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  1. @refuse2sink we have to work really HARD 830
  2. Yeah and save a lot time for drying hair also, cool @nrllee -2
  3. This is so goood! I hope you like your short hair a lot too. Hehehe I'm kinda emotionally attached when read it bcs I'm in stress/sad bcs hair loss.. I still cant find a way to grow them back before I had scar in my head -2
  4. Why I haven't asked this to my mom and dad before they're gone, about my name.. Is it in one code with brother even he is from different dad? Was my dad initiate this? The first letter in words will be R. P. A. and me R. P. B. Hehehe I found it cute then if I got brother/sister it would be in R. P. C. initially? Btw I miss you guys. Rest in peace..
  5. from what the ipad prize you get @angelangie? Sounds awesome! -2
  6. by far, I hope it would work out. I'm still baby, on going to 6 months and this is my first LDR--I feel positive vibes from this. Our communication is not that intense (we agree it would be sickening for both) but we are having small commitments like we can't skip 1 week without any calls to blab about how's life was going and face time (min. 1/week at anytime).. I gain so much mutual supports and happiness from here. Don't angry in texts or silence, talks in voice about it.. Schedule short trip/time together at least every 3 months.. Karaoke older song time when found new song of worth.. Etc. Those may sound silly for others, but it doesn't matter I think. The most important thing, sounds cliche but still, learn to know about yourself and partner. Both should willing to want learning, so both can synchronizing and make it works.
  7. beautiful nails! @Sejabin 850
  8. My brother. Please help to pray for his healing
  9. oh my.. She really take us to the CLASS lol I love dis @Lmangla that scene looked like.. Exploitation -2
  10. At least no need calculator for this post! 864
  11. I tried searching with hot oppa keywords.. What is this bunch I get -2
  12. accounting of how many smokes generated by hot oppa's packs that can drain our eyes and.. Battery -2
  13. here we exercise the basic everyday -2
  14. 10 packs I count.. 2 more, you get equally 2 hot six pack oppa -2
  15. Or ready-to-rehearse-violin-cat -2
  16. Heheheh hii thank you @refuse2sink @cenching nice to be here again.. -2 whoops
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