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  1. whats wrong to be accelerate student that choose to not enter college this year? I'm finding my way own. whats wrong to find my happiness beside your straight line version of successful life? I'm diggin' my own. whats wrong to defense my loveable brother when he is really sick? I'm wishing to cure him. whats wrong to have a boyfriend much older 5 years from me for now? He is doing good to me. whats wrong to hold on with ourselves sources since my brother has been working hard for our independent? He taught me well too. We already run in blood, sweat, and tears. Just stop finding fault in our live, bloody hell 'related'. When I said "honestly y'all don't deserve every single penny from my brother savings anymore from now on." Then they just replied "sure, because your brother is not making anymore right now." I was talking with WHAT animal, really? Even dog, pig I bet would pity your drama. We're not you can proud about? Thanks I'm glad.
  2. bairama

    True or False.

    True. Next person doesn't like cola
  3. true! And if only I'm the super powerful admin here I would gave back all the points and it would be to fairy level not just an immortal hmmmm.. Then.. This is the new you Mr. Dhakra? my bad didn't read back pages at all wish those fluffs can make you feel good! Hehehe I'm just watching Doctor John these days.. And also Watcher but still stuck on ep. 2 You never know how my brother losing himself the moment he knew USAFarmgirl was nowhere, your comeback is a miracle for us 802
  4. @USAFarmgirl 2 I hope so!! what dramas are you watching?? Only turkish? 804
  5. kinda need someone to talk about not happy thingy.. Sadly. I'm sorry Soompi.. Why I always come to you like this~
  6. what is love? The pure meaning of it? Thankfully since I was young, I have been growing in full of love environment. But.. What often people calls with love can be so destructive, in my own two eyes I saw it happened years ago. Why glorify love when it can be that problematic? Or, was I seeing a false statement of love? But then I feel loved and I admit it is helping too, even not a solver. But what I feel, is it love? What is love? Kinda funny. Or, simply I just don't want to see again the downfall in the name of love.
  7. So lay down your weary head Try and sleep now Calm your shallow little breath Be at peace now Another day calls out for you to make your own This one goes where all the other days have flown So lay down your weary head Be at peace now Try and sleep now What does it mean to be loved? What does it mean to be.. Loved? Cast away your darkest fears Be released now Still the pounding in your heart Be at peace now May your dreams bring joy and wonder through the night And the morning find you glad to be alive Cast away your darkest fears Be at peace now Be released now What does it mean to be loved? What does it mean to be.. Loved? So lay down your weary head Be at peace now Try and sleep now.. Arco - Lullaby
  8. eh @USAFarmgirl 2 I'm soooooooo thankful to see your name again here thank you for coming back.. -2
  9. hi all, want to join this thread as I'm enjoying this ongoing drama so much by far. It makes me thinking: to be able to cure someone's pain is a really strong sentence and also, to be able to make someone feels pain when they numb is also important.. I hope that I can taking care of those people I love the best as I can..
  10. hehehe the selfie is on my dp. Fav plushie as far I'm into kdramas Hi everyone nice to be able see you all again here subtract 2
  11. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~ *overjoyed can open this site again and tonight is the start of final week of HPL @triplem I've been focusing myself to enter the college this year.. I'm a monk in the cave that stealing times to watch HPL.. lol @cenching I read your post about hanky panky in HPL thread and now the Barbie song is playing in my head -2!
  12. oh my my his modeling instagram pictures that yall post here is!!!
  13. to know all of these bitter things we will go through next week, we are all like:
  14. can't hold to answer it even you ask to cenching.. LoTR and HP are masterpieces!!!! @Sejabin -2 what numbers?
  15. Perfect words representation of uri KJR burden.. !! I'm crying to imagine these words with the last minutes of epi 12.. to cheer up here I want to present to the thread.. Please enjoy it with me.. (I rofl-ed when this scene came, I just love the way their edit KJR reaction.. God LDW faces made my day.. It's nice to know he is still human)
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