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  1. since i'm always in delulu mode related to PPC, notice kinda same smile after he said he preferred americano and used mask pack for skincare. as i know those are also someone's fav and habit.
  2. he watched all the episodes (more than 100 episodes i googled) and read in one of his interview articles after wwwsk, he wasn't aware that his previous female co-stars are also mostly from high kick sitcoms which means he only watched high kick 1 i guess (with PMY in it) *devoted fanboy detected*
  3. thanks to tvn for its recent bts update, HPL PD nim for his birthday, and fellow PPC shipper who has eagle eyes. i'm giggling like crazy reading all the delulus. lmao
  4. Thanks guys for making this thread hot topics. I’m sure it keeps going on throughout the year as we’ll be having PSJ movie and most probably his incoming drama. Sigh, I’m so in love with this thread watching kissing scenes within these consecutive episodes, I’m thinking there might be bed scene in HPL. I have prepared my heart for that...*hang in there my PPC heart*
  5. I rewatched the bts of the first kiss and keep wondering, like how come PSJ jokingly commented "i ate it all" after the kiss (even if it meant ate the lipstick) as I think it might be too much. And PMY''s glare to him was just suspicious like telling him to stop don't make it obvious
  6. Hope the shipping time for the international purchaser wont take so long. Since I really cant wait to watch the version of the kisses scenes without BGM. Even with BGM, I can hear the sound of their kisses. So the dvd version shall be in ASMR mode right.
  7. And based on this, if it’s confirmed, his upcoming drama will might also has less kiss scene? There are many great korean movies with male lead focus without any ‘controversial’ scenes (ahjussi, train to Busan). But well, intimate skinship scene might be inevitable for actors
  8. I prefer PPC to reveal their status when the wedding date is set. Lol cause too much public exposure seems really inconvenient and risky. I’ll try to bear it for any longer while enjoying WWWSK DVD and as long as they keep teasing us with their hints of coincidences just keep it low until they are ready to announce the marriage and followed by the news of the first pregnancy, second, third,..... cos I also thought that PSJ is type of future doting and passionate husband. LOL *deluluing much
  9. I’m envious, my reaction exactly when read comment on other couple news Sigh, why knetz comments on Pmy oftenly sounded bitter
  10. Sounded like mix of the plot of his upcoming movie and Youn’s Kitchen. Looks like this kind of role really suits him. Wondered he wanted to keep Simba private when he deleted many pics of Simba in his IG. But here comes again after his last post of Simba pic
  11. Is this for real? Sigh, my delulu is getting crazier I’m so looking forward and see will it be steamier than this?
  12. Read that she has filming schedule today, really working hard like a horse. Wish she has a happy day on set. Stay fabulous, MY And hope she will update her ig today
  13. Not sure, found on youtube there was no ceremony of this but the winner got a trophy. Also not sure, but i think i have also watched somewhere on youtube, PSJ ever won soompi award on something (?) Well, i really wonder are they (PPC) or their managements aware on the existence of this shipper paradise thread and took a sneak peek here..
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