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  1. What must be infuriating to BK is that every time the stage is finished not only does DO flee but she is always fleeing to the same person, HR. You can see first confusion, then disgust, and then finally fury when he sees DO and HR together once the world returns to shadow. I will be curious to find out when he actually became aware. I think it may have been as early as the summer camp trip. He may have been biding his time, figuring out what was going on, and then planning how he can get things to go his way. If it weren't for the fact that he is a total jerk, he might actually be one of the great team members helping to get people what they want. Unfortunately, he is not a team member at all. I thought his remark about not being with A3 all that often was very telling about how he is primarily a loner.
  2. Fortunately many decades have past since those incidents happened. My nephew grew up to be a fine young man, happily married with 3 children. My wife and I have been married 35 years and still wildly in love. Also can I just say that the Ha Ru and Dan Oh scene on the bench was heart fluttering. Their faces are priceless in that scene. Both their eyes speak volumes. I also loved the preview scene where they are in the theater watching a movie. Her cheeks are so red that you can even see it in the dark theater. I bet her heart was really racing when they touched hands while reaching into the tub of popcorn. Those scenes are simply amazing.
  3. The violent outbursts from BK make me very uncomfortable. Where Ha Ru moves DO behind him with his arm, I hope it was comforting for DO to know that he was protecting her. I have only had to do that twice in my life. Once protecting my nephew from his father and once with my wife at a rather ugly scene at a nightclub when we first started dating. I hope that people who come upon these scenes in real life know how dangerous these situations are and contact the authorities immediately. In both the above mentioned instances, I actually feared that the person was going to go into a crazy rage and potentially seriously harm me, if not kill me and then try to harm the person I was trying to protect. @Jillia I am with you in that I hope they tone these incidents down or remove them going forward.
  4. Rewatching Episode 9. Near the start of the episode Ha Ru, tells Dan Oh, "I know my beginning was with you." What a great line. I have to use that one on my wife to see if that scores me any points.
  5. @Jillia Thanks for the preview. Did anyone else notice the quick scene where all the girls hands with food coming in at Ha Ru as he was just sitting. Clearly, he is being crushed on by more than just Dan Oh.
  6. That scene where DO is crushing on Ha Ru is utterly adorable, in particular her making the fish lips at his picture. It pretty much set the "stage" as it were for the tone of that whole episode. I also loved the scene where they were looking at his sketch book together and you see her get very fluttery because they are touching hands in holding the book. They are amazing together and have excellent chemistry as a couple.
  7. I don't have access to a lifestream link so I will have to wait until it becomes available on Kocowa and Viki later this afternoon. I love the fact that DO complains about being the support character and laughed hard when she kept moving JD over in art class so she could get the special sunlight to shine on her only to have the light move to wherever JD was. DO is so absorbed in her situation that she fails to see that every time she looks at HR, he is sitting in sunlight and then the rays of light shine on her through HR. This has happened on almost every occasion where HR saves DO. Even during the night hike, HR's flashlight is shining on her. It is neat the way the story is developing in that through HR, DO is being made the 1st lead without her even realizing the subtle hints that are being presented. I am actually hoping that our 2nd lead Do Hwa breaks free of the limits of the stage and find a way to have Joo Da fall in love with him instead of the 1st lead, Nam Joo. If he works with DO, I think together they might be able to pull this off. It is not that I have anything in particular against Nam Joo, I just love rooting for the underdog, in this case, Do Hwa. I agree with others that BK is becoming self aware. I find his behavior reprehensible and could never accept him actually getting together with Dan O in the end. I hope that he finds a way to break free of his father and realizes the pain that he has caused DO. Maybe he could make it up to her by helping her break the stage and help her get her happy ending with Ha Roo.
  8. New to this thread as I only been watching this series starting two days ago. Can I just say that this story caught my heart in the first few minutes of the episode. Here is what I have liked so far: It is such a refreshing storyline where the characters realize they are in a comic I found EDO's reaction to finding out that she was just a support character totally hilarious I can easily identify with her frustration when her most desired moments get cut in favor of the stage scenes Also I can identify with her frustration of not being able to have her own desired impact on the story as no one remembers anything not part of the stage unless they become self aware EDO's heart rate going up so high every time she encounters HR. It goes anywhere from 113-120, which is like someone running full speed. I love the way EDO speaks. She speaks so quickly, that I get winded just listening to her but it is amazing how she does it seemingly effortlessly. Some have complained that it is overly Aigoo, but I have not found it to be so. It is like the writers want to demonstrate how active her mind is operating and working to solve her dilemma. EDO's reaction to seeing HR's abs during the night hike caused me to spit out my soda pop. I have not laughed that hard in at least a month. I can't wait for the next episodes to come out. I echo the sentiments of many posters that I now lemant having started this series so early. I should have waited until all of the episodes came out so I would not be depressed waiting for the next installment of Extraordinary You. One thing I would like to comment on that I am sure has been mentioned ad nauseum not only for this KDrama but KDramas in general but causes me some concern. The whole concept of the guy grabbing the girl by the wrist and dragging her away from the situation at hand, is this a generally accepted practice of behavior in Korea? In the United States I know this type of action would generally be frowned upon since it seems like it would be demeaning to the woman. I know if I had ever tried a stunt like that with my wife when we first started dating, she would have slugged me. However, it seems so common in KDramas that I get the impression it is an accepted part of Korean culture. Please enlighten me on this practice. Thank you.
