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  1. @adla I do like that XK treats QY as equal. I also want to note that he was few years younger when he was with Miya, in the range of 16 ~ 20 (just assuming idol debut age). At that age, lots of boys (and girls) have the mentality that he would protect her at all cost, because that's what a lot of media tell you, and what teenagers naively thinks means love. Then you grow up, and you realise there's lot bigger problems, and sometimes you simply can't "solve it all by yourself", so you are more likely to share the burden. Of course, the fact that he can actually be emotionally vulnerable with QY is definitely a plus in a book, since that's relatively rare, and definitely means he trusts her a lot, as well as treating her equal. On Miya's family, I keep getting the impression they made them both (implied) orphans to emphasis on their bond, and also to make the blind arc work. Since if her family existed, there's really no reason that XK have to be responsible for her. I don't have any concrete evidence since I didn't look for it. There's not many reasons for scriptwriters to write in motorcycles though, it's far easier to shoot car scenes, and you can have conversations in cars too! As for XK & QY's relationship, QY is more emotionally vulnerable in the book, he saved her from sexual assault, he's flirty and good looking, so she fell for him really fast. (ok timeline wise, it's about the same, but the book is shorter so) I think at the time, he does like her (definitely good feels, under regular circumstances could try go on date), but he doesn't like her enough to let go of Miya yet (he hasn't realised yet Miya is like family to him yet), or he just left Legends and transferring to VPG is not conrete yet, and QY got hated on due to him etc, I don't think it ever explicit tell you why. With the rejection, he had mentioned previously while joking around that he would reject anyone that seriously liked him. She blurted out playful flirting and hugging "let's be together, nothing serious though." He told her not to joke around, "you'll regret what you said when you find someone you truly like." The book is definitely lot more dramatic, and I'm still unsure whether I like that plot development, but it does fit the character trajectory in the books. Haaaa yeah you are right, there's unnamed female extras on the pro teams. I was going through the important named characters. I'm glad they got female extras, good job casting director.
  2. I like to think that after the busy period of training for world championship + taking of Miya is over, XK would actually get a chance to talk to QY and decide how to go about it. Miya is family, after bit of awkwardness, I think QY would also help with taking care of Miya, Miya would then eventually realise that she's not The One (XK would also repeatedly hammer it in, I think). - I think it's both writing and Yibo? They definitely rewrote the script to include motorcycles for Wang Yibo (since that's not in the books), but WYB is not flirty, he's playful once you get to know him I guess. It's probably easier to contrast the distaste/aloofness in the beginning and caring and sweet in the middle and end, whereas with flirty, it's harder to get the change in relationship/feelings across. Book!XK actually straight up rejects QY when she confessed because he knows she's serious. So I don't think he dated anyone (no time and he's still pining for Miya), he's just flirty cos he thinks it's fun?? It's also limited PoV, so he could be mostly flirty towards fans to maintain an image + in front of QY because it's fun to play with her. - lol young people is kind of bad at taking care of themselves tbh. They really could just get takeout, takeout is more convenient and cheaper than the hotpot XD - There's still only two professional female players in King's Avatar in a cast of 20 or so pro players (Chen Guo isn't, she's a manager. As a gamer, she's above average but nowhere near top even outside of pro league). It's just they appear earlier and more frequently so the imbalance feels less pronounced. TKA doesn't treat female players any different for the most part, which is definitely nice. I really glad they actually include Shu Wen and that girl, since it's drama original (Shu Wen is just a team coach in the book. Coach does imply she played professionally before I guess, but it's not necessarily concrete) In the 5 or 6 books I read that feature female pro players, they were all the first pro female player in their particular game. I did a cursory search about female players irl, and there's definitely not many, fair few well known ones also competed in Women's competitions (although I think they might be solo competitions mhm), which is little different from playing in a mixed gender team. There's of course definitely issues that the book mentioned, like using female players as mascots or gimmicks, having their looks/height/measurements being part of the recruitment requirements, it's pretty yikes. I think it's even worse than regular male dominated fields like tech (which is pretty misogynistic to begin with), it's kind of like gaming? (game developing or just playing multiplayers online), but you also have so many people commenting/speculating on your everything regardless if you win or lose. @themarchioness Ahhhhhh wedding!! It's so perfect. Love you Summer for organising everything. Of course Pei Xi would try to talk QY out of it XD
  3. Yeah, it's all coherent now. I think Netflix subs use translated names for teams and such. weTV might not? I'm so surprised Tencent didn't just paywall TKA, guess they don't have market share, so it make sense to have it for free to increase traffic, especially with their initial lackluster subs. Domestically, I think videos are free for a week after the series finish, then it's all VIP, I forgot if TKA or Untamed's final episodes were free for a day (24hrs) then paywalled. >_____>
  4. QY in the book craved for attention and love due to her family background, I think it bordered on problematic level at some point. So I'm glad she managed to grow beyond it, and super glad that she had XK with her. Yeah, I think Pei Xi's book is even more depressing because the sexism is overt and real, it's pretty easy to correlate to difficulties we face in everyday life. It's not heavy, but it is definitely serious. Ahhh, that book, it was really popular for awhile. No, I passed on it. It uses a lot of real life esport bits (players, teams, techniques, competitions) which is alright, but the author insisted she totally didn't, then had massive fights with esport fans, it was just really messy. I've read a few other esport ones and have some more piled up. GYH didn't really stump me since I understand basics of MOBA. I read one that was fully based on LoL, and it specify what hero they use and how they used it ("she Q'ed him, then used W to jump backwards and finished him with R" is how the fight scenes are written LMAO) that would have been too technical if you had no interest in gaming lol, I really liked the otp and the romance though! I do like gaming, I actually prefer mmo ones, I read a whole bunch of them when I started reading webnovels (I think like 50 of them.....), but nobody writes them anymore LOL.
