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  1. Good idea to spend time together! Ae is always frustrated when Pete wants to help him with his studies so it's a good opportunity for Ae to show Pete that he can help him with something he doesn't know.. But something is sure, when they are together, it will be always Ae that rides the bicycle
  2. 1) i really liked the acting.. everyone was doing a great job.. i liked all the characters even the side ones. I got attached to Pete's story and to the story in general so I wanted to see more. 2) Pond! He is a good friend! And I think the director gave us many good advice via Pond ( you don't have to change yourself for someone, if you love someone you should go for it, safe sex etc...) 3) I think pete is handsome and so cute 4) the most touching scenes for me was when pete was trying hard to forget about Ae.. especially when he was talking to himself, he was really really hurt 5) the most funny scene was when Ae said that Pete was red like a shrimp hhhhh it's funny to describe someone you love as a shrimp. Ae must really really really love shrimp to say that 6) Best kisses were in Ep 9 (their first time) very beautiful kisses 7) Best couple : Ae & Pete 8) the bathtub scene.. it was awkward.. the conversation was not clear, they talked at the same time. I don't know.. may be they coud not do many takes.. but I think this scene could be a lot better with larger bathtub lol 9) I want to be friend with every one but if I have to choose one i'll say Pond! 10) no I did not cry in any scene.. 11) Perth is a really great actor! But I really like to see Saint in a different role! So i'm following Saint right now. 11) yes of course! It's a really good show.. with really good acting.. you get attached to all the characters.. they are real! the story is nice with good development.. A story with love relationships, friendship, family relationships, joy, sorrow.. It is really well executed with really beautiful moments. It is really one of the best series (not just BL) if it is not the best.
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