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  1. 40 minutes ago, leo2020 said:

    I think it's not the case here. This drama, compared to JoL,  just has weaker execution, slower story pace and bad promotion. 

    I also agree that they could have done better with FL casting choice. The chemistry between the leads was one of JoL's strong points.


    Personally I'm here for the story itself, and for Vengo, so I'm just OK with everything else.

    Yeah, I agree on with you on all front, I want to kick whoever that hired this director, also the person who promoted this as a wuxia. Ugh. My comment largely refer to cnetizens that haven't watched the drama, only seen memes and gifs on the internet.

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  2. 12 hours ago, leo2020 said:

    If I remember correctly it's 40eps for any drama, but the creators could make an application to the authorities and ask for a permission to have additional episodes; they should obviously justify that their request and need for more episodes is an essential requirement. However,  we all know it's not guaranteed the drama still won't be cut in the process of receiving a distribution license/ permission. 

    40 ep was always a suggestion, and has been since late 2018. They also strongly encourage modern dramas but it doesn't really mean you can't do historical dramas. You can do 45 ep, and sometimes tv stations will still cut them down for tighter story (which is for the best usually), and more time to air other dramas. 2021 have more than its fair share of 40+ ep dramas, including non historical.


    Discussing the 40 ep limit is kind of meaningless when it comes to SSS, because it has always been planned for seasonal. The long qidian novels (Fight Break Sphere, Ever Night, Douluo Dalu, My Heroic Husband etc) tend to opt for seasonal because the story is usually too massive to film in one go, splitting it into seasons means you can recoup the cost and see how it fares in the market before pushing it forward, it prolongs the IP's life, which is the entire point of adapting these novels into dramas, and in between seasons, you can get the new drama audience to try the donghua/manhua/games on top of the novels.


    21 minutes ago, Dominique Lola said:


    That's the issue with casting the same lead in a similar role I think. His acting doesn't differ too much either so it'll be hard to distinguish this with his breakout role. 

    I really wouldn't call it an issue when they did this on purpose. Both My Heroic Husband and SSS were filmed to ride off the JoL popularity, so cast similarity is consider a feature, and it worked by the way. MHH's drastic change from the novel + insane amount of gags (from ML + script) and SSS's dry humour from JoL's scriptwriter both emulated JoL's success, and not present in their respective source novels.


    Fan Xian is quirkier than XFN, and have rather different background so I personally don't have much issues distinguishing them, cnet's criticism so far haven't really been on ZRY's acting, the most they say about him is "oh his new drama isn't doing as well without all the veterans, huh?" which I expected.

  3. Jiang Ni is the FL cos she's XFN's fav in the book. I don't think Li Gengxi is good casting choice largely cos she looks like a little sister standing next to ZRY. Her character feels like she came from a fluff romcom historical, which is a little off.


    On 12/30/2021 at 10:45 PM, Jess1 said:

    I do not let other sites ratings such as Douban sway me but I am curious to know how this series is doing in China because I imagine the reception received will determine whether there will be a season 2 or not.

    Despite Chinese netizens slamming it left and right, it's viewcounts are actually doing pretty good, likely top 3 for tencent when it finishes airing, probably top 5 across all platforms? It's way less than what everyone is expecting (which is another JoL, which is about 3 times SSS in viewcounts I think, real rough estimate), but considering the absymal initial feedback, the completely misdirected promotion, somewhat slow pacing, I'm surprised it's doing fine.


    As for whether that means this will get a second season, I'd wait for JoL s2 to actually start filming before I consider SSS s2, they share the same scriptwriter, who have too many projects honestly.

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  4. On 12/26/2021 at 9:02 AM, Yitian_fan said:

    I'm also curious about what happens to the Empress, and whether Prince Chu succeeds her vs. the current Crown Prince.


    On 12/26/2021 at 10:35 AM, leo2020 said:

    I wonder about it as well). Since the Empress is a historical figure I've tried to read about her real story ,but there were too many names for me to manage and to associate with the drama characters))). So I've decided to just wait and see what happens))).

    Prince Chu is the Empress' grandson, so he's most likely Li Longji, who definitely succeeds after her, and would have been an amazing emperor if he didn't live long enough, since the rebellion in his latter life changed course of history for not just Tang but rest of dynasties as well.


