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  1. 4 hours ago, aniola said:

    Sudden question came into my mind when I was riding my bicycle today. Will Ae ever teach Pete how to ride bicycle?:D It's not necessary skill but it's not that hard, and could be fun to spend time together this way.:)

    Good idea to spend time together!

    Ae is always frustrated when Pete wants to help him with his studies so it's a good opportunity for Ae to show Pete that he can help him with  something he doesn't know..

    But something is sure, when they are together, it will be always Ae that rides the bicycle :lol:

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  2. On 11/14/2018 at 7:23 PM, dramaandfood said:

    Is P'New available?? I think I have a crush. :lol:


    As part of the international fan community (Heh), I sincerely thank the people doing the eng subs. Also the tweets are very much like a sports commentary Ha. We get minute by minute and every moment updates of CP events. I am very thankful because these are keeping me from not being sad and at least we got these events to look forward to.

    About the last episode, I only sneak-peaked KK/No scene (Lol). I dont think I am still ready to watch Ae-Pete.


    I think now is the time for us to play the game. Everyone please participate (you get a shrimp or carrot or even a goldfish as you wish Ha)

    1) The 2nd episode is mostly "The break it or make it" point in a series. What made you reach out for the 3rd episode?

    2) Best personality in LBC?

    3) Most Handsome/Cute in LBC?

    4) Most memorable/touching scene in the series?

    5) Most funny scene ?

    6) Best kiss ever ?

    7) Best couple (Only one please Heh) ?

    8) Did you ever think "This scene could have been better"  while watching ?

    9) If you get to choose your boyfriend/just-friend :P among LBC characters who would it be ?

    10) Did you ever cry during any scene ?

    11) Favorite actor in the series (going to follow anything and everything he is in, after this..) ?

    12) Will you recommend LBC to anyone ? If so, how will you introduce it (a few words) ?


    1) i really liked the acting.. everyone was doing a great job.. i liked all the characters even the side ones. I got attached to Pete's story and to the story in general so I wanted to see more.

    2) Pond! He is a good friend! And I think the director gave us many good advice via Pond ( you don't have to change yourself for someone, if you love someone you should go for it, safe sex etc...)

    3) I think pete is handsome and so cute

    4) the most touching scenes for me was when pete was trying hard to forget about Ae.. especially when he was talking to himself, he was really really hurt :tears:

    5) the most funny scene was when Ae said that Pete was red like a shrimp hhhhh :lol: it's funny to describe someone you love as a shrimp. Ae must really really really love shrimp to say that :lol:

    6) Best kisses were in Ep 9 (their first time)  very beautiful kisses :wub:

    7) Best couple : Ae & Pete

    8) the bathtub scene.. it was awkward.. the conversation was not clear, they talked at the same time. I don't know.. may be they coud not do many takes.. but I think this scene could be a lot better with larger bathtub lol

    9) I want to be friend with every one but if I have to choose one i'll say Pond!

    10) no I did not cry in any scene..

    11) Perth is a really great actor! But I really like to see Saint in a different role! So i'm following Saint right now.

    11) yes of course!

    It's a really good show.. with really good acting.. you get attached to all the characters.. they are real!

    the story is nice with good development..

    A story with love relationships, friendship, family relationships, joy, sorrow..

    It is really well executed with really beautiful moments.

    It is really one of the best series (not just BL) if it is not the best.


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  3. Soooo

    What are your thoughts about the director's cut episode?

    Do you think we will have :

    A)  New scenes (so maybe a different ending)

    B) A longer version of the scenes that we have already seen? (Just like an uncut version of the episode..)


    I don't want to have high expectqations for tomorrow's episode..

    I think it will be B.. 

    Anyway, I hope we will have a good episode :)


    Edit : i have my answer lol. The official fan page just tweeted it :sweatingbullets:




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  4. 41 minutes ago, aniola said:

    Seems like everyone is dissapointed. I don't know how i feel. Ok and not ok in the same time. It was nice episode as one of the usual, just not enough for the ending.


    TumTar. I prefer to forget what happend in ep.13. Their scene in this episode was quite good. Tum caring about Tar is all i need.

    TimCan. I really like the conflict what Can have with his own feeling. And i don't want it to be rushed because it's end of the season. So i'm ok with their ending like this. (Maybe it's because i know they will be fine anyway.)

    KK/No. I don't know if it makes me terrible person but i was laughing at their after-night scene. Because i still don't really into how KK fools such a nice person as Techno, but Mark is too charming.))

    I agree with you..


    I already forgot about TumTar scene in ep 13.. because today's scene is sooo sweet.. I loved it so much. And I have to say that Coolheart aka Tar did an amazing job portraying his character.. even though I did not understand what they were saying! I really got the feels :wub:


    For Kk/No, actually I was laughing during their whole part :joy: that was funny. 


