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  1. Thank you so much for all comforting words.. It feels warm here. I hope it is really is (aameen). Allow me to post again one of her works I really like my sister @CatchMine_ID -2
  2. Hello, glad to be back.. Thank you so much T~T thank you all for your prayers. @kokodus @triplem @Sejabin @sushilicious@stroppyse @Lmangla @dotonly @lynne22 @cenching @Dhakra @angelangie @USAFarmgirl etc love for you all.. I feel myself again on Thursday early morning and now is still recovering but I can tell you I'm really ok. Much better. The doctors did good job for the problems in my brain. -2
  3. Just finished ep 1 and WOW My curiousity is dancing all night hope the details are not boomerang The story idea, visuals, the issues those are crossing way with our reality in the world (virtual world, how people can be so egoistic with tech, morale cricis). I'm amazed
  4. Hey everyone, greetings I'm new on this thread. Uhhh can't wait for premiere tomorrow of this drama. I'm really looking forward to it! Have special interest to Granada Alhambra since kid.. Love the Assasins Creed games too.. And Kdrama is just recently penetrating my brain, super addictive. OMG. Checked the full teaser it is look so fab, plus we have our own kind of Korean Tom Cruise here I like W a loooot, love the story idea. Praying this will be the most epic Kdrama I ever seen so far
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