    The Crown Prince featured here is likely Li Xian, Wu Zetian's third son. Li Longji's dad Li Dan was temporarily crown prince and emperor for short period of time too. By the way, Longest Day of Chang'an's emperor is Li Longji. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, ElleSor said:

    Does this mean that there will be a season 1 and season 2?

    I've started watching already and I was hoping that the modern times would come as soon as the ancient times end. 

    It should come after the historical portion ends, the yet unannounced air date is sept 9th, a day after historical portion ends. The date is calculated from other dramas that got bundled together with Forever and Ever for marketing purpose, the last one before Forever and Ever aired today, leaving open slot for F&E.

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  6. On 8/7/2021 at 7:40 AM, leo2020 said:

    That's actually the first Chinese contemporary drama I've not dropped and finished :heart4:

    Qin Lan is just gorgeous,  I've grown to be a huge fan along the way and will definitely watch her other dramas. 

    I love her so much as well, have you seen We Are All Alone? She play a boss character there, a busy agent that manage various actors/actresses, I liked that drama a lot too :D

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  7. 20 hours ago, Dominique Lola said:

    Besides, with China's emphasis on aerospace development, they might approve shows a whole lot faster if they butter up the government's successs. Less censorship and all. It isn't unheard of for the government to target shows after they air to make them censor even more after certain things receive public attention. Overtly lewd lines or territory maps with Taiwan/HK etc. 

    The focus won't make it get approve faster, it does give the drama more angles to promote besides romance/game though, but Gu Man definitely always meant to expand on the aerospace part, it's pretty apparent from the novel. Also if the drama had issues with maps, it'd get taken down to re-edit too, aerospace or not lol.


    I do think they could have edited bit more of Jingjing working in 17 and 18 but ahhh well.

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  8. 11 hours ago, whiteybao said:

    Currently watching on Netflix in Malaysia.


    love the FL. she is so diverse and can play many roles. I’m just a little impatient that it took >20 episodes for the FL to get together with the ML. I think this is a first.

    I actually didn't mind since i love the FL's portrayal. The drama is more about her life than romance. It was pretty cute once it got started, and I don't think it mattered much since ML was around all the time before the romance anyways. I have a sneaking suspicion that dramas put the romance in last third so you'd watch the whole drama instead of drop it once they are together and enough fluff scenes haha.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Ljieeee said:

    Just read on twitter, liang jie was part of steven’s another drama “the justice” ? But she’s not the main fl, it was done even before the day of becoming you. Post production toby was fast bec the filming just concluded last january. Happy for lj and steven but i don’t think i can watch them not playing couple on the justice lol

    He’s really growing on me. I’ll try after i moved on from toby, im on rewatching mode haha

    i’ve watched most of lj’s drama but i think her kissing scenes leveled up here :Pandabulous:





    She's second FL or third FL I think, it's probably not a light romance drama either, it's a republican drama that spans over long time.


    You can try some of Steven's other dramas later. My Huckleberry Friends (down to earth friendship focused youth drama with ensemble cast), Young Blood (costume drama with fun ensemble cast, adventure and mystery), Go Ahead (family focused drama, he's the second ML, some of the parents are really enraging though), Skate into Love (romcom with side serving of winter sports, pretty cute). I find him rather average (both acting and character) in Symphony Romance and I have issues with the drama other than that, but I know people that liked it quite a bit.

  10. 3 hours ago, SC2019 said:

    Thanks awfully for explaining what this means. With an S+, I wonder if Tencent will push for big promos or just 'wham - today's the launch'.


    I just found out that this is the 100th year celebration for China Communist Party (CCP), which is why they have shows like Faith Makes Great (propaganda type). Hopefully, they don't do what they did in 2019, and put a 100-day ban on dramas that don't deliver, erh, good values. If they do, we will have to wait before certain genres can be aired.

    TV dramas have been airing ccp themed dramas constantly since May, some were interesting, but tv ratings except for cctv are all in hellhole at the moment. The next batch of dramas should be regular dramas but it'll be up against Olympics, so it'll be rough, and I doubt they are dramas that international audience are waiting for. There were all kinds of rumours about webdramas airing starting late April, but honestly, there weren't any restrictions that I could see.

