scheming are left unsaid and implied, coupled with a lot of characters (I'm still having trouble recognising some of the moustached characters), and TV version erratic editing, it can be pretty confusing! (The first time Gu Nanyi showed up was in next episode preview and they didn't get to that bit.)


    I've read the book half a year ago and I have the physical book with me, so if you have any questions, I can try answering them. I catch it on TV every now and then and I follow it okay, I'm still slowly catching up on the DVD version since watching every other episode probably doesn't count as watching the series.

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  8. @mrsj3n oh darn, looks like I accidentally erased a bit of my reply before. "I think they kept more than they indicated, a lot of zhi wei's scenes are from the novel. I think she has grown though, she's more weary of people and she's not absolutely clueless. She's just not ruthless."

    Ning Yi is usually faking it in front of the emperor I think? the over-acting is faking. If he's with Zhi Wei, it's bit harder to tell, sometimes it's half and half.


    ep 30 didn't air last night on Hunan TV and iQiyi is still on 29. ep 33 is the dvd version, which I think stops somewhere around in the middle of TV ver's 29, I think 

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  9. On 8/28/2018 at 1:20 PM, mrsj3n said:

    If I am not wrong, the changes from the novel to drama is about 90% so not much is original from the novel except the names and characters I guess. :D


    The problem is.... I don't see any enhancement to the male lead's character. :sweatingbullets:


    The character for Feng Zi Wei / Wei Zi is so far still naive despite facing hardships / witnessed bad things!

    I'm not seeing any character growth as she simply just won't listen!


    It's infuriating for me.


    As for Ning Yi, if anything, he's less morally gray than he was in the book, and I think that might be due to broadcasting restriction, which is very very annoying to me. Yes, the book was kind of mary sue-ish, but I honestly did like two smart characters outwitting each other and they had no qualms doing terrible things. We are seeing bits and pieces of that, and it's ramping up, so we'll see.


    22 hours ago, raziela said:

    Hooray!  Netflix is confirmed!  Great to hear it was co-produced by Netflix.  No wonder the production value is such high quality

    NiNi looks so beautiful on L'Officel!

    I don't think Netflix have anything to do with the production values? It's co-produced in that they bought the rights and is responsible for all the translations. IIRC, anime gets stamped with netflix original/co-produced label fairly often too. I'm glad netflix got it though since it has a wider reach than VIki or dramafever (which is severely limited I think)


    To people that's watching it now, I hope you are watching the dvd version because hunan TV/mango TV have some questionable editing at times. I still need to catch up. sfsjkdfh. I sure hope netflix got the dvd version too, I think they would have?

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