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  1. No BRA ppl? LOL because I think that was unforgettable how smoooooth the bra ppl in drama titled Because This is My First Life. It's my fav ppl in drama experience that I found so far.  I like how the ppl is not too blatant but run smoothly with the scene, and THAT drama makes it run smoothly ALSO with the story. No too forced camera angle, no too forced focus. Brilliant side story to produce $$$!:w00t:

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  2. 6 hours ago, triplem said:

    When the Devil calls your name ! 

    @bairama it’s available on viu ( for the Malaysian market ) . Should be available for ID

    oooh thanks! My bad just looking up on recent drama and its not in the list. Should be search, it is really available there:w00t: going to watch



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