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  11. On 6/25/2021 at 9:38 PM, SC2019 said:


    @airgreen @tamachon @Yinye @skibbies @Gia Gia @frostflower14 @sugarplum892 @J13 @lovehuche @mrsyooknit


    The article reports that The Golden Hairpin has obtained Distribution license in April this year, which probably means they got through with the Censorship Board but a later article (about 10 days ago) stated that the drama was going thru a 2nd review (whatever that means). In any case, there are no airing dates as of yet. Some rumours about July/Aug airing date, but do take this with a pinch of salt. Still, that they have gotten the distribution license means we should get to see it this year (if that's any consolation).

    The second review is rumoured to be what you have to get through for in site promotion (the big banner that you see when you visit tencent's site), a fair few dramas got stuck on 2nd review, some are simply waiting for a good timing to launch during summer vacation, some are more or less up in the air. They can air the drama without 2nd review, but that basically set up for a bomb for big budget dramas, so that's fairly unlikely. (Word of Honor gave up on 2nd review by the way, but youku spent a lot of effort to promote the drama other ways and its audience are much more internet savvy + engaged, so reaching them was possible through good reputation)


    If they intend to broadcast this on tv, they'll have to wait for tv scheduling, which is kind of tricky, since various stations have various plans, some might co-broadcast so they have to coordinate the schedule, some like cctv just dump shows unannounced. Waiting for tv schedule can mean you sit on a licensed drama for a year or two. 

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  12. I'm not watching the drama at all but I peek at viewcounts, this drama is doing very well despite its online reviews being on the negative side (cursory look on weibo, douban and bilibili). There are lot of people that don't look at those three sites, and don't mind the old tropes or over the top plot elements (that beginning that chased away half of its audience...) and plenty of hit dramas have mixed reviews. Aside from the complaints, I heard the action is very good, because the production team is known for filming this kind of dramas.


    This drama's trajectory looks like it'll be pretty good. For an iqiyi exclusive, it'll likely end up second to My Heroic Husband, unless The Rebel do better. The Rebel is doing fine tv rating wise, but little below everyone's expectation in viewcount so far. The numbers for all platforms and stations have been all around abysmal this year to be honest, MHH the current view count king isn't even unanimously hit drama. (cnetizens have very high standards for hit drama, the last one people will reluctantly agreed to is Joy of Life, all the other dramas after have naysayers that argue this or that show it's not a hit)

  13. 8 hours ago, kur4p1k4 said:


    @skibbies Thanks for the explanation. Does promo banner make that much different in introducing a series?

    For your non BL fans that doesn't frequent weibo or douyin, yes. Weibo + douban is your fandom space with most concentrated amount of BL fans, bilibili have lot of them too, but fair amount will use weibo too, and they lean towards animations rather than dramas. Douyin is your general public, but it's hard to pop out against all the other drama promo + short video content. Whereas everyone that would your site will see the banner on landing page. It helps draw in extra audience that completely doesn't frequent online spaces but will silently watch dramas.


    This is little more apparent if you follow dramas that air on multiple platforms, dramas that don't do well just won't get banners, dramas that do well will get them, but they will disappear if there's exclusive dramas airing. (e.g. Court Lady have little promo all around, but its viewcount is actually decent. It still step aside whenever there's new drama airing at tencent. There's been quite a few new drama airing in the last month.)


    This is all just observation and my opinion though, don't take everything I say for granted, I don't have insider knowledge at all. xD

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  14. On 5/23/2021 at 8:32 PM, Wuzetian said:

    @linhlinh111 @skibbies A sincere thank you to both of you for spending time to contribute self written articles here.


    Just curious,  are both of you in the film and drama circle? 

    lol i'm not, I just spend a lot of time strolling through cnet, and I'm more interested in production stories/data analysis.


    15 hours ago, linhlinh111 said:


    I guess I have seen the term BL taking over more these day, so I was a bit confused between the 2 and made a mistake. Thank you for your correction.


    Huang JingYu did lay low for a while, and his reappearance in all these movies, I doubt it was because of his popularity from Addicted (not that I want to discuss his scandal). I didn't say they aren't successful right now, but they did miss the best time to boost their career. Addicted was still maybe every fangirls' first love, but comparing them to BY,ZYL,WYB, XZ, those who came later, XWZ was a bit far behind. The speculation of whether XWZ could have reached the others' level can never be answered, because of the fact that he did miss his best shot. HJY, well he's another story.