  5. I don't know if this matter to anyone checking the thread, but netflix have been steadily updating their subs, up to 25 at the moment, they did 15 episodes first, then a week later, they did 10 more episodes. IDK about weTV, is it all VIP now?
  6. @themarchioness I totally forgot XK arrived on time lol. and I get the confusion with all the pinyin, too much pinyin actually makes my head hurts. I can see them not wanting too much English, which is why non of the character's game ID ever showed up, they would have been easier to remember tbh. But it's kind of hilarious that Go Go Squid had game IDs (dt, all, one, grunt, gun, solo, I think only appledog wasn't used) said out loud, but the subs would just show their actual Chinese names (it was actually really confusing for awhile because I couldn't match them). That's a primetime TV show and this is a webdrama. you would think webdrama is less strict. Anyways, our favourites' game IDs: XK: Void, Gu Fang: Cris, Pei Xi: Summit, Lin Yixuan: Xuan, Sun Zeyi: zy, Xia Ling: Cloud There's a LoL team called FPX (fun plus phoenix) and I did cursory search where phoenix are part of some other teams' names (idk how big they are though or if they are even pro teams), so I suppose they might want to avoid confusion. I really don't think Phenix avoids confusion though, it just teaches bad English XD. Hilariously enough, FPX actually employed one of phoenix's strategies, swapping Jungling (Xia Ling in GYH) and Mid Lane (Pei Xi) as needed earlier this year. This hasn't been done before (it has been done for other positions?), the book was published early 2017 lol. @raziela I think VNG was doing okay before when they had Pei Xi. You are right she didn't have the smoothest exit though, so who knows if she has money. I was definitely surprised about the Pioneer team not being there, and agreed that they adapted it really well. - Miya was more of a typical second female lead in the book (how she comes off in earlier episodes she shows up), I liked how she handled things more in the drama, blind plot notwithstanding. - I actually like Yiyi/Yixuan couple, they are pretty cute. If our otp didn't get together soon enough, I think they would have tried to help. Qiao Xin actually liking Qi Yue for real surprised me too, since that just didn't seem like her, but people have many sides. - QY doesn't reconcile with her family. In fact, they never show up in the novel, her family is mostly offhandedly mentioned. - Tangentish, I really liked Pei Xi eating lollipops, that's drama original, it's so so cute and contrast with his image so much. - I totally forgot, but XK is actually flirtier and more playboy, especially towards the beginning in the book. As a result, QY crush on him earlier I think. The drama is less romance centric, which I actually prefer. It's not that we don't get enough romance (although it wouldn't hurt to have more otp scenes), it's just they filled it out with friendship and family, and I like that, since those are pretty darn important in life too. The book is meant to introduce audience to esport, correct some misconception about the industry as well as streamers (especially female streamers), on top of chasing after your dreams and supporting each other through thin and thick, the drama adapted that pretty well, I think. Overall, I quite like the book, the drama's highs are better than the book's (music helps a lot, and atmosphere too, a lot of additions like Pioneer), but drama's lows is lower than the book too (the blindness arc, the beginning misunderstanding pileup). Re: Like vs love. It's very rare to hear "love" said out loud in cdramas, usually even when love is mentioned, it's describing it "my love of so and so" rather than "I love you". I actually can't summon any cdramas from top of my head that has "I love you", but to be fair, I don't watch a lot of contemporary cdramas. It's definitely a cultural thing, "love" is a very heavy word, you don't hear the phrase that often irl either. Re: 自嗨锅 (Zi Hai Guo), I think it's single serving actually. Just from the name, it's literally "having fun by yourself pot" XD They are popular with mostly students and young adults who's too lazy to cook (or literally can't in dorms in the case of students due to safety reasons). There's little reason for you to have this unless you are too lazy to go out though, you can have 麻辣烫/ma la tang, which where you pick what you want to eat, pay them by weight and they cook them for you hot pot style. The behind the scenes for it is hilarious XD Let me find it. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av56896579/?p=62 It starts 01:33. The link have all behind the scenes/mini documentary. There's some trailers, full version of OP/ED/insert song and I think the epilogues too. I finished the book with Pei Xi too hahaha. It follows a female esport player (FPS game) who's stuck with awful club where the women team is used as gimmick, forced to attend various events for money and increased visibility. The money are then use to fund the club's main team, and protag isn't allowed to try for the team because she's a woman, and she can't play on the same team as the guys! She meets Pei Xi at start of the book by chance at a photoshoot, and he helps her out because she reminds him of himself when he was younger. She transfers to Phoenix close half of the book, and Pei Xi transfers to the new FPS section too, so they are teammates. It's a ragtag team of rich playboy who thinks too highly of himself, someone who's been accused of cheating, a softboi who was temporarily banned from compeition for language and our otp. There's all these concerns about female players causing additional conflict in the team, distracting from practice, inapproriate for male/female to share dorms and be in close proximity 24/7 (even though she gets her own room...), everyone keep promising that protag totally won't date her teammates lol. There's actually not that much about games, more treatment/hardship + misconception of female esport players, and little bits of teammate's individual struggles. I liked this book bit less, since the relationship is bit less equal, protag does help Pei Xi to become a leader of the team (she helps her teammates when she can, she's basically the glue of the team), but the balance is still off. The female supporting characters are less one note, but I guess the theme kind of mean they should be. It's still mostly limited third person, but we see more of Pei Xi pov compared to XK's. Super minor nitpick. I have no idea WHY, but literally the entire Phoenix Conquer team (including Pei Xi) all had their names changed. They are pronounced the same, but they all had one character that's written differently, it threw me off SO MUCH. Anyways, XK and QY does appear as supporting characters. QY is sort of like Yiyi in the last book, a best friend-ish role, she's very suppportive and takes care of protag when she can. It's only been a year since the last book, even after Pei Xi transfer, Phoenix still dominates Conquer, as MOBA is traditionally China's strong suit. There's not much else, there's offhand mention that QY might return to the commentating stage now that Phoenix is pretty much settled, but that's about it. Sort of interesting to note but not canon to drama IMO, Summer was part of VPG (drama's VNG), he was protecting Pei Xi from thugs or something and injured his hand, then forced to retire. As a result, Pei Xi started playing Conquer professionally to lead VPG into world championship again, even though he was originally more a FPS person (the FPS bit feels like a retcon tbh). Summer is highly regarded in the industry because he started an esport related empire, netcafe, his own brand of keyboard/mouse/headphones, invest in teams etc. He showed that there were more career choice? stream of revenue? for retired players besides streamer or commentator.
  7. I missed decimal points there (also struggle to translate numbers across systems lol) XD 3.8mil and 1.2mil. They are longer than Jin Yong's work though, yeah.
