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  1. 698 @TiNaDo yep, a very normal of this thread hahahah *back to be just a smolllll resistor
  2. retweet! congrats too bunnieeeeee @snowlou 584
  3. 586 youre free today @staygold?
  4. im preparing something for thrill of the battle event memories, hope can realize & finish it soon! 584
  5. im die hard fan of this scene, looks simple yet powerful in meaning LOVE the trio! More happiness to them together!!!
  6. The thrill is killing@angelangie -2 *in big and red color (haihh im on phone so icant make it big & red)
  7. The piece of me that wanting them do what adults do for the desire, but then feels content about how the romance flow on ep. 9. Its perfect & heartwarming for now. Later hopefully. The main highlight of ep. 9: sc from twitter azuresky2020 (original tweet please look spoiler)
  8. I had to work a split shift. Got home and passed out after being up 22 hours. I woke up after like 4 hours of sleep to try to play but you guys were already done. Youve worked hard ngl tho im glad so i can sleep sooner, so close to up all night long hahahahahahhhh 520
  9. Ok edit this maybe wrong! sorrryyy but the killing me part is sincerely from ma harttt huhuhu. Nice finding about the latest ST drawing, he draws KT figure in pinnochio nose. He knew it all the time KT prob lie sometimes & he held it instead and obsessed to prove he is can be relied!!!! this unsolved communication/misunderstanding between the two is killing me
  10. Where r u last nighttt This is soompitalism!!! 506
  11. 506 Phiphiii im missing uuuu
  12. There are no discount for badge price? Still 2,5k per each? 500
  13. One of beautiful resolution indeed.. "This time, dont stomp on it (the flowers)" *MY smiling freely So adorableeee
  14. @Alice Wonderland we have to wait on for next paydate to see FoS works it charm 480
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