    I was hesitating if I should use the term idol drama, I find it a bit derogatory, so I settle for mainstream. But I guess idol is more fitting. I will use that term from now on.


    As for Guardian, I know its budget got cut along the way, so it still counted as low-budget? I didn't believe their explanation of the taking down because of the paranormal stuff, so didn't include the reason in my article, but it got the whole fandom worried for a while with many conspiracies. I had my theories too, but I'm trying not to be too personal.


    I apologize for mixing up the celebration date (I'm not Chinese). However, it's not official information, I heard it from AvenueX (she kinda knows inside stuffs), but it is to be expected that the censorship is to be tightened for projects airing during the 100-day countdown period to the celebration, and BL dramas producers should have anticipated that, slating for an April screening was pushing it, considering they want to make the most out of the drama's popularity especially after the finale. WoH's heat lasts for months, I'm not sure Immortality's team would have been able to continue the post-promotion or apply for a concert permission during this period had it aired in April. And in early May, NRTA did announce no BL dramas will be able to air til after July, so this 100-day period is probably true. I also heard the rumor that Immortality got stuck on the promo banner, again if it's true, promo banner and April slating, the Immortality team was asking for too much. After all, it's just a rumor, maybe they passed all censorship, but they came to the conclusion that April was not the best time, with WoH's heat wasn't dying down and the celebration date rushing in, hence they decided to wait for a more suitable date. We don't know for sure.


    I don't think WoH's promotion was excessive. Everything Youku has done til now was responding to fans' demands, and even that was not enough to satisfy their hunger. All fans know Youku is trying to cash in on them, but if they are all happy with the scale of what Youku is doing, then it is not going overboard, and it is only reflecting the true popularity of the drama. It's funny because meanwhile all other BL dramas have been leaking infos, pics and rumors flying all over the place even when there's no sign of an airing date, none of their fans are complaining that they're going overboard. I bet if their dramas start doing the same as Youku they wouldn't complain either. That's the definition of double-standards. As a neutral BL audience, I don't see how one drama's promotion campaign can affect my view and decision to watch other dramas, unless of course that other drama is of lesser-quality. As a WoH fan, I couldn't care less about the bitterness of WoH rivals' fans. On the contrary, I'm enjoying it, very much indeed.

    idol drama can be bit derogatory, but sometimes it's neutral term, hard to say. I just call dramas like Winter Begonia serious dramas, since the relationship isn't quite the focus and the background/tone of the series is more melo.


    i believe Guardian is low budget? But I've never seen it nor have i seen budget figures for it. i think a lot of fandom doesn't believe the reason either, and I totally get fandom worrying about it, but that's what the suppose reason is. 


    WoH's schedule specifically aimed for a 2 and half months airing time, because Youku scheduled it so. Immortality if it aired successfully would have been okay for April~May schedule, tencent's scheduling is little tighter time-wise, even though the drama is longer. I think they are asking for a lot too, but considering all the deals they signed up for, and the cast + budget, it make sense they want the promo banner. They want it big. Is it over optimistic and somewhat arrogant that they think they can make it so close to the date? Yes. but this is tencent so I'm just not surprised. Immortality is not the only S+ drama stuck on promo banner too lol.


    I'm talking about domestically and to general audience that's not BL fans when I'm talking about excessive promotion. Untamed's + its stars promotion was also response to satisfy their hunger, that doesn't mean they weren't excessive, of course that was a bigger scale than WoH's. Tencent + companies behind the actors were more well versed at pushing them than Youku is. 


    13 hours ago, kur4p1k4 said:

    @skibbies@linhlinh111 Thanks for the in depth explanation and analysis.


    Some things I'm still not sure is how big really is WoH in China that Tencent delayed Immortality release? Is it really that popular that Tencent think it's not worth it to air the more famous and has more fanbase title like Immortality? I feel like if you ask the average person on the street, even in China, nobody will know, only people who is online, female and younger will most likely know about WoH, that's my personal opinion not based on any fact. Like you said they have some promotion deals with some brands which mean at least they did plan for April airing date. Did they just think if they don't have to fight with WoH popularity they'll get more eyes on Immortality rather than splitting the attention with WoH? Is it more financially profitable to air later this year after 100 years celebration end? I really want to see their spreadsheet calculation on that probable earning, on what they expect to earn from Immortality, and see the calculation whether to air early or just wait until a more opportune moment, where it's the only BL drama airing.