  8. IDK why he would turn them down out of pride, he didn't really have the luxury with time constraint and all. The way Summer just dillydally around, I keep thinking he's pretty well off, Shu Wen was co-founder of VNG too wasn't she, shouldn't she be reasonably well off? Gu Fang might not be able to invest because he signed that unfair contract where he can't return to the esport field. I don't know if investing counts mhmmm. In the book, Miya offered, on the condition that Qiu Ying would leave (she said it to QY), XK just flat out refused (I assume Miya didn't actually tell him about the condition). Gu Fang invested instead, but there was no Pioneer team in the book. All the characters existed and are pretty much the same, but there was no team. (Luo Tian was super minor in the book as a result of that + limited time of QY as commentor, the one sided crush thing is drama original) @themarchioness You did an amazing job with the fic!! I really love the characterisations of everyone, and I like Xiang Kong had to look everywhere for her. The talk was A+, communication is essential in relationship, kids! I like the ending bit about XK paying for the meal and QY always paying for milk tea, that's surprisingly realistic XD Minor note, I think LYX's name is Lin Yixuan. His game name is Xuan. Ok! So I finished the book hooray! I actually peeked at some reviews of the pseudo sequel on Pei Xi, I think he transfer to a different game, and the female lead joins Phoenix (they spell it right in the book! I blame the logo in the drama, honestly) club and they support each other, which is cute. I haven't read it yet though. Anyways, there's a lot of differences in the book, as I mentioned, there's no Pioneer team. In fact there's no other secondary couple, well I guess Qi Yue and Qiao Xin kind of counts, but QX was just using Qi Yue. Zhao Yang and Li Gan doesn't exist, everyone else does but play a much minor role (Pei Xi and Xia Ling's character development is still there though). Since the central focus is very much on the otp. The book is also sorely QY's pov, so for half of the book, audience have no idea what XK thinks, and sometimes don't know what he's doing. There is a wee bit more game mentions, so him being unpredictable in games and his strategies makes a bigger impression. Xia Ling isn't related to QY in the book, Gu Jiayi, the girl that Xia Ling has a crush on in the drama is QY's cousin in the book, Gu Jiayi has a crush on Xia Ling instead. QY's dad started several businesses and they all failed, and he got really depressed and end up doing nothing at home, so she grew up really poor. Her mum got fed up, got divorced and married someone else. Her stepfather was well off, but really stingy and often berated her dad. He force her perform for guests he invited, and they'll just throw money at her. Her mum was unhappy at first, but later think she's ungrateful since she fights a lot with her stepdad. so she moved out the first opportunity she could. For Chinese New Years, it seems she usually spends it with Gu Jiayi's family, XK invites her home once they started going out though. Xiang Kong isn't an orphan in the book. He grew up with his mum and maternal grandma. He followed Miya to Korea, started esport there, but could only be in second rated teams and such. He felt like he couldn't live up to Miya so he left. He took QY to Miya's concert, but it was mostly as a goodbye to Miya, and of course to introduce QY, make himself not go back on his decision. Later in the book, it does mention that Miya to him is attachment to warmth? He wants her to be happy, doesn't matter where or with who. But with Qiu Ying, he wants to tease her, make her angry then make up, wants her to himself.
  9. Accents show up in movies. Most cmovies are original voices, dubbed ones are very rare and usually mocked, UNLESS it's with a HK actor who can't act in Mandarin. Accents in general seem to bother Chinese audience, and costume dramas dub their actors so that it wouldn't pull people out of the drama. (Okay, Ni Ni is likely more due to her voice not fitting Ling Xi) There's also noise pollution problem and recording live is more expensive, dubbing actors dub faster etc. Different accents also show up in donghua/chinese animated shows, usually for comedic purposes. Dialects don't because often you can't actually communicate across dialects, you essentially need a bilingual person, and in that case, why isn't your character speaking the same dialect? IRL, you do sometimes get someone older speaking dialect, and someone younger might not be confident or very good at it speaking Mandarin, usually it still strike people as somewhat odd, more often than not, people will just switch to Mandarin.
  10. Right after the flashback between Li Gan and Summer, Summer mention (to XK and QY) Li Gan basically used the 300k to force Sun Ge to leave, because he had a massive crush on Shu Wen. Sun Ge knew it was everyone's dream to go, so he used the excuse that his parents weren't well and need to help out with family to quit. To Shu Wen, he was a quitter due to that (and broke their promise) and never quite forgave him. Unrelated, I totally forgot to mention. While I was watching the drama, somewhere around when XK was at VNG. we noticed the team uniform in OP but we totally couldn't recognise half the team, eventually pin point Sun Ge, pinpointed Xia Ling way later. Anyways, I totally thought that the Pioneer team would pool money together for Phenix? For Sun Ge, for their world championship dream, and also because XK was like Gu Fang's handpicked protege, Pei Xi is obviously related to Summer, Shu Wen already knows half the team and could be team coach, Luo Tian is little distant but is still pretty related to the team. They would all have saving and all too, but that never happened, I was pretty surprised. I mean they gave their base to them, so it was passing along, and they totally helped too, but I expected financially too??
