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  1. Hmm OYS character is just.. Hmm clueless. Sadly stereotype of celeb so diva in much dramas alike, not independent, but she is bright, hardworking, having that talent of remembering something (KJR verified that too, is something to be brag about) and I guess on next, she will killed the laws in shining style! We see much development on just 2nd ep. And to think that maybe in the end she just perfectly fit in laws office.. She just walking round rather than straight to the laws jungle and his heart
  2. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    who are them???!! I could be a fan of just from those gifs Btw oooh I love this thread @Lmangla, so much warm humans and foods in heat
  3. I know Kim Kang Woo from Circle and Joo Ji Hoon from Princess Hours at first then addicted to watch his works even that Zombie rush I haven't finished, I'm sooooo sooooooo can't wait to watch this out!!! (that I thought it was already airing last night too @sushilicious so I'm panicking search for this drama thread lol) ok counting days! Butterfly rush in my stomachhh!!
  4. Hiiiii! Come write that minus and get that works for math here 506
  5. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    1 of things I love is that surprised feelings when this forum can be so.. Much more. How can I explain it? When it is drama thread, I feel like I'm not just watching, but watching together and trying to understand deeper. Really want to join more drama thread in the future. Then, when it is hangout thread, I feel the warmth.. How people can be so caring, carefree, supporting through words behind life of an id are beautiful. And I'm really thankful for a chance that maybe I saved from tsunami because of your prayers too, good people. Thanks sister in heaven @CatchMine_ID who was introducing me to this land 2 pieces are never enough for dim sum. I need a bucket more and want to share the love!! 3 tagging hmmm.. People that I wanna tag already here or am I missing my brain capacity to remember all username, even my simple math +2/-2 is not trusted these times lol @sushilicious @USAFarmgirl @triplem @staygold @dotonly @lynne22 @Dhakra @stroppyse @Lmangla @staygold @cenching @mouse007 @angelangie and from recent drama thread.. MotA @hyuuhikari @rori0711 @Kasmic @PororoQueen TD @Ameera Ali A little anti-love song that is one of actually my fave.. Never gets old!
  6. @sushilicious ramyeonlicious or.. Mathlicious? 506
  7. exactlyyy, the airhead girls story is sooo old. I hope they make something about it else it will be boring. Idk the original webtoon story btw.. But all the effects and songs, extra are catchy I still have high hopes on this.. Can't lie though there is butterfly in my stomach when I see these two again together on screen, please don't waste them writer-nim.. For first episode, this show is the perfect refresher
  8. Nahhh always crave for ramyeon when watchin them! +kimchi 504
  9. Let's watch their fourth life together xD 950
  10. this is the last thing he would like to choose. Add from his actual comment: before doing that he will choose to be die first and I prefer to stay with just fmvs and maybe some musics.. @mouse007 thanks for the kind words and support!! ~~~ Btw for those who is not checking out yet, the second owner era already in it too, xbairama http://youtube.com/catchmineid 950 (whatttt already in 900s)
  11. Annyeong everyone aimed this drama since the long trailer released in tvN drama YouTube channel, just managed to find this thread! I will join starting from today waiting the subs out.. Excited for Sunnys and Reaper next life feels thanks to recapers lol.. I love how extra this drama is this gonna be really good btw @0ly40 thanks for making this thread, it's time to change the title to ongoing drama (finally ongoing!!)
  12. reachin' YouTube viewers and likes are hard Sorry sister above the clouds.. add: @Sejabin WLFKBJ is the cutesssttt! 480
  13. I love when art become so artsy then it makes me quest 'are they human?' 476
  14. @triplem things are.. Keep turning and just keep going, we can talk about it later you should enjoy your time with fams much love! 476
  15. @sushilicious dreaming is free!! 478
  16. @hyuuhikari @rori0711 wahhh thank you so much guysss glad to read yours.. Huggsss Below is one of great moments.. Hahaha P. S. He knows he is capable:
  17. Oh my Goddddd thank youuuu sweetowlsis, let's close their story that way so happy to read yours! 478?
  18. I love coffee, I love tea I love the java jive and it loves me coffee and tea and the jiving and me a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup! just like that song I love coffee, I love tea. Please I want a cup from oppa~ The people seem so warm I think I will like this show for a long time, it just heartwarming btw this makes me want to rewatch Coffee Prince huahaha
  19. Hello friends, hope you all don't mind that I'm dropping my fmv for this two but sources not good (any advice where I can get good sources of raw vid?) should be set in 720p and still will be.. Yashhh but I hope you guys check it on my YT and give it a like it will be soooo niceeee I wish I knew where I was 'cause I don't have a clue I just need to work out some way of getting me to you 'cause I will never find a love like ours out here in a million years, a million years my location unknown tryna find a way back home to you again gotta get back to you, gotta gotta get back to you I just need to know that you're safe given that I'm miles away on the first flight back to your side I don't care how long it takes I know you'll be worth to wait on the first flight back to your side~~
  20. Hello thread.. long time no see after 2 weeks from the drama finale.. my try for this drama fmv but sources not good (any advice where I can get good sources of raw vid?) should be set in 720p and still will be.. Yashhh but I hope you guys check it on my YT and give it a like it will be soooo niceeee for the open ending, it makes me keep imagining them meet via a new dimension, so I will just end their story in my mind with this version: after they meet in that place where Jinwoo shoots the NPCs, they realized that is their way to reconnect, at that kind of world firstly. Then Jinwoo and Hejoo are going to have some privacy besides all the game players, after a long wait they already knew the code where they meet soon, that Granada hills. So Hejoo takes her flight immediately and the two gotta back together with love
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