    WoH and Imperial Coroner at least proved that if you have a good story, strong casts and characters, people will promote it by word of mouth by themselves, and it will be popular, even with almost non-existent marketing for both of this show at the start.

    WoH as a drama is the most profitable drama from Youku in recent years due to not just the subscriptions/on demand behind the scenes, but also the merchanising. Viewcount wise, it doesn't look that impressive, but it still outperform what's expected of it (just talking about viewcount alone), partially because it's Youku (slightly smaller platform compared to iqiyi and tencent) + medium budget drama. The main leads are enjoying super boost to their popularity and got lot of short term endorsements (I'm sure there's long terms ones mixed in too but I can't tell right now lol). They will actually get lot more + better scripts/productions handed their way, could look out what their next or next next project is.


    You are absolutely correct about what you feel if you just grab anyone on the street. It's basically known to everyone that would ever watch BL or wouldn't mind it. But it's likely just a name to people that's not interested, especially older audience + men.


    Immortality's release being "affected" by Word of Honor isn't being afraid to be compared to it, that's not really tencent's style. It's the fact they literally can't release it. Some people blame Word of Honor for BL tightening, when this tightening control have been a rumour since last year. I do think WoH's success contributed, but I don't think WoH is to be blamed for it. At the moment, it's not really "is it financially profitable to air it later", it's "we couldn't make it on time to air it early" (there were rumours they were still in post production in March). If you mean is it profitable to air it with promo banner despite the losses with the endorsement deals? idk, I guess so? cos they must have other ways to maximise profit besides limited time products. The better question is, will they still have promo banner then? (what if BL tightening is even tighter later?) Will anyone care still when they air it? (especially when tencent have multiple BL dramas in post production. Winner is King is rumoured to have passed NRTA recently, will that one need a banner?) Also how well did the story adapt, and did the adaptation come out unscathed is huge question mark when it comes to these stories.


    Sort of tangent but could be used as a comparison. Last year iqiyi had really successful series of thriller series. Bad Kids was wildly successful, but supposingly its over the top promotion + inapproriate memes (trivialising murder and such) + success made it fairly widespread, meant the rest of thriller series that followed had to go through checks again. Those series was stalled for two months before they released, one bombed, one was terribly butchered, one was critically well recieved. Could the butchered drama been a better product if there wasn't a recheck? Maybe, but I sort of doubt it. That didn't stop people from being annoyed and bitter towards Bad Kids. I think we are going to see similar situation to Word of Honor, whether we like it or not.

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  15. @linhlinh111 Good analysis, but I just want to note some minor corrections and additions.


    Farewell My Concubine was actually co-production with mainland and it was actually shown publicly in mainland too, I believe NRTA at the time really liked it. None of Farewell My Concubine, Happy Together or Lan Yu are considered BL, they are part of the LGBTQ genre. I note the distinction, because while BL certainly took influences from these classics and BL has help normalise gay somewhat, it's a highly romantised genre and its written form have fair amount of problematic tropes just like BG romance novels. There's fair amount of people that's totally okay with gay movies, but not so much on BL dramas because it's seen as a quick cash grab + furthering problematic trope + worsening actress' situation/how women are portrayed in dramas, but that's a whole different can of worms.


    Huang Jingyu didn't miss his opportunity at all, to this day he's in many big budget movies (those are much harder to get into). Operation Red Sea was filmed in 2017 and had massive success in 2018, he played a supporting role in it but had second billing. Xu Weizhou's recent dramas all have fairly decent budget dramas too. Addicted's success was actually definitely cut short, but I don't think them riding on the wave would reach even Guardian's level, because 2016 was a different time in webdramas, the production team was a much much smaller team + not super good at pushing their drama or the stars to mainstream. The two stars' latter success have little to do with the drama.


    Guardian's low budget was due to its investor LeTV going broke. It was reported for paranormal stuff, not BL. Re: the bit about Winter Begonia, "zhengju" is mainstream, it's just serious drama rather than idol drama. Re: Danmei 101, some productions resumed in March 2020, most of them in April, I don't think NRTA was really swamped, Hengdian definitely was though. It's not 100 years independence cos there's no one to be independent from lol. The 100 years is for creation of communisty party of China. Celebatory period was predicted to be at least June ~ July, but there was no concrete days.