    50 minutes ago, aniola said:


    AePete. I like the scene with their loooong phone talking. And it was unexpected when Ae start to sing.. did Pete ask him to? And there was the moment when i watch Lemon talking to Can and thought "aaargh, you're nice, but you are stealing screen time from my lovely AePete" 


    Hhhhhhhhhhhhh I had the same thought. :joy: I was stressed the whole episode because of AePete screen time lol..


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  5. 2 hours ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    I just watched the preview for Ep 13 and at the beginning it looks like Ae is a little surprised that Pete was there.

    Does that mean that Ae hadn't invited Pete to his birthday party?

    Does it mean that Ae's family had invited Pete and hadn't told Ae and wanted it to be a surprise?

    Could it be that Ae's family already know about Ae and Pete?

    Just me thinking out loud. 

    I don't know but Pete seemed sad in the first scene! Is that because Ae did not invite him?

    Did they fight? Did Ley post something about TinPete that made AePete fight? 

    I'm thinking out loud too...



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  6. 11 minutes ago, aniola said:



    I'm also looking forward to see Saint in completely different from Pete role (and in pair with a girl), and just to see how his career would moving next.

    I'm looking forward that too :)

    I hope that he will focus on his acting career! I want to see him in different roles :)

    I noticed that many young actors gained so much popularity whith BL series but sadly we are not seeing them anymore..

    Thai entertainment is weird..

    Hopefully we will still see Saint in other series.. 


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  7. 5 hours ago, boolove14376_cb75 said:


    Hello I've been a silent reader in this forum and I just want to express myself since I've been noticing a lot of your post, and hope you don't take this the wrong way.


    I get it... You love aepete but pls don't be so negative about tincan, because some people like me actually enjoy their story more than aepete.. You complained about aepete's screentime, but you have to understand that they have more than half of the series to develop their story.. I get you they are the main couple, yes, but so are tincan.. Love by chance the series is based on the first 2 books which the main focus are aepete and tincan (though tincan is more on book 2)...


    Honestly we don't even know if season 2 is possible or if they compressed everything in 1 season which I doubt.. So the only thing that we tincan shippers are looking forward to is these last couple of episodes.. Don't deprive us tincan supporters of their screentime just because you want to see more aepete..


    honestly, I find tincan more interesting, not because their "hot" but because I find can annoyingly irresistible and funny, but that's my opinion. You have yours and I respect that.. Pls lets just enjoy the last episodes and be thankful that this series is even airing.. And hopefully in the future we will have season 2 for more aepete and tincan..


    i apologize for this long richard simmons rant... I guess I was just triggered a lot 


    Do you know why i really like this show? It's because i gives us many kinds of couples! :) viewers are different! And they have different preferences! So preferring a couple over another is normal! :) i does not mean we hate other couples! 

    honestly,  Sometimes i complain about TinCan because i want the show to be perfect 'from my point of you'

    But perfect for me does not mean perfect for you :) so please don't take our comments in a wrong way :)


    Do you know why i like this forum? It's because we can express our opinions freely! Nobody is judging you :) you can say what you think and share what you like :D

    I am happy that a silent reader wrote that comment :) you are not a silent reader anymore :P so let's enjoy the rest of this amazing series together :D


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  8. 23 minutes ago, winetart said:

    Ae and Pete's love scene was really hot! Tin being Ae's trigger word is so funny to me.


    I also really liked Cupid!Pete with Can because it's such an unexpected friendship. They're polar opposites but in a different way from Pete and Ae.


    And maybe my mind will change after I watch the episode with subs, but I was really bored with Tin and Can. I know they need the screentime because we're near the end of the season but I found myself going to get snacks or playing with my phone because I just wanted to see Ae, Pete, or Pond already. I still don't understand how Tin went from 'Nobody punches me twice' to 'You're cute'. Even their kiss scene left me cold because Can didn't react at all.


    We were spoiled with some much screen time of AePete and their friends for the first 10 episodes so now I feel a bit empty when they only show up for max 10 minutes. I hope they get more screentime at least in the finale or I'll be pretty sad.

    You're reading my mind!! :) 

    I was a little bored with TinCan too :P but i'm sure that their scenes will be more enjoyable with subs ( i really like long conversations in series because it shows that the caracters are real! It makes us know more about them! :) )

    I really really like AePete! :wub: i love how they are more confortable with each other yet horny lol :phew: i loooove how caring they are for each other! Their littles moments are adorables :wub:

    Did you see the teaser of ep 13? I'm so sad for Tar :tears: i really hope that TumTar will end in a good way in the end of the series.



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