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  1. Pinocchio checks all of the boxes for a top drama for me. It has that nice mix of a beautifully woven story along with comedy, romance, and drama that all come together. I love this writer because of their well-rounded and emotionally engaging stories. A great soundtrack also sets a wonderful tone for the drama. Dal Po and In Ha are one of my favorite drama couples, and all of the acting is intense and wonderful throughout. I smiled so much and truly felt for these characters. I was never bored once with this gem of a drama and have enjoyed it multiple times. I consider Pinocchio a must see kdrama.
  2. Cici: But just as I was getting comfortable with the progression of Ba Reun and Oh Reum’s relationship, Min Young Joon enters. The way he makes sure Ba Reun knows how much he and Oh Reum have in common is going to play on all Ba Reun’s insecurities. Tanya: I’m hoping this turns into a wonderful rivalry, honestly. One of those that you can’t really be mad at because of the way it advances the characters. I think Ba Reun will be forced to face the leftover feelings he has from school earlier than he anticipated. We know he has some major insecurities, but I think his friendship with Bo Rang will keep him from giving up. Bo Rang always has awful advice, but the atmosphere is the best. Janet: But hidden inside that awful advice is just enough truth and perhaps wisdom, to get Ba Reun thinking about what is really at stake. As different as they all are, they do have a common bond - righting injustices and helping others. I think it will be very interesting to see who they help next.
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