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  1. Understandable. I really did have a nightmare after seeing how WS ended. So sad. So unfair. Such a bad choice on the part of the writer. Great actor, though. I wonder what else he has been in. Will have to find out. Enjoy the spitting fishie. He's funny and cute.
  2. The more I think about it, the more bothered I feel about the ending of our drama because, despite appearances to the contrary, Evil won. YD's mom got out of jail but she got No justice for the time she lost. SH and YD might be in love but she left him for years anyway. YD had the chance to do great good by re-creating Top but he left the job. SH became CEO but she didn't even try and left it to someone else. SH tried to go to law school but failed. (Why did she even need to go anyway?) Second Wife lost her eldest son but only cried tears for herself. Second Wife went to jail but not for long enough. Second Son lost his brother but was too distracted by pretty jewelry to care. Second Son also went to jail but, ditto, not long enough. Mr. Mo should also have gone to prison but escaped by being in a vegetative coma. Han went to prison but for a far shorter sentence than her illegal acts should have received. Other Top members may have also gone to jail but, again, with very light sentences. Seriously, did all of the prison sentences added together even add up to the number of hears that Lim Soon served for a murder that she had absolutely nothing to do with? For all of the suffering that SH and YD individually went through in their formative years and as adults, did they get any happiness at all of being in love? No, they chose to go their separate ways to do essentially futile things. Worst of all, WS did not choose to live to seek forgiveness and to find redemption. He was the kindest person whose one mistake was a very serious one. If he had been allowed to tell the truth right away instead of living with the agony of guilt, how much good could he have achieved? And what a great person could he have been if only his parents had believed in him from the beginning. We never did find out why WS's parents hated him from the start. We never did find out what motivated Han. There are unanswered questions that really rankle. In the end, all we see is the old Top Team scuttling away like so many cockroaches. And we all surely know that cockroaches can survive anything, even a nuclear blast. In the end, all of the good people chose to do smaller and less important things than the big things that they had fought so hard to achieve. They didn't even choose love. I don't like it when Evil wins. Real Life is hard enough so I try to find some happiness in fiction. In my dramas, I want to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to see hope rather than despair. I want to see goodness, courage, and hard work rewarded. And, more than anything, I want to see true love. I didn't get what I was hoping for. This drama goes onto my Disappointment List. .....and now I'm trying to move on. I'm re-watching One Spring Night where at least, thank goodness, love prevails.
  3. I kinda think that this was just an "honor" call--we could chose to change or not. If you want to change to WS, I'd say go for it. You honored the notion of changing to Picasso for at least a little while; that should be sufficient. WS will make a great dp.
  4. I kept it for a day but I think that only a few people decided to change their DPs. I thought the spitting fish was really funny anyhow--that was how I felt when I saw the finale.
  5. Do you want to borrow the fishy Picasso gif I used for my DP? I still think it's really funny.
  6. Let's see if I can fill in and clear up a little: WJ is the younger brother who was trying to become a CEO while keeping his sexuality a secret. He was married for six years but never had sex with his wife. Like his parents, he always looked down on WS and acted superior to him. His parents expected everything of him but he was living a life that he didn't really want. WS is the older brother who was a film director. He was rejected by everyone in his life except his younger sister (later found to be his aunt) SH. He wasn't a failure after all since his movie won at Cannes after he died but since no one believed in him, no one expected him to do anything. The mom and the dad both hated WS and constantly told him he wasn't good enough. They both loved WJ and constantly praised him. I'm not sure whether this transgender characterization was a first but it was an unusual choice for a drama. I guess the final episode might be good as a stand-alone watch. But there's a whole lot of stuff that leads up to it. And the lead-up was much better.
  7. WJ is transgender and he loves dressing up in pretty clothes. The handkerchief was something which WJ had been very upset about losing but it would be a more masculine item. So when WS gave him the brooch it was like he was saying in a quiet and meaningful way that he accepted his brother the way he is.
