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  1. I hate to say this but if someone said, "I will give up or I gave up on PPC", just let them. Cause if they truly love them, they will keep coming back. Just hold on to your faith ppc shippers, those coincidences you posted here are not just coincidences for NO reason. Let it be your inspiration as long as our OTP are busy making money for their selves. We're here for fun and always be. Don't let a single or a minor mistake ruined your trust for them. Believe what you believe. Shoutout to @twoparkcouple for making me happy everyday too. Love you girl!
  2. @snitchdream08 the scene where PMY accidentally fall above PSJ trying not to see her undergarments at the back of hardworking cow. I don't know if anyone who has japanese dvd saw it already. @Matilda_Anne a different shipper. Eva is her name on twitter. She now changed her dp from PSJ with simba to her personal pic. @zashi23 yes, being honest is good. But we should be careful in everything we post online.
  3. This is my first time to post and comment in this thread coz I'm alarmed about that specific shipper who was blocked by PSJ on IG. Remember the time when PSJ randomly viewed someone's IGS with PMY display photo on it? If you remember it correctly, the fan changed her display photo after for not causing trouble to solid fans but still posted it. PSJ followed his own hashtag name on instagram, if happened that you don't tagged him but still write his korean name in your post, he still can sees it. What if he sees twoparkcouple_mysj IGS by accident, then realized that its a shippers account, then he blocked it right away for his account not to be seen on views. Possible reason, right? Now, let me tell you this, not all info should be posted in public. The shipper also invaded PMY's privacy by posting her pic with a baby in LA. PMY never allowed it to shared in public even to her solid fans. She don't even want her mother's photo to be posted online, too. Respect. We are shippers, we enjoyed everything about our couple for more than a year and we're still here kicking, giggling everyday, but we should be careful too. They're in public's eye. What we do, it also reflects on them. Let's be happy for whatever they show on us, drama, cfs, fan events for us to keep going. They're human, too and hurting. P.S I read a post on twitter a while ago that she already gave up on PPC because of the blocking incident. Girl, I tell you, you will missed the fun of this ride. And yeah, I watched all videos discussed by ppc shippers here about the japanese dvd version and all I can say, "PMY NEVER DID THIS TO HER PREVIOUS AND NEW CO-STAR". TO PSJ, "MAN, I SEE YOU. THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE AND MAKING PMY HAPPY". By the way, don't miss Valentino's Event later. God bless everyone!
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