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  1. pleasse send me too, thank you very muchhh I'm nervouuusss hahhahah See u later @yuhotarubi gluck concentrating in class
  2. bairama

    guess the abs

    Bahhh you girls What about the guys will guess the body shape
  3. Why the pink blush in caricature pict above is like.. They are doing some romantic things there.. Haha Still it is so cute ^^
  4. @dotonly I thought it will lead to thriller or smth?? Pwahahaha.. -2
  5. Anyone here watching SKY Castle? What is that about?? Interesting trailer.. Plus: @sushilicious yeayy say aaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ -2
  6. @stroppyse Hmmm about when the quest is completed in this episode and later on final episode, when JW become master, I have: - 50% hope in because the master before is SJ, which the one who created Emma from his love to sister, Emma will bad a little for the good. The quest came from master (SJ) and someone fight for life just to complete it for SJ, so Emma will thank this new master to save SJ as peacekeeper. - But if the Emma glitch senses it as evil move (the rescuer is considered as master SJ's enemy), whoa.. Poor JW. So poooooooorrrrrrr. 50% desperation in probability of Emma sees JW as new master SJ's enemy. Poooorrrrrr boyyy, where's your justicee
  7. Aheyyy girll @sushilicious you are on fire about the guest movie, what was the story tell about? I sniff dark theme there.. And I like dark theme movies.. Hiehiehie Subscribed to yours -2
  8. I'm asking your youtube channel @sushilicious I mean, sorry if my english is struggling and make you misunderstood -2
  9. @sushilicious Yoour chaaannnnn became YooxChaaaannnnn aghhhhh I'm pretty sure Dhakra will open it xP Plus: where is your channel?! 160
  10. Here you go @cenching.. One of the factors to clean your eyes.. From our channel -2
  11. I'm confuse wether I'm crying or laughing with response of you brangel @Dhakra but yeah totally agree with that.. Disturbing -2
  12. you mean this unicorn? HELL NOOOOO!!!!! Lol -2
  13. @sushilicious I mean senpai is outer of us hahahaha jk, it's good to know the knowledge first before the maybe problem/practical thing in future Lols -2
  14. notice this senpaiiiii. Notice these pure baby heree Lolll -2
  15. I will say HJ.. But after writer-nim interview it's 80% JW loll.. And what if the answer true or false? @rori0711
  16. What poll #02 it is may I ask?? @rori0711 want to knoww!! I missed the pagesssss.. Heheh Btw I still have high hope to Hejoo role in the game. Because what interesting me, Hejoo still have a lot of consciousness when she logged in and play, like when she got shot she just standing briefly, focus in 'real life' (when she searched JW in changing closet of a store), just logged out logged in, not feeling that hurt deeply too much (because she is full concsious it IS a game), not like other gamers who deeply immersed to how it feels to be shot, etc etc. Is it too a simple high hope??? Ohhh just please his acting in pain just wooowwwwww
  17. The dude angel to brangel but not brangelina ohmyGodddd lolll @sushilicious thanksss, fightingg!! Sooo @abnoch the brangel who is the best brother ever in the world!! Heheheheh to me, sure he is! -2
  18. If Emma is 'love' in Jinwoo perspective so he would stabbed twice before to get his real love of life (Hejoo) just like his real life, the game draws his life. Ahaaaa.. Just kidding plssssss
  19. Hehe.. Just back not for long ago, while I'm healing from accident, I have catched up the episodes and feels.. "Hmmm so much execution not enough explanation!" I'm not expecting so much, but let's finish this and see how it wrapped.. Tonight I will join I love about the creativity in this Kdrama production. Hejoo Jinwoo chemistry is
  20. Beautiful song @USAFarmgirl Smile..
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