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  1. Wow, you've got sharp eyes! Hahaha I didn't notice the bandage, I was too busy looking at Jingoo's beautiful face.
  2. I made a playlist with The Crowned Clown full OST (all 57 tracks) - taken from Music & New's official youtube so we can all legally stream the songs! Music & New's youtube page messed up some of the titles though, so they're kind of mixed up LOL.
  3. I watched the ending part with Eng subs, I couldn't resist it. Wow, their lines WERE AMBIGUOUS to say the least. They kept talking about dreaming of one another... No wonder a lot of people are believing they're in the after life. I could easily believe it if I choose to do so. But there's a lot of things to support that they lived so yeah... I'll go with the happy ending.
  4. 190304 - Ep 16 Ratings [FINALE] Nationwide: 10.851% Seoul: 11.783% Peak: 12.8% Yay! 12.8% peak rating! I'm honestly pleasantly surprised that TCC managed to get double digit ratings PLUS break its previous record since the finale aired on a Monday instead of Tuesday. Monday ratings always end up lower because it coincides with Gayo Stage. Not only that~ but our drama is now in the Top 10 highest ratings for cable drama! I'm so proud! I also read the theories about it being Sowoon's imagination, or perhaps the after-life... but I'll just choose to look at it happily. I still haven't watched with subs so I can't make proper judgment yet. @vladlola06 IKR! I'm gonna have to take this as a happy ending because goodness please Jingoo, stop dying in your dramas AND movies! Although Jingoo already died in this drama episodes ago, but come on, drama, leave us with the other Jingoo too! EDIT: I took a glimpse at the subbed version of the ending caption, and I think the King suddenly died to the public (and so Yi Heon can finally officially die himself as well) but the clown actually survived.
  5. I can't believe it's already ending... I waited months for this drama and I've enjoyed every second of it! Now there's only one episode left, I'm not ready to let go of it yet. Thought I'd share this
  6. @kingkong72 Ohh good analysis about the rope thing! That actually makes sense. BTW, there are still other possible royal successors even without Lord Jinpyeong. Shin Chi Soo and the Queen Dowager were actually conspiring to put another royal in the throne instead of Lord Jinpyeong. The man that Lord Jinpyeong also blocked from meeting with the Queen Dowager is also a member of the royal family and is another possible contender for the throne. He was that same man that the Queen Dowager met after she got mad at Lord Jinpyeong for failing to assassinate Haseon once again.
  7. The scene with Haseon and the Queen Dowager was AWESOME!!!! "The heavens decide on what is valuable and lowly. It depends on your heart and behavior, not your given status. You don't realize what's truly valuable. All you do is babble on the royal blood. Are you not ashamed of yourself? "Then again, all you can have pride in is your blood. I guess it can't be helped." Y'ALL MA BOI HASEON SNAPPED AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. @vladlola06 Here's the link for foreigner fans http://cafe.daum.net/crownedclownBD/mce1
  8. @vladlola06 I agree! Honestly, I wish the events leading to the letter finally falling into the hands of the bad guys could have been executed much better by the writer, but I could also see it's probably hard given how there's so much story to cover in such a short amount of episodes. Anyway, yeah! Haksan is someone who's willing to sacrifice people for the good of the nation. He sees a bright future with Haseon ruling and thus even if it takes his own life to keep Haseon in the throne, he would willingly die with no regrets. Ep 14 we see Haksan put his full trust on Haseon as the king, and in Ep 15 we see him fulfill the vow he made towards Haseon. I really hope they would get a reward vacation for this drama, but who knows? I remember Lee Kyu Han wishing for one during his interview in the first special episode that aired before the drama. He said he has never experienced a reward vacation since his debut back in 1997 Kim Sang Kyung also wished for it during their drama gosa ritual. And I know for sure Jingoo hasn't experienced it either. So I'm really hoping! After all, regardless of what everyone thinks of the story, I believe all the cast and the production team have done a fantastic job and they absolutely deserve a reward vacation. And ratings wise, although not breaking new records, this drama consistently stayed as the number 1 Mon-Tues drama, both in cable and public broadcast. Have you seen the survey circulating on twitter and instagram about the Blu-ray/DVD survey? It's just a survey asking if you will buy one if they ever release it and apparently the more demand, the more chances a blu-ray/DVD set will be produced and it will most likely include deleted clips, more behind the scenes, commentaries and more stuff! So yeah, go check out the survey if you are interested! Here's the link! You're going to need a daum cafe account to access the survey though. But making an account is also simple so no worries there.
