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  1. aigoo.. I haven't watch it yet but it's on my list, abnoch is watching it I guess:( 638
  2. 636 Kim Nam Gil injured?:(
  3. finally finished ep 8 and changing my dp! @ktcjdrama I love when Sewon analyzes so much the changing of Jungrok, that he already really deeps to her. KJR is sooo sincere!!!
  4. TYH is so diabetics hahaha xD I hate the fact I just can catch up one drama for these weeks hmh school tasks are no joke these days -2 (can't declare the numbers! xD)
  5. AWWWWWWWWW thanks for live recappers I came late.. I forgot I'm in different timezone than usual lol so dumb of meee BUT WHOAAAA that kiss is a proper build up for our couple storyyy so happpyyyyyyyyyyyy, let's pray for level up EVERY episodes will come because they are both a fast learner xD and it's Yoo In Na, Lee Dong Wook! PD and caster should not want to waste them!!! thanks @triplem @staygold for tagging so can find the kiss post directlyyyyYYY! YEAYYYYY!! **\o/**
  6. back to my acc and this thread 598
  7. IKR???!! Can we appreciate THOSE moments of him when he was writing the letter and get confused so his hair turned messy WHOAAAAAAA (I will save it in gifs later, I should!!!)
  8. Hello! I just finished watching ep. 7 and I'm just like dying dolphin watching their cuteness oh my geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so cuuuuuteeeeeeeeee >.< I'm betting on episode 7-8 for the kiss but I guess somehow the kiss will be interrupted then it will be on next episode (9-10) and I will lose T___T I hope my guess is wrong!! @triplem @staygold (but then I will still have to change my dp in sake of @abnoch bet aish.. But soon, for this one, is better!!!! So we will have a chance to move to another kiss level lol. I'm betting so hard tonight with him)
  9. 552 @Super Gal99 waaaah nice to see you around again!! Omg superrr yash this gift for you I hope you like it: https://youtu.be/fOXHo6iYB9o And wish you are well
  10. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    Thank you dear sweetheart @gm4queen
  11. Let me attach this fmv before today 3rd ep, crossing it to their prev life hmmm can't hold it hope you like it too chingus, a tick on YT like button will be superrrr nice, thanks I'm getting ready for tonight/tomorrow morning refresher
  12. bairama

    anti love game

    Fun to read you all chingus. Here I'm riching my knowledge about dramas.. ... And being an ice cream seller!
  13. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    Hello good night/good morning, calling all that might be a fan of WangSun Goblin couple here is my gift for this event hope that it makes you guys more energized, spirit of the day! it will be superrr nice if you like on YT, thanks for the support @Lmangla @UnniSarah @Sarang21 @icemaid @phoenix24 @angelangie @katakwasabi @gm4queen @happyfanlgx @cenching @Sejabin @LyraYoo @Maryam @kokodus @Lawyerh @triplem @nohamahamoud2002 @avondale16 @Matilda_Anne @joonminfan @Jillia @staygold @Ameera Ali @Visually-wandering @pawla @rori0711 @USAFarmgirl @packmule3 @Dhakra @mouse007 @kokkuri33 @Minoo Maani @dotonly @Kasmic @hyuuhikari @stroppyse @lynne22 @nrllee @wenchanteur @angelwingssf @alcides14ahjumma @maria1983 @_gillianne19_ @gm4queen here comes the gift hope you like
  14. 730 A tick on it's YouTube like button never hurts thank you good people
  15. finally out my cave.. Just finished an edit.. On uploading new fanvid Hope supergal99 better, this will be a gift for her too -2
  16. Is that my twin there???!!!! We have to team up as annoying sister bonds lol -2
  17. @abnoch who says I'm not? I'm enjoying that a lot~ I know we can relax at least for this year even you are unemployed thanks to your previous hardwork, but you don't know me is a quite type of businesswoman lol. You are the one who should I whisper look at him making noodles in this hour.. Hhhhhh *runnnnn before he is finished 662
  18. Annyeong 32 eps with each 30 minutes, basically it's equally 16 eps normal tvN like, let's watch the same show again chingu
  19. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    Tteokbokki maniaaa!! the texture a lot more like Cilok in here, but Cilok serve with peanut sauce.. I'm a fan of these two love it spicyyy Not fancy in the looks but taste really good in some sellers
  20. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    Thank youu @gm4queen I wanna ask are you a fan of Goblin too (it's second lead!)? I prep something on it I hope I can attach it soon as gift for you too
  21. bairama

    Soompi love feast

    ahhhhhh~ perfect for this month!! Thanks!
  22. Again, imagining is dream alike and dreaming is free!! No bill allowed hahaha lol 508
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