    Immortality was always slated for spring (from the early promotion to the limited time product endorsements they signed with indicates spring), so at the minimum April was never considered risky. Of course the earlier you air the better it would be. Word of Honor's release was fairly rushed. Rumour mill had indicated that Immortality passed NRTA and got stuck on the promo banner. Word of Honor specifically gave that up, and used other ways to attract its audience. Word of Honor never aimed to break out of BL circle much, its quality helped it a bit, but I don't think the promotion tactic aimed for it, while Immortality seemed to aim for opposite so I think they really wanted huge banners and widespread promotion. Success of Word of Honor definitely put everyone else at disadvantage, I wouldn't blame the drama or Youku for it, but its promotion did end up being fairly excessive, so I get why fans of other dramas might be bitter towards WoH.

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  16. 4 hours ago, hush puppy said:

    Although Lou Jian did not directly disclose how much the production cost of "The Imperial Coroner", he said bluntly that "this is not the lowest cost movie I have ever filmed, and the lowest is only 9 million." The funding for "Xiao Wu Zuo" (The Imperial Coroner) is about 10 million yuan.

    The drama he mentioned doing at 9mil is from 2007 and 20ish episodes. It doesn't mention Imperial Coroner's actual cost, where did you get that number from? there's no way it's 10mil. 2017's low budget dramas (shorter too) were minimal 20 to 30m, so I don't think it's lower than that.


    12 hours ago, Emerald Snow said:

    Today was the official graduation ceremony for the students at Beijing Film Academy, including those who didn't get to have the ceremony last year due to the pandemic.  A few popular stars graduated, including both our Chu Chu and Prince An.  It seems like they are from the same graduating year, but they did not belong to the same class.  Prince An looks like he was in the same class as Wang Junkai, Guan Xiaotong, and Zhou Ye (Gu Xiang).  Everyone on weibo was looking for photos of Prince An at the graduation, except he had to go back to Hengdian to film and was not given the time off to attend the ceremony.  Poor guy.  I guess there was some truth to Chu Chu and Prince An's answers about being too busy to promote this drama because they were busy studying/writing their graduating thesis.

    Wang Zi Qi/Prince An is a year above, he delayed his graduation and did thesis presentation this year. His classmates are back for photos because they didn't get to last year due to COVID. He's two years older by the way, I think he took 2 gaps years off or something? They are both busy filming dramas at the moment, but I guess Su Xiao Tong/Chu Chu could take smidge more time off.

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  17. 5 hours ago, SC2019 said:

    Anyway @skibbies thanks awfully for explaining the royal lineage to us (so this story has historical elements?). 

    The novel doesn't have any concrete period iirc, as most novels tend to do, since writing it into certain period means people might nitpick it + more research. When adapting into dramas, a lot of production team will try to tie the drama to certain period to make it more grounded, it provides a base for what era clothing the characters should wear. In this drama's case, it provides a much more solid background to tie the story, which makes it much more realistic. Late Tang has its powerful eunuchs, regional military governors (Leng Yue's grandpa is one, what do they translate it as?) often have their own agendas and emperor trying to balance between everyone while keeping things in control explain everyone's motivations more. It's core reason for why Xiao Heng/dad end up doing what he's doing, and explain backgrounds of OTP too.


    I thought the emperor and princess was same generation and at least just a generation apart, so figuring out the family tree have been enlightening for me too. Wiking the emperors have been fun since I've always been real fuzzy on late Tang to be honest, so good opportunity to get that straight for once. :D

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  18. For those confused about the family tree, ML's great grandpa Tang Mu Zong (died at 30 from immortality pill poisoning) had three sons that went on to become emperors, Jing Zong (first prince, emperor for two years, killed by eunuch at 17), Wen Zong (second prince, emperor for 14 years, after Gan Lu Incident, he was basically under house arrest and became ill then died at 31), Wu Zong (fifth prince, emperor for 6 years, died from immortality pills at 33).


