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  1. THe overall production in terms of outfit, CG, set etc just seems awkward and unconvincing. I doubt those who watched GOT would buy into this kind of production quality though. Storyline doesn't bug me, the production quality did.
  2. @peonie do you have the no watermark version of EuShin photo taken at Japan? i would like to print it out sometime in the future as keepsake.
  3. @peonie Hi Barbara, is the screening of ABL an annual event? Organized by LBH fans from south korea ?
  4. @mistymorning Misty, is this the first time LBH attended fan-sharing event? It seems like he enjoyed it thoroughly, hopefully he will attend more events of similar nature hehe
  5. Something's wrong with Soompi server. You have to reset your password in order to login.
  6. Agree, production quality and acting prowess of Mr.Sunshine were way ahead of its time. This drama will remain fascinating for few more decades to come !
  7. A Bittersweet Life, JSA, The Good, The Bad and The Weird, keys to the heart, single rider, Master, Inside Men, Masquerade etc Wow, get to see LBH real close, are you going Misty?
  8. @garbolein77 nice video, im gonna check out this movie soon. @2handsintertwined Hello there, i agree with you, he has to do more drama in future, and also teaming up with Gong Yoo in a movie. You should check out "A Bittersweet Life", this movie was filmed and acted by LBH brilliantly.
  9. Dir. WMH lacks the creativity and skillset of Dir Kim and Park.....and he's pretty old school too. For a movie that lacks dialogue, OSTs play an even more important role, cite "A Bittersweet Life". I hope he realized that from the downfall of Drug King. Jean-Pierre Melville 's filming style will not work for contemporary audience.
  10. I hope to see both director Kim and LBH work on a new project again. TBH, director Kim's movies were better when he had LBH as main lead back then LOL !! Each one of them remained as classic until now.
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