  11. I clearly remember Yiyi saying Qiu Ying's apartment was bigger than hers too, and I was SO confused when we finally saw YY's place, because it's definitely bigger! She had a kitchen, a dining room, a little sitting space in addition to a proper living room, excuse me? I do think it's just a loft and they are probably sharing a bed, so upstairs might just be bed and little bit of wardrobe space. Since there's no reason YY would have a two bedroom place and no roommate. I also got the impression YY rents the place, since she was jealous that QY paid for her own apartment. Still expensive and there's little reason why early 20s would rent a loft, since YY is not a streamer. But I know that's nitpicking XD I assumed it was Shanghai because other cities probably don't have TWO top tier esport team in their city. But dramas set in Shanghai usually have fairly clear indication they are set there (see the other two esport dramas), I'm guessing they purposely blurred out the setting. I think it's possible to pay down payments for QY's place in a second tier city, just not anywhere in the Yangtze River delta, because it's too expensive. Maybe it's second handed (even though it doesn't look like it :P)?
  12. It probably actually haven't been that long since she graduated. Assuming she moved out when she was 18 after she graduated from high school, she would only be 23. 23 also make sense for XK since 25 would be considered old in the esport world (assuming the same age for the otp ofc). She was a reasonably popular streamer in the beginning of the drama, and just transferred to the iConquerer section, so she could have started as a university student, which isn't that unusual as part time job these days. I did find the fact she paid down payment for a pretty spacious apartment in what looks like Shanghai? kind of hilariously impossible. Even if it's in Hangzhou or something, it's pretty outrageous, but she could have had a insurance money/trust fund left by mum (I've seen this before in novels...). Being a streamer could get her lot of money but they all have companies behind them to promote and strategise to make big bucks, and she doesn't. Anyways, she's younger in the book, still in university and no apartment to her name, she just rent a place, because streaming in dorms is inconvenient. Being a streamer is actually the highest paying part time job she could find, which I find fairly believable. She mostly use it to pay for rent and university (which depending how well she did in university entrance exam, could be pretty cheap, first tier universities are all public universities I think, they are all subsidised. e.g. Fudan University, cursory search seems to say 5~6k rmb/year. Generally private universities might be 10~20k?).
  13. Starting with Ji Xiang Kong in the middle, with Gu Fang in top left is 伯乐 Bo Le, as in he discoverd JXK's talent? former captain. Sun Yi: teammate, senior/senpai/sunbae. Miya: First love Shu Wen: team coach Qi Yue: Compete against each other Qiu Ying: Couple that likes to act (lol. it's mostly referencing the early episodes) Xia Ling: anti-fan (lol) Lin Yi Xuan: Only fan. (as in when you are fan of the person, not his ship or his team, fandom term, tell me if there's an actual english term, I'm doing literal translation lol) Pei Xi: Career fan. (fandom term. only cares about JXK's career) Zhao Yang: thorn in the flesh/pain the butt Qiu Ying's relationship with Miya: love rivals Qiao Xin: Compete against each other Luo Tian: Shifu/mentor Lu Yiyi: Bestfriends Xia Ling: Absolute siscon (lol) Gu Fang & Sun Yi: Good friend + former teammates Sun Yi & Shu Wen: former teammates with a story Shu Wen and Qi Yue; team coach Qi Yue & Qiao Xin: Underground dating Qiao Xin & Luo Tian: boss Luo Tian & Summer: Good friend + former teammates Summer & Pei Xi: Cousins Pei Xi & Zhao Yang: person he's trying to win over (the arrows are weird, I think it should be the other way around...but whatever) Pei Xi & Lin Yi Xuan: teammate Pei Xi & Xia Lin: idol Lin Yi Xuan & Lu Yiyi: love-hate couple that's always arguing Re: Qiu Ying in the book, I'm still in only 1/3 way through, so far there's no indication she had an ex. She's also still in university, studying broadcasting & media or something, so it's possible she's never been in a relationship before. Lu Yiyi in the book is also a new friend she made, not a bestie she's had for a while.
  14. I'm more MMO PvE person compared to PvP too, PvP is so aggressive and immidating lol. China had fair amount of MMO web novels, but they've all but disappeared in last few years, replaced by esport novels that focus on MoBA games or group shooting games like PuBG. The shortest clearing times is mostly to get the guild names out there to recruit more newbies, since it's broadcasted "world wide" (across all channels) and shows up on ranking board. It's vastly different from how regular players would play the games, and it doesn't quite get into the big dungeons with 10+ people or co-ordinating between teams to take down a map boss.
  15. I think GWY's parents bought an apartment near his university because they are relatively well off, and also because guys are expected to have a place when they get married. I think students are either required or expected to have internship for last year of school because you don't have lot of classes, unless you are going for masters like Wang Shan. By the way, I think you can actually watch the video he used for "studying", it's great. That would be handy because they are all hilarious. It's what you would expect from him in that particular situation like "how to comfort girls?" "why would a girl suddenly give you cold shoulders?" It's painfully real and endearing.
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