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  1. Welcome to BL heaven, where anything is possible Love the perspective and the way you expressed it. Keep it up Totally agree. Beauty can vary from one's perspective. But whats inside can always be surprising ( The person you love can show you different sides that will keep your heart fluttering. )
  2. All are plausible, i can feel Pete's pain and especially the fear of the unknown. If you have given your heart to someone that tore it to pieces, its a bit harder to accept someone new.(not impossible, but harder) Tump keeps coming back and he might come again, he is Pete's anchor to the hurtful past. Since Pete is looking for a way to deal with that he is not fully emotionally given as Ae. I think i got that from the car kiss scene, where Pete for a moment felt confused or something like that. I really hope they will overcome the Tump situation. But i would not like to exclude Ae's possible first gay moment and his first kiss in life. He will stumble, he will be jelly, most important he looks like a person that learns fast. ( i have lived some of this, so to me it all looks very familiar ) Hope everyone had/has a great day
  3. I accidentally found this and had to share it. Ae's face - STAREEE. Really curios what will bring him to this stage.
  4. Haha thank you, do we have enough space for my yellow ruber ducks ( can't wait to see what's next on the LBC train.) How's everyone hoping the next episode will do?
  5. Hi guys - of course and gals I'm new to this group and this forum But in short i recently started watching Love by Chance and it kept my eye-balls glued to the screen. When i stumbled upon this group, it just made sense. Hope i can contribute to the conversations.
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