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  1. For me the hardest drama to withdrawal syndrome was goong (princess hour) that time.im so adicted with yoon eun hey n ju ji hoon.even i repeat at 2017 i still take time to withdrawal. But then HPL came out.i think this will be my double harderst for me to forget. Some more, most u all share how to withdrawal the syndrome of HPL.for me its not working because we still clinge with them.unless u all sugest new drama with new actors.ngeeee..
  2. the things that im going to miss most is you all here who diligently share and review .i will definitely come here often and read from the beginning till end, have a nice day to all of you.
  3. hai guys..i guess this drama should change or swap title with fluttering warning drama...this drama best name fluttering heart or warning coz it make us fluttered every time we wait to on air and at each episode..huhu..need CPR everyone?..
  4. i'm not watching yet this eps. 9. but by just reading this recap from dramamilk i can feel hoy you all feel..wooha.. https://www.dramamilk.com/tag/her-private-life/
  5. how tinggle everywhere i am with HPL..with the OTP right now..but when it come to listen ' its you' song by Jeong Sewoon...haaaa it will make me to come back here once again n delulu with all of you..PPC shipper..so today i dedicate its you song to all of you who stay still with PPC ..... have a nice day everyone..
  6. Sori for asking..how about hyolyn SISTAR..bcoz of that i stop delulu with PPC.i just support them for their superb job in wwwsk.hehe
  7. So do i..i love their chemistry in drama very much.thats y ive been here. Not to delulus but just wanna know their progress from time to time.b4 this im so addicted to goong couple.so long time ago right.hehe.but this year i accidently watched this drama...n sososo addicted to this couple.event tho i know this is not real..when i keep searching info about them, im found out that i wanna be PMY fan.i wanna support her career and as much as a women, i understand PMY feeling.those who smile and laugh alot outside actually cry alot inside..meanwhile PSJ i like him bcoz he versetile..huhu
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