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  1. When will he post a front shot I wonder. He's been posting 2 consecutive back shots already. And that hi/wave emoji though, such a tease.
  2. PPC thought for the Day: If we are going to compare SSC and PPC's "Timeline" Just like SSC, are we going to expect a wedding announcement before PSJ's movie premiere NEXT YEAR!!!???
  3. Oh my hard working cow!!! What is happening!!???? I just had one of the most difficult and depressing exams for today and upon checking the forum BOOM so much happenings!!! My heart is happy again!!! These two really, deliberately OR subconsciously they are so in sync!!! #CHEERS to everyone Officially #PPCheers
  4. I can imagine them discussing together if PMY would take the role of Kim Mi So but knowing them, both are professionals and their work always preceeds evrything else. PMY cannot decline it because she is the perfect actress for the role. This may also be the reason why they "seem" distant and aloof during their promo photoshoots not until the viki interview that it naturally showed how comfy they are with each other. I just want to add my observation with their BTS too. The content of the the BTS released by tvn changed overtime. It is very evident in the first few eps that they are showing clips of them having fun together but later eps would only show professio al intwractions or they just focus on them individually. They may have thought they can finish the drama without anyone noticing it, but they did not anticipate the impact of their chemistry to the public. It was just toooo strong. And everything was just got out of their hands They can never go back now, they cannonly move forwars. And we can only wait.
  5. Hmmm. Maybe because sometime in January their datung rumor has started to circulate? If I remember it right when PSY and KJW dating rumor came out one netz commented that PSJ and PMY are dating likethatperson randomly commented. We dont know how legit this info though still, I think maybe media started to speculate and investigate already. So both of them started to be more cautious.
  6. Yup. Their chemistry is really something different. It'salmostmagicalandeveryonecanseeit. I don't usually ship this hard TBH. This is the ffrst time I joined forum like thisbecausewhat they have I believe is pure and real. And probaly worth my time. Joining this ship was quite fun!!! I actually feel nervous and bad for PSJ's next on screen partner because PMY just set the sstandards so high. Nonetheless let us not overthink and think of the future too much and just enjoy this enjoyable ride!!!
  7. I dont think shippers will forget anytime soon, so no IG posts anytime soon either. This is a battle between the shippers and PPC themselves it's funny! PPC: Forget about us, we are not dating leave us alone. Stop tagging us. We are not going to give you what you want. Focus on our work. We will not tell you yet what's happening between us. Just wait and be patient. Shippers: We will support you all the way. We love you. Jus admit it already. We respect your privacy but give us something to keep on sailing. We will try to wait but honestly our hearts just cannot wait. I just hope that both will win this game in the end.
  8. I think it will take sometime until they'll decide to post again, maybe it's because the last photo PMY uploaded in her IG had so much PSJ tagging. Hence, hiatus. I just hope they won't discover the app/setting in IG that doesn't allow followers to comment on pics (or is that actually better for them?).
  9. Anyway, it's been sometime since I have noticed this pic from their IG my delulu mind just got activated. I actually contemplated if I am going to share this but look at the same emoji they used. Also, PSJs caption... "See you next time and a girl emoji?" And PMYs caption "Its been a year?" Whats been a year? The shoe? The relationship? Seeing each other? Whaaat? Well my delulu interpretation's probably wrong cause sometimes IGs trans are not always that accurate but these two are making my creative and curious mind work!!! https://www.flickr.com/gp/30198386@N04/9c54cW
  10. Yes! This is totally the reason why I love her. I don't usually waste my time with celebs but PMY really got my attention because she's a gem! A very genuine person. A very good thinking actress. She is such a role model in life as well as in giving her best/passion with work. This picture should be circulated more rather than the fake one. She ia really cute even without the plastic surgery. People sometimes are really shallow. Sad reality
  11. This ship is reallly exciting, so many interesting thoughts and theories!!! I agree!!! They are making it too obvious. I actually noticed it even during WWWSK, they are never seen together in one picture as PMY and PSJ, always Kim Mi So and Vice President Lee. I mean just why!?! What's wrong with taking a pic together? Although, they might have felt the intensity of their chemistry to the public that they decided not to "feed" the public with pics that might be misinterpreted, however the opposite just happened because "the lack of it" (pic) made people creative and find pics of them from their IGs. The deprivation made the fans wanting and curious. And so the coincidences discoveres. Oh fate... If it's meant to happen no matter how much they avoid it it really shows. Their chemistry is too beautiful that people cannot just ignore and simply move on!! I so love this ship!!!
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