  8. You're in the majority, judging from the other posts here. The drama was good; the finale was a shamble.
  9. Same. And the drama as a whole would have been an 8 for me but not now. 5. I actually regret wasting the time I spent re-watching before the finale.
  10. Nightmares. Nearly 4 AM. Can't sleep now. So annoyed. The background music from this drama keeps playing in my head. And I have been trying to figure out where it all went so wrong. I think that this drama "jumped the shark" (an apt fishy expression, don't you think?) the night that SH stayed at YD's home. That scene was so weird and out-of-place. After that their relationship seemed to go stagnant. Then there was the change of focus at the end which seemed to be in favor of Han's nasty illegal tactics. That made me feel more than a little ill. It was great that the Milk Witch could perform a last-minute rescue for SH but it was such a throwaway moment because there was no relationship development there. We were left with so many unanswered questions: like why was Han so addicted to the Mo family, etc. The dark turn when WS killed himself was out of place--he should have had the courage to live on so that he wouldn't hurt SH any more than he already had. His character was sensitive enough to know that and he had already shown his strength in enduring his family's scorn. Suicide just did NOT fit. And seeing Han's crocodile tears afterwards was sickening. She never displayed emotion before (unless smirking counts)--why now? Who could believe she was had human emotions anyway? And then there was that statement by Mrs. Jung that she was indeed "family" to SH--was she trying to admit that she was her mother and that the story about SH's natural mom dying was a lie? It wasn't an open-ending but the time jump and SH leaving for America absolutely let all the air out of the dramatic balloon. Our couple was an afterthought after all since too much of the air time was taken up by TOP and Han. I loved this drama until it completely let me down at the end. Just so unsatisfying. Sometimes I hate KDramas. The ending of Graceful Family is one of those times. Disappointment is a worse feeling than anger--at least anger has a direction; disappointment is futile and shapeless. I am very disappointed. And, unfortunately, yet again feeling betrayed by the ending of a KDrama. Why do I keep on watching these things? Being grumpy and sleepless at 4 AM because of a drama is not good. ......edit to say that I am taking back my Thistle DP because the Picasso fish just isn't funny anymore.
  11. It's no secret that we were all pretty annoyed/disappointed/distressed (choose whichever term fits or add a different one) by various parts of the finale. So, here's the question: Exactly how annoyed were You? Me? I made a cake, and I ate about 1/3 of it for supper. That should score pretty high on the Annoyed Scale. ..............I still can't find subs yet on the not-legal sites. So frustrating. .....There are subs! Yes!
  12. “Graceful Family” Sets New MBN Record As It Ends On All-Time Ratings High
  13. Well-said. That was what made WS truly a tragic character. He was flawed; he had made a horrible mistake. But he was still kind. He only wanted to be loved and accepted, and especially so by the person who would never do so: his mother. It is awful that he felt that he had betrayed SH. His loss at the end was so sad.
  14. I couldn't tolerate him either. The thing that annoyed me was his superior attitude. It was the way he simpered and smirked around anyone he thought was lower than him, like he thought he was ten-feet-tall and bulletproof because mommy and daddy liked him better. People like that can tend to be bullies and they certainly want taking down a peg or two. It was extremely vexing that his monster mother was so nasty to her eldest son and so obvious about it. The way that she shrieked when she considered herself hard-done-by was the Worst, and I wondered each time why someone didn't slap the hysteria out of her. It might have done her some good to find out she wasn't all-powerful. The two of them seemed so slimy about enjoying making other people suffer. In a way, they were More offensive even than Han. Han did the "dirty" work but they were the ones who made her do so. If there were no Evil Mo Family members, there would be no Horrible Han. There are real people out there running around this earth who are far too much like Mrs. Ha and JW. That's why we find them so offensive--it's something we can relate to, something that makes us want to pull our hair out. Dramas offer us a great way to express our inexpressible rage and frustration, don't they? The characters in this one are certainly good for that.
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