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  1. As the end of ep. 9 literally ripped my heart, I think most viewers have hard time to process latest week episode. And dang to WATCH the BTS of it, I just want to applaud them (KSH, OJS, SYJ) for their heartpiercing acting. I dont know for whom I cried, three of them is such a heartbreak. Just like I assumed the bts will be also daebak (where is SYJ??) And gosh can we talk about KT here? The way he talks when he doesnt hold on any is super hurts From the empty can to firecracker.. I'm kinda having love-hate relationship with the way MY responses to it. But the good thing, they will
  2. LOL for the post above meeeee OMG NEW BTZZZZ!!!!!!! *calming my self with butterfly hug You knowwww im dying for dat nightttt when he was having very heavy breath
  3. Congrats pinky clubb @angelangie @triplem @stroppyse 234
  4. 244 Not much time for -2.. My internet is doomed by these trees & stones.. Mianheee @MinLyn Tireeed hahahahhh enough sweats
  5. At this city, no.. My place now has less population but the wind with the view is nice to have when riding especially on the late afternoon. But at pevious city, yesss the traffic jam is so bad at busy hours, if its sunny days motorcycle is a def choice deep clean after that is an experience Hi @mirmz 260 (whoaaa already 2xx)
  6. 460 One of the negative that positively in our life is -2 @MinLyn
  7. Im usually drivingg motorcycle/car love both of them this place had a very limited public transpoo 462
  8. Good mornin @MinLyn im so glad u r subtracting u knowww welcomeee! 462
  9. Have to be ready & take a shower already but this bedddd!! Hhhahahahaha Ok gettin up now 474
  10. Yesss haha mi too Goodmornin @snowlou 474
  11. 472 I want to buy @ibru's one more episode badge huhu i missed it
  12. About mom possibility since the Dooly dinosaur story (mother Dooly is not real mother but choose to take care of Dooly, be a good mother for Dooly) came up & highlighted hardly in ep. 10: - ST said their mother is good to ST but bad to GT (the one who adopted maybe ST?) or simply, - Juri's mother is becoming like Dooly mother to GT & MY? or, - MY might have two mom, one is the step mother that traumatized her because she loves MY too much, and the other is her real mom but she left her? (Note that MY story linked enough to Rapunzel, & Rapunzel tra
  13. Rant: waiting the sub cause from the scenes, im so confused ehh and that youre so cold song came again haissshh poor our birthday girl But im proud seems MY tries to approach ST & clearing his misunderstanding to her (I guess ST feels he just tool for MY to take KT) Aaand we have colorful preview? Hmmm okay lets see.. The cliffhanger tho, congrats for waiting this until next week (I think madam Ok Ran just mimicking the book she reads) The head nurse sure have some creepy moments here in today ep..
  14. @sadthe1st now im gonna streaming without spilling the spoiler all over the place again lets enjoy this chill time @cenching i prefer the 2nd, 'correcting by draw complete eyebrow' still possible at least 694
  15. Yesterday be like: nO cHilL hOLd oN @sadthe1st 690
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