  9. I totally agree with you! Others have their set expectations on the direction this drama will take, so once the drama has diverted from the direction everyone expected it to go, like in Yi Heon's death, most people have lost their appreciation for this drama. While I agree that the Haseon-Yi Heon aspect was a very charming part of the show, I've also invested myself on the story as a whole rather than focusing on my own wishes for the story. In retrospect, this is Haseon's journey to becoming the King the people need. Haseon is The Crowned Clown, The Man Who Became King. This is about his story, and when you look at it from that POV, to me the story is very gripping with every episode surprising me time and time again. Some parts could have been better executed, the writing still has its flaws, but as a viewer, I can totally tell that the writer has everything planned out and nothing comes out of nowhere. Overall I totally love this story. It's a remake with a lots of homages to the original film, but props to the writers for totally making a whole new story out of the movie.
  10. @imgreatgal Yeah, I'm sincerely hoping both of them would end up leaving the palace and live the rest of their lives peacefully together, like what they vowed to do. I think there's 95% chance of Doseungji dying in this drama, truth be told. The moment he killed Yi Heon as well as revealing he also killed Yi Yul somehow sealed the deal for him. He will have to pay for his deeds, no matter how good his intentions are. Let's play a game! Which characters do you think will end up dead in this drama? Here's mine: - Doseungji (for the reason stated above) - Officer Jang (he said his dream is to die protecting his King) - Going by the teaser it looks like Seon Hwa Dang is also a goner... Haseon covers her eyes in the teaser. Maybe she will actually give the letter to Haseon? Part 8 OST is now out! I've been waiting for it since it came out!
  11. The conversation of Haseon and Sowoon at the beach is giving me bad vibes... it scares me. I love this OTP so much. And I have to say, this is actually my fave OTP for Yeo Jin Goo thus far, having watched most of the stuff in his filmography. I won't be able to bear a sad ending for this two... nooooo... Their kiss when they made a promise to one another to be together forever aww... their love was just overflowing in that scene it's perfect. On another note, the highlight of the episode for me is when Doseungji finally acknowledges Haseon as the King and shows respect to him. MY FEELS. The conversation between Haseon and Shin Chisoo, I admit, terrified me... will Shin Chisoo succeed in poisoning Haseon's mind? But at the end of the day, Haseon is someone who wanted to gain power due to the injustice he experienced as a lowly commoner. What Shin Chisoo offers him is power to continue trampling on more lowly commoners in the future, which is something absolutely beneath Haseon. I love this show for giving us characters that are not purely black and white. There is Doseungji who aims for a better nation for the people, but at the same time, he is someone who's willing to sacrifice people who will serve as an obstacle to his goals. Then there is the Queen Dowager who ends up killing people just so she can take vengeance for the innocent lives of his father and son. I really felt sorry for her in this episode. And that episode ending. Wow. Okay. I'm really scared now. I hope everyone I care about in this drama stays safe.
  12. Because of the turn of the conversation here regarding Ep 13, I've decided to translate the comments on this clip from Naver TV Cast https://tv.naver.com/v/5436696/list/314402 [+1063, -7] But no, first you still have to give it a try, you might still conceive one. [+770, -60] If Jingoo is that healthy, who knows, you might still conceive a baby [+673, -3] I really like that doctor ㅠㅠㅠShe didn't have to do it but she still made sure and now they were able to confirm it. I'm so thankful ㅠㅠ [+432, -5] Sigh ㅜㅜㅜ How much tea did she drink in that time ㅜ [+199, -3] Haseon-ah, I know how you feel, but you act too much according to what you feel it worries meㅜ [+193, -4] Fake King acts too rashly, there's a reason why the Queen doesn't want him to know..... [+178, -4] Let's go for another first night with Haseon and Sowoon to conceive a baby Fighting, Haseon, Sowoon!
  13. Not yet done watching the episode with subs... I think another factor to be considered is that Yi Kyu could also be disturbed by the fact that Haseon handed out all these (very well-deserved) punishments without consulting him at all. He's been using Haseon as his puppet to reform the government, but at the same time Haseon is now starting to learn to become more independent with his power, using it resolve his personal conflict. The same thing with finding out the Queen has been made to drink the flower tea. He went straight to the culprits without making a proper plan on how to deal with the situation. Letting out in the open that the Queen is now infertile can have its serious repercussions. Opponents can easily use it to depose the Queen. Haseon is a good leader for the people but is bad at handling the politics. He often lets his heart get in the way whenever he ends up with a conflict. I just really hope we get a happy ending with the OTP and everyone they care for. AND YAY TO 10%!!!! DOSEUNGJI~~ HOPE YOU EAT LOTS AND LOTS!!!!!!!
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