    The current emperor Xuan Zong was picked by the eunuchs cos he was pretending to be mentally unstable and they thought he'd be easy to control. He's the previous three's uncle but he's younger than Wen Zong by a year, older than Wu Zong by four. Princess Xi Ping is Wen Zong's daughter, Duke Chang is Wu Zong's son, so these two are first cousins. Oh, ML's dad was sent to suppress a rebellion in ep 1, that's directly related to the Gan Lu incident.

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  19. The dubbing probably has to do with significant dialogue change, it's somewhat noticeable at times.


    1 hour ago, hush puppy said:

    Hi Everybody!  According to V-Linkage, this drama actually out perform the  big-budget "The Long Ballad".  "The Imperial Coroner" is placed First.  While "The Long Ballad" came in second.

    Long Ballad finished on demand last week, and VIP this week that's why. I'm still fairly surprised that Imperial Coroner got no.1 though, there's several higher budget dramas airing at the moment, they aren't doing too well but they aren't doing THAT terribly either.


    Coroner outperformed expectation for it, its non update days viewcount is higher than first week's update days, there's significant drop in this week's non update days but it's still doing fairly well. Tencent didn't even have on demand/vvip at the beginning and changed their minds last week, they also finally gave it some weibo trending, and there's some reviewers (weibo/bilibili) doing recs.


    EDIT: oh wait Long Ballad finishes on wednesday for vip, my bad.

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  20. On 4/12/2021 at 12:33 PM, Dominique Lola said:

    Oh does anyone know what the deal is with the controversy with the author? Back then, she stopped publishing because of copyright or something so the manga was never finished. What's the whole story behind that?

    She signed up with the company really early (late 00s) and she probably didn't look too much into the contract or she trusted the company a lot so the company has full rights of the manhua/content she created. Apparently the working conditions and such were absolutely terrible there, so she tried to cancel her contract/pull out, but she couldn't get back the rights of the manhua so it's on hiatus. Tangent, there's been lot of stories about platforms buying out novels extremely cheaply and then sell it for extravagant amount for IP development (dramas, manhua, game adaptations), most well known being Candle in the Tomb series.

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  21. I know several dramas that do auctions for their props and costumes, some of them are donated to charity afterwards. As for WoH's auction, there's several people that admitted to price jacking sooooo yeah, while I'm happy that they are donating to charity + getting some money back for investing + more fandom engagement, this is also somewhat exploitive, I wish Youku released some nice small merchandise instead tbh?

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  22. 5 hours ago, nonski said:

    Thanks for the update on BJT's filmography.  I got that Little brother from Mydramalist.  Haoran and Wu Leo they name something like Little Heavenly Kings.  Gosh what's with all these titles. :)  


    TBH, this is his only that caught my attention.  Even in Who's the Murderer, I didn't even knew him back then.  I watch for DL.  I checked Ordinary Glory before, office drama, more like kdrama Misaeng, but saw it for Mark Chao, only now I recognized that he was there.  No body shaming intended but he was awfully thin.  I think he buffed up for YAMH and Ping Pong.  I do hope he keeps this physique and get more romance themed dramas and YAMH kind of drama.

    Little Heavenly Kings is way over the top title and I've never seen it used in chinese fandom, Heavenly Kings/Queens as a title is a 80s/90s term, so 00s had some Little Heavenly Kings, now it's just all stuff related to liulang/traffic (which is just how popular you are judging by online data). Them three + I think Jackson Yi was called 四大墙头 four big qiangtou (around 2017?), which is mhmm how do I explain this. Basically you have your fav/bias, but when your bias is too busy filming dramas and drop off face of the earth, you pick up some other people you like, they might not become your fav yet but they have potential to, you might also get over them rather quickly. They all happened to be reasonably popular and upcoming popular actors, so that's why. It was height of liuliang, so there was four big liuliang, Li Yifeng, Yangyang, Kris Wu, Lu Han, and three little which refers to tfboys, Roy Wang, Karry Wang and Jackson Yi. Anyways, chinese fandoms just have a lot of lists and nicknames and other stuff lol.


    BJT doesn't seem too keen on romance dramas, especially if they are the sweeter and fluffier kind, he seems to like dramas with more substance. There's a trend to make romance dramas with substance now though, so I hope he gets more!

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  23. I've seen the WoH rumour budget a lot, I think it's too low tbh? Rattan/Si Teng, also a youku A rank drama (same as WoH, 30 ep) is rumour to be 90mil yuan (a lot of on location shooting at remote locations in Yunnan, modern fantasy), 50mil sounds way way too low for WoH. 


