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  1. that might be marketing purposes. but why most of the brands recent updates (involving PPC) have to be coincided within the same period of time...
  2. even when in Phuket he still did post a pic, unrelated one though. maybe he is now somewhere untraceable with no signal
  3. i totally agree on this, shippers shall be aware of the limits including in the actors ig , all the delulus shall be only in the appropriate place like this shipper thread or other shipper page..
  4. based on namoo schedule the shoot will be until 10 June? i don't want to be too much delulu, psj might prepare for his upcoming projects but i'm curious where on earth psj is *callingpsjtoupdatehissnsofhisownpictureandnotlatepost lmao
  5. compared to the other guests around him, he seemed to really enjoy the song. delulu: maybe he also can relate to the lyrics
  6. not sure whether it's the lighting or mark of the lipstick, but Miso's chin looked red after that intense tender kiss
  7. since i'm always in delulu mode related to PPC, notice kinda same smile after he said he preferred americano and used mask pack for skincare. as i know those are also someone's fav and habit.
  8. he watched all the episodes (more than 100 episodes i googled) and read in one of his interview articles after wwwsk, he wasn't aware that his previous female co-stars are also mostly from high kick sitcoms which means he only watched high kick 1 i guess (with PMY in it) *devoted fanboy detected*
  9. thanks to tvn for its recent bts update, HPL PD nim for his birthday, and fellow PPC shipper who has eagle eyes. i'm giggling like crazy reading all the delulus. lmao
  10. Thanks guys for making this thread hot topics. I’m sure it keeps going on throughout the year as we’ll be having PSJ movie and most probably his incoming drama. Sigh, I’m so in love with this thread watching kissing scenes within these consecutive episodes, I’m thinking there might be bed scene in HPL. I have prepared my heart for that...*hang in there my PPC heart*
  11. I rewatched the bts of the first kiss and keep wondering, like how come PSJ jokingly commented "i ate it all" after the kiss (even if it meant ate the lipstick) as I think it might be too much. And PMY''s glare to him was just suspicious like telling him to stop don't make it obvious
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