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Status Updates posted by bairama

  1. Let me add rest in peace in your about me page.. :heart:


    and so the cover photo. I remember you told me something about this photo you adore. "When we are in darkness, there should be a chance we are sinking in clear sparkling beautiful blue water we haven't known yet until the light is coming on the corner of the cave.. Even in darkness, the beautiful part also around us but we can't see it yet. So hold and go on 'till the corner of the cave. The crystal part already in us, keep swimming to see the water in light, the true beauty in our journey."


    Then you smiled little shy to think about how you talked about that. But I find it's SO adorable. Atm, I really wanted to make you as my big sister I swear.. As I believe, now you are as well in the place that you said the corner of the cave, I pray:star:

  2. 400 days, you are still and always an inspiration to me:heart: here I left sunflower song to your page hope you are dancing there:blush:



  3. Be With You (Movie) So Ji sub x Son Ye jin | IU - Knee FMV


  4. Already reached my post limit today on threads:sweatingbullets: new members should be patient here I guess, nice to know you all:D

  5. I love you sister, it is a gift to know you even not a long time here in the world. Thank you for everything:blush:

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