    For reference, there's financial statement that states iQiyi exclusive historical Marry Me (2020, 35 ep) is 104mil, a yet to air 24 ep historical drama is 73mil, Spirit realm/The World of Fantasy (36 ep) is whomping 240mil. The former two are likely A rank, the last one is probably S. Currently airing modern drama You Are My Hero (40 ep) is 120mil (financial statement), Sunshine of My Life (45 ep)  is 100mil+ (producer said it). Dramas just cost lot more than most people expect.

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    On 4/4/2021 at 2:18 PM, realistic2280a said:

    Also, how come both Wenbao and KeLei are Captains...and their superior is also Captain Hao?


    Is it translation error?


    They all cant be just Captains right?

    Xing Kelei is captain of his team, Shu Wenbo is vice captain. His superior is like..leader of the special police unit? Guess the translator didn't know how to translate it? They aren't military so the other titles doesn't work I think? idk


    On 4/5/2021 at 11:53 AM, NYXbaby said:

    Did you guys noticed in the earlier episodes where XKL was watching TV in his room (at the base) and he flipped to a channel that was showing Go Go Squid. 

    I wonder if the producers are the same as this series? Prob not. Cross promoting. Lol

    Same production company, one of Huace's subsidiaries, Juku, the one that produces most of Huace's recent popular dramas actually LOL. (2014's Boss & Me, 2015's My Sunshine, 2016's Love O2O, 2017's Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, 2019‘s Go Go Squid, Love & Destiny, 2021's dt appledog's time isn't popular but I'll list it anyways) My Sunshine also shows up, Wallace Chung was saying something.


    Re: BJT, he's not really nation's little brother, he's just considered kind of pretty boy because of his face, people doubted he could play the role because he has a small face and slender build, despite the fact he actively exercise quite a lot. He did become lot of people's "young actors to look out for" with Liu Haoran and Wu Lei who are considered little brother far more often (he's couple years older than them but they debut really young).


    He first became popular in Fleet of Time (2014) as the second male lead, very classic kind of SML, unrequited love and always there for FL, very sweet and gentle, the plot and characterisation of ML and FL were pretty flawed, so he became the one perfect thing of the story (the novel was pretty popular and adaptation was very close adaptation so lot of people really liked it). Then Whirlwind Girl aired (third male lead?) in 2015 and it was really popular but I've never seen it. Rush to the Dead Summer (popular ip, reasonably close adaptation i think?) in 2017 also as SML, a lot of people really like the secondary couple, I've only read the book aeons ago and his character was also one of the most likeable character iirc. The Rise of Phoenixes in 2018 he was a supporting character that got very little lines (part of his characterisation) but also relatively little screen time and development, which is a shame, since he's second male lead in the book and a lot of people's favourites even if they didn't like the book or the otp. The drama made drastic changes from the book, and it bombed commercially, even though it was critically decent.


    At some point his fans got really mad that all his dramas weren't airing soon enough to catch on his popularity from all the SML roles in 2014~2017. He joined Who's the Murderer from 2016, regular since 2017, but he often took leave to be film in dramas. Ordinary Glory aired last year and he's finally technically one of the leads, it didn't do that well commercially, critically it did pretty good though, but it's not a romance drama. Then two of his dramas dropped at the same time this year, his drama with Wu Qian is rumoured to air this month too so if that happens, he only has one drama in the backlog LOL (and it's an anthology). Who's the Murderer helped maintained his popularity in the public somewhat inbetween all the gaps, it's one of the most popular variety shows and have a lot of loyal fans. Oh wait I forgot he had a drama with Sun Yi last year (filmed in 2018), ummmmm that bombed on all fronts. Modern dramas normally take about a year to air, but his last couple dramas all took around two.

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  25. 31 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

    There was a surgery regardless...No matter how non-invasive, im not sure how they open the head, and take the tumour out from the brain; the tumour which was considered *large* and *located at a very difficult position on the brain*..... :o

    I think it's mentioned in the drama it's done through the nose. (Someone did some research and wrote an article about it, there's a real case of 4.6cm tumour taken out via non invasive surgery, so 5cm is possible IMO) Technically there should probably be something on his nose to show that he did a surgery but oh well.

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