  9. Sadly, editing and scene set ups are limited by what can be done in a traditional 16 hours of air time. If they had some play in that area, I assume they could do much better. I can't pin point exactly why I struggled a little in the first episode other than the fact that it was the "set up" episode which in my mind always tends to be the weakest in a series. However, episode 2 was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for the chemistry development for our leads. I am a little sad about the situation between MDC and NHY. The potential for a happy relationship held such promise and now it is destroyed because of the 20 year physical age difference. I hope they resolve that in a very humane, kind way
  10. Yeah! We are now only 2 weeks out from the beginning of the series start. Seems like activity is starting to ramp up and looking forward to seeing more videos released and more people posting. Can't wait.
  11. Looking forward to this series. I thought WJA was really good in Just Between Lovers. Although a very tear filled series, she pulled off some genuinely funny moments. I loved JCW in Healer and Suspicious Partner. He seems to have the chops for both serious drama and comedy. I just finished up Hotel de Luna and Doctor John, so something a little lighter would be a nice change. @Ameera Ali, I loved your dance sequences. I just noticed that Yoon Se Ah is in this series as well. She is such a versatile actor. I loved her in Sky Castle, My Sassy Girl, Just Between Lovers, & Stranger. She has some fantastic acting skills.
  12. The fact that they focused on it during the scene seems to indicate that it has some significance. My theory is that each angel/fallen angel has some item directly connected to them and in some way represents them. In Kim_Dan's case, it is his handkerchief. In JKW's case, I was thinking it might be the ring. I am probably way overthinking this but there had to be a reason the director put it in. Otherwise, it would seem so random. My mind has gone into wild speculation mode so disregard if I am making no sense.
  13. I got to watch the subbed episodes this evening and these were two excellent episodes. I really feel for Ni Na and hope somehow she gets a happy ending. She looks like a genuinely good person in this series. What should be a delightfully uncomfortable scene, which I pray we get to see next week is Ms. Butler coming to the house the next day and notice the odd way that Yeon-Seo and Kim-Dan are completely avoiding any close contact with each other and trying to avoid Ms. Butler's eyes so that she does not catch on. This will immediately make her suspicious and set her radar on. These are the sort of scenes I live for because they can be so over the top. I am very curious regarding the meaning of Kim-Dan's handkerchief glowing as they kissed. I almost got the sense that it was a magic seal of some kind that somehow permanently bonded them together. I am wondering if the same thing would have happened with JKW's ring if JKW and YS would have kissed. It was interesting that the handkerchief did not glow when they first kissed but when they both gave into the subsequent kissing. It would be hilarious if they both woke up the next morning with chapped lips from an evening-long kissfest.
  14. I am not sure there is any reason one could pinpoint why they like something or not. For example, let's say you love chocolate. Frankly, I do not eat chocolate nor do I enjoy it. This is probably another unpopular opinion. You could site to me several reasons why chocolate is fabulous and why you enjoy it but in the end, none of those reasons will change my mind about how I feel about chocolate. Likewise, in this instance, I could site to you the reasons why I have enjoyed this series from the beginning but in the end, this about our own personal preferences and I doubt seriously my views would or should have any impact on whether you like something or not. I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you present a differing opinion in a respectful manner. In the end, this is a fantasy television series written by someone who wants to tell a story and directed by someone who wants it presented in a particular way. Like you, I have started watching particular KDramas in the past but stopped after viewing a few episodes because I just did not care for them. In some of those instances, I could not believe how people were raving about how good the series was, while it left me totally uninterested. Again, I chalk it up to each of us having things we like and don't like. I am not sure there is always an adequate reason beyond each of us being created differently and having set likes/dislikes. I enjoy the variety in us all and I have always liked your posts.
  15. Strictly speaking from a Catholic Christian perspective, once a human dies, they go to one of 3 places: heaven, purgatory or hell. Becoming an angel after death is not what happens to a person. Angels were made prior to the creation of men. Unlike humans, angels made the decision almost instantaneously after their creation to either follow God or not. Those that decided not to follow God, became the fallen angels or more commonly devils and demons. Angels are purely spiritual beings and are only given physical form rarely because they have been given a specific task to perform. If I saw correctly in the first episode, I think Kim Dan was an angel whose job was to specifically be an angel for animals. I think the portrayal that they are trying to achieve in this series is that Kim Dan is mischevious and fun loving, while the other angels are a little more serious. My belief is that Kim Dan is being punished not for being late but in intervening in human affairs. I do agree that writer-nim has taken some liberties in the whole angel concept and that we will most likely see that Kim-Dan was a human at some point. However, I do not think that it takes away from the enjoyment of this story. In the end, it illustrates what is the pinnacle of the Christian virtues, love.
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