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  1. Lol, i recall she also commented about young joon the photographer in pmy ig photo the one in red suit which turned out to be for dazed magazine in which psj be the cover.. She's one of pmy best friends and psj stylist during the year 2017, but during wwwsk seemed she never ever post anything related to ppc nor left a comment in ppc ig, only during those time (when the famous young joon was on)
  2. Do you guys can see how many subscribers does the park's records already have? As i cannot see it now In the track 2, he's aware to upload the vlog more often, hope the next track will feat simba
  3. Wonder if she's still in spain or not. If she's still there, it's midnight the time she does the post. the good morning caption...
  4. I also want to see the bts of this morning after scene and the longer version of poster making with cotton candy but there's none On the 1st kiss bts, I think they remove the part of psj saying i ate it all but they still include the part when he said like hugging his friend choi woo shik.. .
  5. The moment when psj put his hands on the wall like blocking pmy is kinda hot and pmy didn't seem annoyed but laughed and her upper body part was touching psj's body (their height difference is really hot or ideal like psj said hahaha. Pmy is so petite, I think she is as high as psj chest and her body size is only a half of psj body) Can you tell, what the female director (?) said that make pmy put her hands back on the wall? And ppc reaction like, seriously. Hahaha And on the group commentary, when they commented the ending of ep 1, what did psj say that make pmy hit him so hard? I like the beginning (when pmy copied psj in introducting her as kms and psj asked if she's been doing well) and ending (when pmy asked psj to do heart pose) part of the couple interview
  6. as i cant understand Korean, so i'll just jump into certain interesting part, can you tell on exactly which part did psj unconsciously address that call to pmy? after watching the bts videos, it was obviously that PPC are very professionals and all the WWWSK team really worked hard for this drama. but it was obvious that PPC really enjoyed while filming this drama and despite the tight schedule they always looked happy on set. my fav bts moment is the wall kiss scene, their natural body movement/gesture. and ugh yes seems the deleted part of the bts are mostly on kisses scenes.. so i wont rely on the actions appeared in bts video to determine if they are one true couple but the list of their so called 'coincidences' that will make me to stay on this ship and the recent one, their respective upcoming JTBC drama..come on....
  7. lol, i randomly checking simba's bday pic celebration and noticed that the food on the table seemed all cookies and cake while on leon's bday cake, pmy always put kinda more 'healthy' food (carrot, chicken). and simba also looks more chubbier (tirtir cf making video) than leon who loves tug war (MYlog osaka video).. can't believe but shipping PPC is so much fun to the point that i enjoyed observing their super cute pets behavior
  8. apparently it's not only my imagination i can share the same sentiment i'd like to click love, like, thanks, awesome buttons all together for this post of yours 3000 times
  9. so simba's birthday is coincided with the first anniversary of the dating rumor news reported? and if today is really simba's birthday, the zodiac must be leo right?
  10. actually i'm kinda lost as it was my first experience. is it the same like the order number? i put the order number
  11. thanks for the info, the thing is i have the same issue with @snitchdream08 that my order is empty. i tried to address the issue in 1:1 consultation and they responded that the order over 4 months won't appear in the page but all the order history has stored in their system. i tried to chill but i'm worried again when someone shared the link of of the shipment tracking which works for some but not minehahaha.. anw, i just contacted them again to address my concern and hoping to get their response soon and most importantly the most awaited dvd
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