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  1. I have a question for those still watching this drama, i do understand some chinese, but theres something I'm not getting...
  2. @bluehibiscus Thank you so much for responding. I kinda understand now why its so confusing with all the other edits out there. May I ask who is subbing this? Nevermind, i got it. Thanks guys. love reading everyone's opinion . I just started this drama and have been binge watching for a few days. Thats why my questions are redundant. Looking forward to watching the rest.
  3. Hey guys, so um quick question...why are all the subbed eps missing parts. I can only watch full eps on youtube in the raw. Is there a place I can watch the complete subbed eps? For example some drama sites for ep 41 don't show ... . btw, (if this was a repeated questions sorry for the bother)
  4. I agree with many of you. There isn't enough OTP pairing in this drama. The reason I keep coming back is for the chemistry. BQ is smart and funny, so is CY, their characters are well done and well acted, its nice having a smart female lead. I think a lot of what CY did with LQW (in the beginning) was playing the fiddle to get the mice to dance. Yet, after that's played out, he keeps allowing her to be by his side. Its bugging me. I think that's the reason TMOPB and HSALF was amazing. Both male leads didn't play around with others and didn't let themselves get played (for the most part). They were smart and could see thru the smoke. I actually really love these characters, I just wish they'd let them spend more screen time together. At least now, they should spend the rest of the drama together, like Ming Lan. In the beginning, the leads hardly spent time together, then bam. Now their together all the time. I'm not giving up on this drama and I'd encourage others to keep going too. I don't think its gonna be a sad ending, (but then again, I've been fooled before) were only at the half-way point. Lets hope for more OTP time!!!
  5. yeah, I was wondering this too. Can anybody who's read the book enlighten us? Or is more knowledgeable in this dramaland area...
  6. Sorry to trouble everyone, but which episode is it, when gty goes to qh house to talk to him and at that time qh tells gty that he isn't one to be trusted because of what he did to him in the past? I can't seem to find it. I know episode 40 is when they meet up at the restaurant and gty refuses to let go of ml, but i can't find the recent one. Thanks in advance btw
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