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  1. think I could escape from the heartbreak by watching the drama. No.. I just can't concentrate 19 January is always special. Finally brother can take the rest after this song played.. We can do this right? :')
  2. aaah thanks I'm watching CLoY ep. 1 right now.. fear the exact feels of yours become mine too they're so great together 674
  3. lemme guess it is Oppa's and The Chocolate Factory??? @mouse007 huhu thank you so much! Aameen! I'm not watching anything.. Plan to start one with the recommendations Crash Landing on You in episode what this week? 602
  4. hi @Lawyerh just managed to comeback, long way.. I see.. Perfect time for catching up lol @Ameera Ali what about this company, is the profit that bigggggggg???! 578
  5. aww.. What episode already this week dear? 576
  6. @mouse007 well I'm so nervous! But fine. I should! Heheh.. Was off set from socmeds then turns out my phone crashed from 5th floor. Was taking a long way to back. Handling this and that (include my thoughts).. I pray all are worked out. the fmv event tho! I want to make one again at least *drool want to back to kdrama!!! What recommended ongoing drama and can I catch up (how many ep left now)? Will glad if anyone here can tell me -2
  7. 554 Hoppity hoppity hop to everyone who's reading this.. Wishing you a great year
  8. the first proper kiss in the snow of otp is something.. Shining, shimmering, splendid of them hey 2020 @USAFarmgirl and everyone hope the year goes as the first proper kiss in the snow? Hope yall great
  9. Right here still dont know what's right to do
  10. I'm sorry to scare you all with post with no relatable info at the time @angelangie @sushilicious @Sejabin Thankfully for me, he saved at the right time. He still unconscious, but I think he'll be fine.
  11. My brother. Yesterday, he commited suicide
  12. No BRA ppl? LOL because I think that was unforgettable how smoooooth the bra ppl in drama titled Because This is My First Life. It's my fav ppl in drama experience that I found so far. I like how the ppl is not too blatant but run smoothly with the scene, and THAT drama makes it run smoothly ALSO with the story. No too forced camera angle, no too forced focus. Brilliant side story to produce $$$!
  13. Thank you.. Eid mubarak @nohamahamoud2002 @Ameera Ali @lu09 and everyone who celebrates -2
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